I have a con coming up and I’m looking through old pieces of original art that I did for shows and shit to see if I can make prints of them, and I found this thing I did last year for Tr!ckster Gallery. 

First in a series of Skeletons putting on their human make up. Gotta finish the others lol.  It was a full ink drawing that I quickly put some color on. I still really like this piece. 


I didn’t get to add as much detail and clean up as I wanted to before the deadline, but I’m going to call this piece done and good! 

Don’t feed the plants! (or “oops!”)

More of an homage than an actual fan art piece, but Little Shop of Horrors is an undeniable inspiration. Also Mario haha.

My piece (or my 9 pieces, depending on how you want to look at it) will be up for show and sale at Tr!ckster Gallery in Berkeley this Saturday for their spring show. The theme was “Botanica Exotica,” and some of my friends will also have their plant-themed drawings up too! They’re all great. Come and check it out if you’re in the bay area!