Hello team!

Charlene Kaye’s Kickstarter-funded album Animal Love will be released in Spring 2012. When that time comes, we the street team have a lot of work to do.

We currently have 242 members, which is really awesome. But because of the work that we have ahead of us, we’ll probably need more.

These pictures you see here are Charlene Kaye Street Team Recruit Cards. Along with our logo we have links to our various social networking sites. On the back are instructions on how to get on the mailing list for the street team. Charlene has a bunch of shows lined up between now and late January (just in case you needed reminding, the dates are located here). If you could, please print out these cards and hand them out to Charlene fans, new and pre-existing.

And don’t forget, word of mouth works too. Ask your Charlene-loving friends to join. I’m sure they’d love to.

High-res versions of these cards (1110 x 685, 300dpi) are available as a .zip file download at this link: (650Kb). They are customised to meet the demands of Vistaprint, so if you wanted to fork out some money to get these cards professionally printed, you can. That is, if you want to.

Have fun with these. And as always, thank you, team, for your time, generosity and enthusiasm. We cannot do this without you.

We Have A Poster Design Competition!

Charlene Kaye will be launching a mini tour in August all over different parts of the United States. We currently have a poster design competition to promote these dates and to get people to come to these shows. The designer of the winning poster will win an item from the Charlene Kaye Store at the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company.

If you want in on the action, the details are posted as a document titled ’The CKST August Tour Promo Poster Competition’ on the Facebook group.

Non members, you do have to be a member to enter this competition. However, joining up is really easy. All you have to do is click ‘Join This Group’.


Hello Street Teamers - who’s going to the Apocalyptour? For those who have already been, we hope you had a good time. Thank you for supporting our girl and helping make her dreams come true.

For those who couldn’t make it to the tour, due to time, financial or geographical constraints, here’s a taste of the Chicago show a couple of nights ago. This is Charlene singing ‘Hummingbird Heart’ from her album 'Animal Love’.

We hope you’re spreading the word about Animal Love. Thanks to your efforts, it peaked at #23 on the iTunes pop charts and #105 overall.

This video was taken from brandiangelina1988’s youtube page.
Request Charlene on MyMusic

Street team member David has suggested that we request Charlene Kaye to be on MyMusic’s ‘MyMusic Presents’. This would be a great chance for her to showcase her music to 200,000 + subscribers, most of whom would be outside of the Starkid/Darren Criss fandom.

Charlene has to personally email them to be on the show (which is something that we are working on) but in the mean time, I guess it doesn’t hurt for us to kindly request that she be on the show. That way, the people behind MyMusic will see that she is in demand and will probably consider her.

Go forth, street team! Work your magic.

The Charlene Kaye Street Team Poster Design Competition has now ended.

Voting will commence in the Facebook group, which you can find if you click here or click on the image above. Instructions on how to vote for your favourite design are outlined in that group.

Having trouble accessing the Facebook group? Leave a message here on the tumblr and we’ll do our best to sort you out.

Happy voting!