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Who are you talking about? because if you're talking about eric, don't even bother. He has always hated bellamy and has loved L/CL and imo he has never acted professionally. His opinions are subjective, biased and preconceived. I feel he's like an anti, he's blind, analyzes Bellamy as a shipper and is not even able to appreciate Bob's work.

Yeah. He pissed me off to start with but I wasn’t talking about him this time. A reviewer on vulture. Sorry, I shouldn’t have vague posted. I don’t like to talk about other people’s meta, but it’s starting to piss me off that these are the professionals and they’re acting like fangirls. And I get gushing about things you love, but bitterness about what you lost and refusal to look at your ships’ romantic rival who is the hero of the show? 

I went to look because i saw a great quote on bob, but she basically gave him a backhanded compliment about never getting to show emotion before, and was still going on about L, so I needed to double check if I was seeing the bias for real that I thought I was seeing. And in all four episode recaps, she just glossed over Bellamy’s role in the show, ignored Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship entirely, despite it featuring heavily, and thus all the moral and ethical and leadership decisions that were at the heart of the first three episodes, brought up Lxa in every episode, basically implied that Clarke couldn’t lead without the good influence of L, and went into a long rant in the 4.01 episode because she is not over it and no. She can’t look at the show objectively. She called their decision to put each others names on the list selfish and compared them to mother/daughter relationships. lol. 

I swear. And people say I’m biased. Are these the “objective reviewers” who are proving me wrong? Because, uhm got some news for you friends. They ain’t objective. 

Imagine a deathnote but instead of killing people it that allows you to change people sexualities, a sexnote if you will.

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Rosy have these so called reviewers been watching the show since S1? Because hello my friends, L/CL didn't exist?! Wtf dudes? Did they jump on board after S2? Skipped some character developing on Bell maybe?! Look i get not liking a character but i feel like they shit on Bob as well and thats not fair.

This bothers me more than the fans, actually. If fans want to fangirl over their fanon interpretations, that’s cool. 

But these people are professionals and they’re supposed to be reviewing the actual show, not fan fiction. Their stupid interpretations are based on L being the hero and the grounders being the center of the story and skaikru being the bad guys. 

And that’s not the story that’s on the screen. At all. And it never has been. Morally gray doesn’t mean you can take the show away from the people who are telling it.  


(A&C: J Gramm & Rook Monroe | L: CL & Oh Hyuk)

[CL] Don’t Go
Don’t say you’ll leave me here
Don’t leave me in this memory
Don’t look look at my eyes
that cannot hold onto you
Just don’t go

[CL] Don’t be fooled
Don’t give into the temptation
Not everything lasts forever
When winter passes, spring follows,
you know that
Just don’t go

[DARA] When today passes
it feels like tomorrow will be different
Will I be able to go on without you?

[CL] Goodbye until the day we meet again
Goodbye until the day we meet again
Does anyone know?
Does anyone know…
How it makes me feel?
Goodbye until the day we meet again

[BOM] Don’t trust
Don’t trust the broken stories
Don’t lose faith
The promises we made together come to mind
Tears are falling down
Don’t forget
Even if things get rough, it will be okay
Come fine me when you need someone to lean on
Even though I cannot stay forever with you
It’s okay just for a while

[DARA] When today passes
it feels like tomorrow will be different
Will I be able to go on without you?

[BOM] Goodbye until the day we meet again
Goodbye until the day we meet again
Does anyone know?
Does anyone know…
How it makes me feel?
Goodbye until the day we meet again

[CL] Goodbye until the day we meet again
Goodbye until the day we meet again


Translated by: YG Entertainment

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Not surprised that the Vulture reviewer glossed over Bellamy's role this season. That seems to be common with a lot of diehard L/CL fans. A few days ago I was watching 4x03 reactions and noticed that every single L/CL fan skipped their reactions to the two big Bellarke scenes ("You center her" / list). It's like they've decided that the best course of action is to ignore Bellamy even exists, except when they want to blame him.

That’s EXACTLY what they did for the first 3 seasons and why they couldn’t follow the story and understand who was the hero and who wasn’t.


So now here she is, acting as a journalist and reviewing a show and she’s getting it wrong because she’s an Octavia Stan/CL Stan/Bellamy Hater.

And actually it’s the Bellamy hating that’s the biggest problem. She’s decided he’s either to blame for everything or insignificant, but he’s the costar and his story lines are ALWAYS key to saving everyone. Bellamy Blake is the hero, along with Clarke. 

They don’t want to admit that Bellarke is happening so they’re pretending he’s a sidekick and unimportant.

bad journalist.

heyyyyyy i said I had to stop badmouthing her. dammit. 

But she really did say some good things too.

This show tackles themes of power, war, morality, and loyalty in remarkably sharp and layered ways, but underneath it all, there’s an emotional sincerity that makes it tonally unique. It’s unabashedly romantic at times. [x]

Very nice. She went back and forth between praising the show and bitching about the characters. But listen, if you keep asking me these things and I keep getting negative, I will be forced to show you the things she said that I did agree with. 


1. Full Clip - Gang Starr

2. Moment of Truth - Gang Starr

3. They Reminisce Over You - Pete Rock & CL Smooth

4. World is Yours - Nas

5. CREAM - Wu Tang Clan

6. Rapper’s Delight - Sugarhill Gang

7. Check the Rhime - A Tribe Called Quest

8. Children’s Story - Slick Rick

9. Juicy - Notorious B.I.G

10. Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty by Nature

11. Put it On - Big L

12. Shook Ones pt 2 - Mobb Deep

13. Passin’ Me By - The Pharcyde

14. Gin & Juice - Snoop Doggy Dogg

15. 93’ Till Infinity- Souls of Mischief

camren talking about austin pt.2
  • camila: i can't believe i don't have my first kiss anymore
  • lauren: what i can't believe is the fact that u lost it to austin mahorny
  • camila: lauren!
  • lauren: what? just saying. i don't even know how u endured kissing him.
  • camila: well...that was the easy part.
  • lauren: what? how'd u do it?
  • camila: i just pretended he was you.

This is not EXO related, but I think that I should write this up. 2016 may have started alright for some in the kpop industry but we obviously heard about the controversy revolving around Day6 and sadly, they lost a member. It may have been due to controversy but it still hurts for Day6 fans. We also heard about the relationship of Kai and Krystal; while many are happy others are now and they are trying to digest the news.

Today, Blackjacks have received the horrible news that Minzy would not renew contract with YG and she would officially leave 2ne1 and that the girls are preparing a comeback. Blackjacks and Day6 fans, we know it’s not easy. I am not that into Day6 but I can imagine how much it hurt for those that follow the boys; Blackjacks, as a fellow Blackjack myself it hurts to know that a member is leaving and that the group will not be the same. Even though I do not call myself an EXO-L for many reasons, I extend, in name of all EXO-L, my hand to you in hopes to help you guys through the sadness of losing a member. I went through Kris, Luhan and Tao’s leave, a few months ago Kibum from SuJu also decided to not renew contract so I know what it is to suffer through a member’s leave. It’s not easy and I know that those that biased Minzy suffer the most.

In name of those EXO-L that are willing to help, we welcome not just Blackjacks but also Day6 fans to talk to us in hopes to help you guys through this. Minzy will always be a member of 2ne1 regardless of not promoting with them and Junhyeok will always remain a member of Day6 regardless of his controversy and not promoting.

With tons of love,

Ash and Sky

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Person: “So how are you?”

Me: “The fuck you think bish”

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