jinyoung’s level of dedication for the fans tho??? he probably prepared his speeches for the american fanmeets for so long and practiced so hard, i mean it doesn’t sound rehearsed at all and he even changed it up so that it wouldn’t be the same each time… and he did all of it for us, so that we could understand him better

wow, if that doesn’t speak volumes for how much we mean to him 🗣🗣🗣

i’m currently visiting @blooodymoon and last night we played some overwatch, but every time we died we had to drink

i got pretty wasted pretty fast but for some reason drunken me turns out to be pretty good at tracer so i totally #rekt this one game, my pulse bombs were crazy on point and I got POTG too

after the match this exchange happened and i died

(i’m RiTheBean)

it was amazing