clément c

Ella no sabe que es hermosa,
por que nadie nunca se lo dijo.
Y lo único que ella conoce son sus demonios.
Y tal vez ella puede enamorarse de alguien en su vida,
en el cual pueda confiar
y que le diga que ella es suficiente.

Sleeping With Sirens- Better Off Dead

anonymous asked:

I have to unfollow I'm really sorry, but all the CP discourse is triggering for me as someone who was involved in CP as a minor. I can't believe people are defending it, that's so disgusting. Thank you for standing up for victims like me, I appreciate it so much.

that’s understandable! drama like this doesn’t usually last more than a day so if you’d like to follow again maybe check back in a day or two just to make sure we’re done with it entirely

anonymous asked:

i dont know if i should,im scared I'll piss more of them off,, - rant anon

i think that it’s important for you to voice your concerns to them and make sure they know you’re uncomfortable. when it comes down to it if they get pissed off at you and take the ddlger’s side in this you’ll at least know that these aren’t people you should be trusting or even speaking to