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LIVE on at 4PM to 6PM feat surprises new and old feat. music from BeBe Winans, MAW, Roy Davis Jr, Grace Jones, Crusaders, Moodymann, etc. It’s our first show ever and I am as excited as I am grateful to everyone involved. TUNE IN for that Friday night jump start in to the weekend and Happy Sunshine folks!


-Roberto Brito

CKLN was the first radio station I was ever heard on in my career. CKLN is also where some of Toronto’s most respected radio personalities, DJs, and shows all originated from. This radio station has shown me more love in my career than any other station I can think of ( ok 89.5 may be tied hehe). I graduated from Ryerson University, and lived 2 blocks from this station for 5 years. To say I am personally impacted by the CRTC’s decision to shut down CKLN would be an understatement. To say that ALL of Toronto will be negatively impacted by this closure is, I humbly submit, factual.


Lord knows its one of our last alternatives to commercial radio.

w passion, E.

a lesson to those with responsibilities to their communities to remember to treat it at all times like freedom (like a responsibility!) and not some shit you do on the weekends for free. cause when you slip the man will take it away every time. anyway, LET’S SAVE RADIO! #ckln #881

Video that I shot and edited of The Abrams Bros at CKLN this month! Please check it out!





CKLN Programmers to Meet

Monday, 18 April 2011 10:17


On Friday April 15, 2011, the Federal Court of Appeal denied Toronto’s oldest campus-based community radio station the chance to appeal the January 28 decision of the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission (the CRTC) revoking CKLN’s broadcasting licence. This came as a blow to CKLN’s ongoing recovery from the conflict between the past Boards of Directors and the Programmers who impeached them. The conflict resulted in the staff and Board being locked out of their home at Ryerson University from March – September 2009 and the CRTC’s concerns with only pre-recorded programming being broadcast over the airwaves during that time.


CKLN began a process of renewal in late 2009 since returning to the airwaves and has been successful implementing concrete policies and procedures to address the issues of the past. It has elected a new Board, hired a seasoned station manager, and put processes in place to make CRTC compliance easier for its volunteer programmers. It has also committed to student outreach to increase the participation of Ryerson students both on-air and behind the scenes at CKLN.


CKLN has been a community radio station since 1983, giving voice to alternative opinions, music, and issues that struggle for airtime on mainstream media. The station is a long-standing champion of grass-roots movements and Canadian independent music. Notably, CKLN has always been an incubator for Canadian content and broadcast luminaries. CKLN has historically offered music that no commercial radio station will play; multi-lingual programming to diverse communities; spoken word programming for the benefit of an incredible array of cultures, political viewpoints, and diverse social and pansexual philosophies.

Station Manager Jacky Tuinstra Harrison says “CKLN is one of only a handful of few campus-community radio licensees in Toronto and losing it is part of an emerging and troubling trend of dwindling access to public airwaves that are federally mandated”

CKLN is also an educational facility that provides learning opportunities and encourages student involvement - one third of the Board of Directors are students. Ryerson Radio and Television Arts student and CKLN programmer/Board member Amiga Taylor states that “we as students have had an incomparable opportunity to express ourselves on the radio because of CKLN.” Noorez “Nunu” Rhemtulla programmer/Board Member and Ryerson Radio and Television Arts student said “It would be a terrible loss to the people of Toronto not to have a not-for-profit volunteer and student-run radio station operating on 88.1FM.“ CKLN is one of the precious few radio channels in the GTA that is not controlled by media conglomerates.

There are options for CKLN going forward. They can appeal to the Supreme Court or reapply for the frequency. In the interim period, they are currently broadcasting at and are discussing closed-circuit radio as a supplementary alternative.


Staff members will vote Monday on the structure of CKLN’s new composition and direction. There is a larger meeting of CKLN community members along with current and alumnus staff being planned for later this week. Please check for updates on ways to support CKLN, and to listen to the great programming that makes CKLN a pillar of the Toronto broadcast spectrum . Tell the CRTC and your government representatives that CKLN is too important to be summarily silenced. 

