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Morning showers

-YG Family chat room-

Seungri: such a good morning today ^^

Tablo: what’re you so happy about?

Seungri: can’t I have a good morning hyung?

Jiyong: no

Youngbae: definitely not

Daesung: what did you do this time

Bom: why do you have to act suspicious so early in the morning

Seungri: noona T.T

CL: great morning today ^^

Dara: um..

Tablo: I guess some people just have good mornings

Mithra: this is the third day in a row they BOTH have good mornings though

Jiyong: .. Seungri why aren’t you home

Seungri: I AM HOME

Jiyong: Ya are yelling at me right now?!!

Seungri: no hyung T.T

Dara: Chaerin where did you go so early? Wait did you even come home? :(

Daesung: well, well, well where could Seungri and Chaerin be

Jiyong: why aren’t you opening the door I thought you were home

Seungri: uh-I-I’m in the shower

Jiyong: what’s your passcode

CL: no

Tablo: WHAT

Daesung: WHAT

Jiyong: What do you mean no?!!!

Bom: Chaerin get your butt home right now!

CL: I meant no I didn’t go home

Daesung: I felt like I couldn’t breathe for about 2mins

Jiyong: I almost broke his door down

CL: what are you guys talking about

Dara: we thought you were with Seungri >.<

CL: why would I be with him

Seungri: what do you mean him? I’m your oppa!

CL: hahahhaa

Bom: okay we can breathe now they’re definitely not together

Seungri: hyong you’re not even outside my door T.T

Daesung: he’s with TOP hyung now

Seungri: oh o-okay ^^

Tukutz: for some reason whenever he says something it sounds suspicious

Bom: yes that’s what I’m saying

Dara: we’re waiting for you Chaerin

CL: let my hair dry a bit unnie it’s cold outside

Bobby: wasn’t Seungri hyung just taking a shower too?

Mino: yeah ^_~ hehe

Daesung: so they are together?!!

Youngbae: Ya Seungri you’re going to get it this time

Seungri: I did nothing!!!

TOP: tsk how can you lie to us like this

Hanbin: Chaerin noona just beat up Mino and Bobby hyungs hahaha

Dara: oh she’s at YG?

Hayi: yeah she was at the gym

Seungyoon: did you record it

Hanbin: of course

Mithra: send it to the chat ^^

nan ssagaji

난 싸가지; i’m a bitch

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