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donut kno if opreshun. humom cl*p my claws, but then brushe my beauté furs and give many treets, says "gud and best boy"?? feel conflikshun. i kno am gud and best boy, and deserve many treet and brushe, but... she touché beans and CL*P CLAWS?? pls advice if opreshun.

sound like oppressione to me

Fake News!

A Stenbrough One Shot.

Anyway… Bill had her back in third grade. – Richie informed Ben.
- They kissed in the school play!
Stan Uris raised his left eyebrow and smirked at Bill Denbrough at the mention of that incident; then he winked at the boy.
Bill couldn’t resist and turned his face away, smiling too.
– The review said you can’t fake that sort of passion! – Richie concluded.
Well, Richie… That was probably just the perspective of the student who wrote the article, because in reality; that was far from being true.
Bill’s mind was invaded by a flashback; a very dear memory. 
He traveled back in time, to so long ago now, to that day when Stan stood by Georgie’s side on the doorstep of Bill’s bedroom. The twilight filled the house with colors that painted the prettiest background to that vision.

- Billy! Look who’s here! Stanley just arrived. – Little Georgie announced in his sweet two-years-old voice, making cute noises while fighting to push the door open when it was actually Stan controlling the doorknob.
- Oh, th-thanks for letting h-him in, G-Georgie. That was v-very kin-nd of-f you. – Bill had a huge, happy smile on. His eyes went from Georgie’s lovely face to Stan’s. – Hey, Bill! - Said Stan.
- Uhm; mom opened the front door. – Georgie pointed out innocently once he took a step in. He looked uncomfortable with being complimented on something he hadn’t done.
- He’s just kidding, silly. – Stan buried his fingers in the little boy’s hair next to his waist, messing it up. – Thanks anyway, Georgie! - Then Stan headed towards the large table near the window and sat on the chair as comfortably as he would have done were him in his own bedroom.
- C-come here. – Bill now had his eyes back on Georgie, who walked to him in little unsteady steps. When Georgie approached Bill, who was perched on his bed; Bill leaned forward to kiss the top of Georgie’s head. – Go ba-back to y-your cartoon, can you cl-close the door, p-please?
Georgie excitedly bolted back in the direction of the door, standing on the very tip of his toes in order to barely reach the doorknob. He liked proving he could. It was adorable to watch, and that’s the only reason why Bill didn’t do it himself. When the door was almost closed, his little brother said with a serious tone.
– Don’t forget mommy told us you are not allowed to lock the door.
Bill chuckled. – I’m n-not gonna use-se t-the lock, it’s j-just cl-closed. Thank you! – He had to raise his voice a bit now that the door was closed. There was no answer. He didn’t let it go. – I love you! – Bill shouted in the direction of the door.
- Love you too! – Georgie’s muffled little voice was farther away with him running away to the living room now.
- Congrats on getting the part, man! Glad you called. – Stan sounded genuinely happy for him as he tried to get Bill’s attention.
Bill faced Stan, analyzing all of him, noticing what he was wearing.
 - Thanks! B-Bev-Beverly was j-just here to b-bring me the co-copy of the scri-script sh-she had m-made from the orig-original. I’ve be-been read-reading it. – Bill lowered his eyes to the bed, right beside him was the script opened at the third page. He picked it up with both hands now and jumped pages analyzing only the lines that were not dialogue. Suddenly one bit, in particular, jumped out of one of the final pages. The script was saying that Beverly’s character had to kiss his.
- Oh m-my; the-there is a k-kiss!
- What? – Stan inquired and frowned.
- Sh-she will ki-kiss m-me! Ri-right befo-fore th-the conc-conclusion! – His breathing accelerated. Bill lifted his gaze looking for Stan’s eyes.
– Stan, th-this is a me-mess, there ar-are lines f-for me be-before and a-after th-this part, I’ll lo-lose m-my cool! I’ll s-s-t-stutter! 
Stan immediately got up and stole the script from Bill’s hands, turning the writing in his direction and looking for what Bill was talking about.
It was true, it was there. They’d have to kiss.
- Ha-ha, I’m so sorry, man. – Stan had a goofy smile and a certain look to his eyes.
- D-d-don’t la-laugh! - Ordered Bill.
Stan’s eyes left the ending page and landed on Bill’s lips.
- Well. What should I do?! Do you want help training for it?
Bill blinked rapidly, staring.
Stan blinked once, slowly, staring.
Bill took a deep breathe through his mouth now.
Stan got nervous with the silence and left the script over the bed again, leaning forward. Closer now.
Bill followed his move attentively, then whispered when Stan was straightening his back.
- Prac-practic-ing ki-kisses, me-me and y-you?
Stan was beginning to feel judged having said that. He hated being reminded that that kind of thinking wasn’t to be expected of him, at least not towards his best friend.
- Well, I can go to the kitchen and look for an orange if you want. – He proposed with slight resentment. Out of spite, he headed to the door.
Bill jumped to the floor, catching up to Stan, putting himself between the door and the curly-haired boy now.
- S-Stop. – And they stared each other once again.
