I headcanon that Sasuke might be somewhat of a jumpy person, in his later pre-teen to teen years. Jumpiness and hypervigilance are both common effects of PTSD, so is anxiety, so I can imagine Sasuke getting a little jumpier after the massacre and the more things progress. He flinches when someone moves too fast near him, he starts at the sound of thunder, he jumps whenever a crash or other loud sound resounds near him. It’s an integrated part of his personality that he doesn’t notice since it’s been that way as long as he can remember. He only notices when people point it out in such a mocking manner. Statements such as “Haha, what’s the matter, you scared?” or “Would you fuckin’ relax, I’m not even doing anything!” are among some of the things Sasuke’s heard. 

When he’s at home, after several years without any place to call home, Sasuke thinks the habit might be gone. He has no reason to jump, to feel nervous. He’s now an adult (if eighteen is an adult, he doesn’t feel any different from being seventeen) and out of the clutches of his childhood. He’s past it. It isn’t until Naruto happens to slam a cabinet door a little too loud that the old habit rears its ugly head, and Sasuke jumps as the sound jars through him. His eyes close and he prepares for the biting, albeit harmless comment he’s sure Naruto has brimming at his lips. But instead, Sasuke feels a gentle hand resting reassuringly on his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” 

Call of repentance || Part II

Part I

Summary: reader is a member of the Golden Path. Under Amita’s command you have to sneak to the Royal Palace to kill Pagan Min. But when you’re about to fulfill your mission, you find youself unable to – under charm of king Min, you decide to switch the path and stand by the side of the Royal Army, becoming one of the leaders.

Word Count: 2211

Warnings: strong language

A/N: Part 2 of the story.

Author: Rouge

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Mating Season: Chapter Two [Pietro]

Title: Mating Season: Chapter Two [Pietro]
Character(s): Pietro Maximoff, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton
Words: 5,301
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Smut
Rating: M (Mature 18+) contains sexual themes, profanity
Author Notes: The polls are closed, the votes have been counted, and the winner has been chosen. Ladies, gentlemen, everyone in between, the featuring star of ‘Mating Season Chapter Two’ is….Pietro Maximoff! Our silver haired fox won by 4 votes against our wonderful and dead sexy Bucky.!
Summary: Pietro Maximoff raced to find shelter from your carnal desire. The speedster’s been dying for a shot with you since he found you naked in his bed. He just never imagined that you would be the one chasing him.

Mating Season

[Chapter One: Natasha]
[Chapter Three: Bucky]
[Chapter Four: Steve]
[Chapter Five: Bruce]
[Chapter Six: Tony]

