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I just wanted to appreciate how Ulrich has no chill in this episode

[4:49:50 PM] Alexis: the whole idea I’m getting from this is
jeremie: odd absorbed kiwi during virtualisation!!!
ulrich: lmao idiot
[4:54:13 PM] Breese Anders: Honestly….accurate

I’m sorry…I have been pretty understanding and sometimes supportive of Cl/xa’s relationship, but rewatching the show is really putting into perspective for me how absolutely unhealthy their relationship was. What L did at MW was such a huge betrayal and dick move overall to begin with, but if you look at the relationship on a macro level, L had her army attack the 100 when they first landed because she didn’t need them, then Clarke convinced her that they had to work together so she suddenly welcomed Sky People into an alliance and used their resources to attack MW. The only reason she was able to get to MW was Sky People. They did all the leg work, all L did was give fancy speeches and bring an army that never even did anything. Then, after using Sky People to get their, when she was given an option to save her people and basically screw Sky People over, she chose that and left them to die because she didn’t need them anymore. Then, she didn’t give two fucks about anything until 3 months later when Azgeda started moving against her and the legend of Wanheda came into play. Now suddenly she was weak and needed Clarke again so she sent Roan after her and had her kidnapped. When Clarke confronted her, she tried to convince Clarke that Clarke’s anger at her wasn’t validated and that Clarke would have done the same thing (even though we know that she wouldn’t have), when Clarke didn’t fall for it, she basically said “okay get over it, you can’t dwell on the past” and told her that she had to bow in front of her and become the 13th clan to save her people. 

It’s basically a cycle of L needs Clarke/Sky People and uses her/them but then when she doesn’t need them anymore she fucks them over and leaves them to rot and then when she needs something again she comes back to them and tells them that they have to help her or they’ll be in trouble and if they do anything to hurt her (300 grounder massacre) it takes her 2 seconds to want to kill them all. Just the power dynamics of the relationship are so off, it’s freaking me out just thinking about it. I can’t believe the writers and media tried to pass this off as a revolutionary, healthy relationship.

La Décima is ours
La Décima is ours

Okay so, it’s really really late (early) and I rewatched the CL final yesterday and I was feeling quite emotional so I ended up making this. It’s quite a mess really, and the quality of the sound isn’t too great because I tried to reduce the volume of the crowd. The whole thing is quite long as well, but oh well. Also (if you decide to listen to this), you should really really use your headphones. :)

it doesn’t matter how many times i rewatch cl final it doesn’t matter that i fucking know that sergio ramos scored the last minute goal and saved us it doesn’t matter because everytime i’m watching that match i’m re - living it and it’s like i don’t know what’s gonna happen like who the fuck knew sergio ramos gonna score last minute goal you know WHO THE FUCK KNEW because surely not me that goal fucked me up for life i will never be fine again i legit cry everytime bye