- It’s just acting, Bill. Calm down. – Stan was talking about calm as he turned his back and walked towards the chair again, but he himself still sounded a bit resentful.
- Of c-course. Ex-exactly-y. You don’t have to go. T-To the ki-kitchen I m-mean.
- The play is in two weeks, right? – Stan asked after sitting down, resting each hand on one of his knees. Bill was familiar with that detail about Stanley. He responded with just a nod.
- If you learn your lines to exhaustion, you’ll won’t have to think much about it. It will all come naturally. – Stan spoke very factually. Bill wondered if he subtly meant the same about the kiss with Beverly. Beverly was pretty. She had cute freckles. Bill could see it happening.
Wait. Why was he picturing Beverly with very curly hair now?
- Come on over here. - Stan was fidgeting, so out of the blue he just stood up and brought the chair with him, placing it near the side of Bill’s bed, leaving a little space between both objects, just enough for two pairs of legs.
He then sat down and patted the soft sheet, suggesting that Bill should sit.
Bill, somewhat hypnotized, did so. But he did whisper, pointing out:
- The d-door is unlock-lock-ed.  – By now he couldn’t take his eyes off of Stan’s.
- I was here, I heard. – Stan squinted just the tiniest bit, puffing his chest.
- Hav-ve y-you ev-ver k-kissed an-anyone be-before? – Suddenly, Bill wanted to know where all that determination was coming from.
- No. – Stan replied, serious.
- And h-how will w-we k-know what’s right? - He whispered.
- My dad likes middle-eastern movies, whenever one of them happens to have a kiss scene, they are usually long and suspenseful. I’ve walked by the living room during some of them several times.
That made Bill feel like he was out of arguments. As Stan was describing that, Bill’s mind created a daydream of them kissing in front of a historical monument.
He had fought the urge to follow Stan’s face with his eyes before when they were hanging with Richie and Eddie. But this was the first time, sitting here, in front of Stan, that he thought of what it would feel like to kiss him.
Clumsy and fast, Bill leaned forward, closing his eyes with more energy than it was necessary, and landed his lips on Stan’s lower lip, because Stan was taller. Stan was shocked that Bill had caught him off guard, even though he himself was the one encouraging the practice. Made him blink twice, even before Bill pulled his lips away, eyes still shut, he looked too scared to open them. However, eventually, he did, Bill’s eyes were silently asking “How was that?”
- Way too fast. – Stan said as an answer. – It doesn’t look anything like the movies. – He had a smart look on his face.
Little did Bill know Stan’s heart was racing like a sports car.
- I’m s-scared my m-mom will kn-knock on t-the door and c-call us f-for dinner.
- When I arrived she had an apron on; and her hands looked messy as if she had just started. – Still, Stan got up. He headed to the door, making a sign with his head, for Bill to do the same. For whatever reason, he began whispering now too, as Bill did mentioning his mom.
- Lean on the door. – Stan allowed an exact amount of space and stood there, facing the door, until Bill moved and filled that space with his presence.
- If she’s coming, now you’ll hear it. – Stan declared. Bill realized he was looking only at Stan’s lips as they formed those words. He was shivering when his back touched the door.
- Don’t think of me as Beverly now. – Stan said before he properly put his lips on Bill’s lips, gently sucking them; eyes softly closed. Bill closed his eyes too, he was thinking Stan’s recent words didn’t sound like an advice, they sounded more like he would be upset in case Bill did think of Beverly.
Stan’s breathing was getting mixed with Bill’s own. Stan’s lips were not gone yet, they pulled Bill’s lower lip softly once, a pause; and then another time.
Bill was pretty sure he could hear not only his own heartbeat but Stan’s too. Bill pulled away from that kiss without meaning to; taken by surprise when Stan took his hand in his, tangling their fingers in a way that felt thrilling to Bill.
Feeling guilty for almost ruining it, Bill raised his free hand to Stan’s forehead, moving a strand of hair to the side, away from Stan’s eyelashes, studying the boy’s features very carefully.
- Sorry. – Bill said gently. Stan had a soft smile at the corner of his lips, it all seemed okay with him. He then took two steps back but didn’t let go of the hand holding.
 - I hope Marsh is a responsible actress and watches lots of movies; so she knows how to do this on stage. - Stan teased, under his breath. - In case she doesn’t, then just take a deep breath and fake it…
Bill tilted his head to the left like a puppy usually does. Did that mean Stan didn’t consider that second one, a none drama-related kiss? Had the moment felt real only for Bill??
Stan finally let go of Bill’s fingers, and that felt like fate telling him he better stop wondering; cause he simply would never know.
But, in that moment that felt like centuries later, in the alley; when Richie so enthusiastically brought it all back to the surface… Stan, with that remarkable eyebrow raise plus wink combo, together with that absurdly attractive smile; finally presented Bill with an answer.

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CL, Taraji P. Henson, and Zoë Kravitz rave about the Alexander Wang Fall 2016 collection. Watch now.