Pietro zoomed passed every room, trying to find the perfect hiding spot. He could only think of one place you’d never dare step foot in: the gym. You were never one for athletics or gymnastics, you were naturally flexible and agile. One of the many aspects you adored about your morphing gene so you never found a purpose to sweat to the point of exhaustion. Also, let’s face it: you hated working out. The eldest Maximoff closed and locked the doors of the training room, barricading himself with as many heavy objects as he could lift. He heavily panted, taking a breath of relief that he was safe and far away from you.
“You do realize that I can morph into the smallest creature and get through that furniture blocking the doors?” You asked rhetorically, walking on tiptoes on the ropes of the boxing ring like it was a balancing beam.
Pietro jumped in surprise, tripping on one of the black mats, and falling to the floor. You couldn’t help but giggle, jumping off of the ring and landing in front of the speedster on the balls of your feet. Your night shirt fluttered, giving him a glimpse of your naked body underneath it. The male Maximoff gulped, actually afraid of what you could do to him. He didn’t think he was going to die, but he didn’t know what a mutant with animal morphing capabilities does during mating season. For all he knows, after sex you could bite his head off; one or both of them.
“Oh, hey Y/N, how are you? You are looking really well today. Did-did you do something with your hair?” He nervously stalled, until he can think of an escaped plan. He picked himself up, brushing off whatever dust might have fallen on his blue and gray Under Armour long sleeved shirt. His black jogging pants also needed a bit of dusting.
“You know why I’m here, Sonic. I know how you’ve been looking at me…” You said in a husky tone. You moved gracefully towards him, as he steadily backed away. “I know about those dreams you always have of me, the ones where we’re all alone and just at it like rabbits. I’ve heard you scream my name when you’re giving yourself some… needed relief.” You grinned, glancing at his crotch. Your e/c eyes glimmered as you looked back at him, “I know you still think about the night we first met…”
Pietro just returned from a mission, his body screaming for the soft memory foam mattress in his spacious bedroom. He slowly turned the knob, exhausted and looking forward to crashing head first into bed when he noticed a beautiful naked woman lying down, reading. Your h/l h/c falling gracefully to one side as your legs were bent, moving back and forth. If you were God’s present to him for all the good deeds he’s done, he’ll definitely go to church more often. He cleared his throat loudly, causing you to look up from your novel. Your eyes grew wide as you screamed, jumping from your position and transforming into a black cat suddenly. Pietro furrowed his brows in confusion, who was this person or really, what was this person? The feline ran and backed into a corner, hairs standing on its ends, and e/c eyes glowing with caution. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you… kitty cat? You were a girl before, weren’t you? I mean, I could’ve just hit my head too hard, but I swear I saw a naked woman on my bed…” He said softly, his hands held up to prove he wasn’t going to hurt it, er, you. Your shoulders relaxed, recognizing those blue eyes from the files you read. It’s that fast running dude, you thought to yourself as you tried to remember his name. You mewed at the Sokovian, jumping back onto the bed and burying yourself in the covers. The small lump was once your feline form, grew and spread to your full human figure, your eyes peeking through the top of the bed sheet. “How much did you see?” You asked, your voice muffled by the fabric. The eldest Maximoff scratched the back of his head in awkwardness. He saw plenty, and if he was honest, he really liked what he saw. “Uh… do not worry, prelepo. I did not see a lot. I saw more fur and tail than flesh, if that makes you feel better,” He lied. You raised an eyebrow, still suspicious, but you decided to brush it off. This time. “Well, you’ve seen more of me than the others so I guess I should introduce myself. I’m y/n l/n, I’m the new recruit.” You raised your hand to shake. The silver-haired gentleman moved forward to take your hand in his, placing a small kiss on the back of it. “It is a pleasure to meet you, y/n. My name is Pietro-”
“Maximoff, I know. You’re the roadrunner.” You teased.
“I am sorry?” He tilted his head to the left.
“Roadrunner. You know, Looney Tunes? Tall, skinny desert bird? Runs really fast? Goes ‘beep, beep’?”
He stared at you still not understanding the reference. You smiled, a chuckling escaping your light pink lips, “Never mind. So Pietro, why are you in my room?”
It was his turn to laugh, “I am sorry, y/n. But you are actually in my room.” He gestured to the opened bathroom door that held a hamper filled to the top with men’s clothing. You blushed in embarrassment, biting your lower lip before turning to the amused Sokovian. “Ohh, that explains the magazines…”
Pietro’s mouth slightly hung open, “T-those are my sister’s!”
“Oh? Your sister reads…CKM?” You picked up a random magazine from beneath the bed, holding the item in front of him displaying a cover of a voluptuous blonde holding her topless breasts, and wearing a very small thong. “Than I hate to be the one to tell ya but your sister might be a lesbian.”
“It’s been a touchy subject with her, I was planning to let her decide when she wants to come out of the closet.” He replied with an uncomfortable smirk. “Alright then. Well, P. I must be off than. Do you mind letting me borrow a towel? I came in here as a siberian husky and I forgot to bring clothes…” You explained, chuckling as he handed you a large multi-blue beach towel. You waited for him to turn around in order to wrap it around your body but Pietro simply stood there, staring at your big almond shaped eyes. “Uh, Pietro?”
“Hm?” He asked, just imagining how your skin would feel against his. You coughed loudly, intentionally to grab his attention. When he came to, he realized what you were waiting for, and quickly turned his back to you. You got up off from under the covers, taking the terry cloth towel and covered your figure. “You can turn around now, P.” You adjusted it a little more before he fully looked at you. You looked into his eyes and felt feverish under his gaze. “I suppose we will be working together, no?”
You nodded as you walked to the door, “Yeah, I suppose we will. I’ll see you around, Maximoff. With clothes on, of course.” You joked as you went on the search for the captain to figure out where your actual room was. Leaving the silver haired man in awe of you and your sultry curves.
“Which brings us to today. It’s just me and you…and the floor…don’t you want that dream to come true? I know I do…” You said, your small hand touching his chest so gently. You wanted to feel every dip in his well toned form, you brushed your lips near his earlobe and blew your warm breath down his neck. He shivered from excitement, the tiny hairs of his neck down to his arms stood up. “I do not think this is a good idea, y/n. You’re only like this because you’re in heat. This isn’t like you…” He softly removed your hand from him, and attempted to put some distance between you two. Your eyes began to tear, a slight burn hitting your tear ducts as you felt hurt from his action. “You…You don’t want me?” You whimpered, your e/c eyes brightening from the salty water filling them. Now he’s done it. That was the last thing Pietro wanted to do, he didn’t want to hurt you. The male Maximoff wanted to be with you for the right reasons, even if his groin was practically cursing him for denying the woman it has been wanting to enter for months. “No, no y/n. It is not that. I want you. Oh God, how I want to be with you. But not like this. I like you, y/n. I want to take you out to dinner, watch a bad movie together, and give you a good night kiss. I don’t want to take advantage of you just because you are not in control of your body.” He explained, holding your hand in one and touching your cheek with the other. He wiped the coming tears away, kissing the cheek they almost graced. Your eyes scanned his worried face, and saw the genuine feeling behind it. That only made you want him more. You pecked his cheek as well, savoring the taste of his skin. There was silence between you two that spread throughout the gym. He glanced at your reddish lips, aching to sense them against his but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. And so, you did it for him. You crashed your lips onto his, wrapping your arms around his neck. Like a drug, he craved more of you, of your taste, of your touch, and of the heat he felt between your legs. He moaned when he felt your shirt come clean off, your soft breasts pressing onto his chest. You tugged at the hem of his own top, urging him to take it off which he quickly obliged. He held your body close as he brought you down to the floor. He trailed kisses down to your sex, opening your legs wide to place his head in between them. Pietro’s tongue flicked your tiny ball of nerves, causing you to arch your back and gasp. He licked the dripping contents that was seeping through your wet cavern. The moans you continued to let out was driving him mad with desperation. His stiff crotch pulsed and twitched begging to be freed from the material that contained them. He wanted you now, his tongue tasting your juices as he gently sucked on your pink lips below your navel. Your hand grabbed a fistful of his silver locks, pushing his head deeper into you as you reached your breaking point. He felt your muscles tremble and tighten as he lapped your sex. He lifted his head and grinned seductively, traveling back up to you. He embraced your lips with his, the sweet and salty taste of you lingered in your mouth as he invaded it. His hands began to pull down his jogging pants, the blue boxer briefs along with them, his cock rubbing against you. You whimpered as you mumbled pleas under your breath. He grabbed himself and teased you by moving it up and down within your outer labias. He let out a deep chuckle, not believing that he was with you like this, right now. You joined in, knowing exactly what’s he thinking. Despite the circumstances, you wanted this as badly as if you weren’t in need. “Are you ready,moja ljubav?” He asked, his forehead leaning on yours. You licked your lips, taking deep breaths and you quietly say yes. He slowly entered you, stretching your inner walls. You bit down on your lower lip, keeping the pain of his penetration to yourself. Pietro felt you wrapping tightly around his member, and a tear of muscle he pierced. “y/n, are you…” He trailed off, astonished at his discovery. A single tear rolled down to the side of your face, “It’s okay. Y-You can ke-keep going.”
“You know why I went to find you instead of the others? Because despite the flirting, the corny pick-up lines, and the dirty innuendos you throw at me, you still respect me as a woman, as an agent,…as an equal. I know you care about me, just as much as I care about you. It’s okay, Pietro because I want to be with you.” You placed a hand on his cheek, a smile kind emerging on your lips. The two pools of ice blue looked into your pools of e/c, a loving warmth washing over him as he kissed you deeper than he did when the knot in him began to grow. The eldest Maximoff looked for certainty that you granted permission in which you nodded again. You felt him completely fill you with his girth as you began to feel the pleasure hit the bottom of your stomach. He groaned from your velvet touch hugging him inch by inch. He started moving at a slow pace, worried the pressure and speed would hurt you. The bliss of your connection with him made your heart quickened, whispers and breathes of ecstasy flowed out of your mouth like water as you bucked your hips. Pietro gasped and sighed heavily at the motion of your lower body. “Please, go faster,” You begged, putting your legs around his waist. He picked up speed, hitting your spot deeper and harder. Your sounds grew in volume, from whimpers to moans to screams. “Pietro…,” left your lips repeatedly, before bringing it to his. Your voice went up an octave, edging to your climax. Maximoff started to whisper sweet Sokovian nothings in your ear, grunting and groaning as he followed the fast rhythm of his body. “y/n…osećate takodobro. o Bože, Ne želim da se ovo završi.”
“I can’t-can’t hold-” You heavily panted, holding him closer to you.
To je u redu, ljubavi moja. Jasamblizak previše.” Pietro huffed, as he was reaching paradise. You and your Sokovian climaxed, euphoria bathing both of your glistening bodies as his teeth grazed against your neck.
Your breathing slowed down, as did his. You both smiled and laughed at this turn of events. Pietro lifted his torso by his arms, as he attempted to pull himself out of you. Strangely, he wasn’t able to. The European man tried again, only to find his member stuck, “Uh, y/n? I can’t pull out.”
“I-I can’t pull out! I’m stuck!” He exclaimed, beginning to worry. Then you realized what had happened. “Oh no….” You whined, covering your face in complete embarrassment. Pietro was now panicking, “What? Oh God, are-are we stuck like this?!”
“It’s part of the mating ritual. Females lock with their mates for 10 to 20 minutes to ensure no one touches them while they’re in heat. It’s like being marked by the male they’re with.” You explained, though it was slightly muffled.
“What? 10 to 20 minutes?!-” Pietro hyperventilated, beginning to speak in his native tongue. You frowned, believing he was beginning to regret what had just happened. He noticed your change of mood, looking to another direction. He cursed at himself for his stupidity, and nudged you, “Hey…” You turned to him. “Would you be interested in going out to the movies with me in 10 to 20 minutes?” He smirked, giving you a peck before his nose brushed against yours. You giggled, your smile returning to your face. A happy sigh left you, closing your eyes to remember this moment forever, “Do I get to pick the movie?”
Pietro’s chuckle rumbled down to his chest, “No. I pick.”
“…I can hold you here longer…” You threatened him.
“Okay, okay you pick!”

mojaljubav - my love 
osećate takodobro - you feel so good 
o Bože - Oh God 
Ne želim daseovo završi - I don’t want this to be over 
To je u redu , ljubavi moja. Jasamblizak previše - It’s okay, mylove. I’m close too

Wow, I can’t even believe it–100+ of you amazing individuals tolerate me and my muse enough to allow us to grace your dash’s presence? Y'all are incredible.

The Last of Us is nothing short of a life-changer for me and I think it goes without saying that I absolutely adore Ellie as a character. She means so much to me I’ve never portrayed a character that I’ve been able to form such an intense connection with as I have with Ellie. I’m so grateful that I can portray a character like this, but for other people to like my portrayal as well? It’s amazing to me and I am so honored to be able to portray this character for you all to enjoy.

Truthfully, I had no idea that when I made this blog a few months ago that I would end up having as much fun as I am, nor did I anticipate meeting some of the most lovely individuals out there. Y'all are what have made this such an amazing experience for me so far and I will never be able to thank you enough.

I appreciate you all so immensely and I want to take the time now to thank each and every one of you. I’ve split y'all up into three categories. Hover over the headings for each individual description. =]

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