CKLN is a vital part of Toronto’s heart and soulIt is community. Let’s treat it that way.

For general inquiries contact Station Manager Jacky Tuinstra Harrison at


55 Gould Street

Toronto, ON


Joe Rizla: Online Mixes

F.E.A.R. Edit Radio Show (Toronto) - free electronic audio revolution

With Host and Programmer : Joe Rizla. Good Dance Music Since 1986 Til August 2011.


March 2011


Dec 2010


OCT 6TH 2010


March 2011 

December 2010

October 2010

July 2010

May 2010

March 2010

Joe Rizla: Biography

Joe Rizla, born in September of 1973 and raised in Scarborough, Canada, has been blessing the turntables for over 20 years with soulful deep sounds of underground DANCE music and 70’s & 80’s soul. 

Joe gives credit to those who have inspired him the most beginning with God and family, then to some of his closest friends; Trinidadian Deep, Marcelo Cruz, and Underground Vibe. He also gives credit to those who have laid down the path of inspiration like Ron Trent, Nick Holder, Dave Campbell, Larry Heard, Anthony Nicholson, Glenn Underground, Boo Williams, Peter, Tyrone and Shams.

Joe has continued to keep his style consistent yet exciting by playing both current and past releases. He was put onto soulful music at a young age, listening to everything from Steve Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Sky, Loose Ends, to Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Wonder, Gill Scott Heron, Herbie Hancock and Rolling Stones to Reggae artist like Sanchez, Bob Marley, and King Tubby.

At the age of eleven when his uncle gave him his first collection of records, he enjoyed playing around with these things we call records. Over time, the feeling of wax under his fingers made him start collecting all forms of music on records from disco to soul, to rock n roll ,to reggae music. At the age of 13, Joe Rizla attended his first after hours-party. Here he was exposed to house music for the first time.

Instantly, Joe Rizla fell in love with this new sound, and the new form of music called house music. He also fell in love with the feeling the music gave.

From then he went out to look for all those same records that where being played by the local DJ’s who inspired him. Joe Rizla has played at many establishment / clubs and after-hour parties over the years in Toronto such as 26 Oxford, 23 Hop, The Oz, Lime Light, Foundation, Roxy Blu, Alto Bosso, Chocolate Lounge, Savannah Lounge, 488 Yonge Street, Surface, 99 Queen Street East, Modesto, 215 Victoria, Fez Batik, B Side, Element Bar, Power Bar, The Pavilion, Lincoln, Hush, Carboneight, Lil Red, Mad Bar, Bauhaus,Roxy Blue, Foundation, Government, and The Warehouse. The one major session that Joe Rizla is known for is the Re-Birth after-hour parties at 15 Polson Street also known as G2 Net. At the tail end of 1998, the Re-Birth after-hour parties began each and every Saturday night, where the doors opened at one am and closed when the last person finished dancing. The Rebirth parties began because there was a lack of venues / clubs in the city playing good soulful underground house music.

Most of these people came out to listen and dance to quality music and to have a good time. By the middle of 2001 the Re-Birth sessions ended on a high where party people were screaming for more. After the Re-Birth parties ended, Joe Rizla hooked up with Junior Palmer and help began the Phat Black Pussykat After-hour sessions at 488 Yonge Street. These sessions lasted for about four months until a new home was found. That new home was Foundation (12 Brant Street aka Roxy Blu). The sessions at Foundation lasted for a year and a half or so. The whole purpose for Joe Rizla & Trini with Phat Black Pussykat parties was to introduce more people to the deep soulful sound of house music.

Joe Rizla has been welcomed and played some of Toronto special events and parties such as Garage 416, Solid Garage, Solid Garage Classic, RNB Parties, Solutions Parties, Ritual, and Solid Garage Deep Parties.

As for radio, Joe Rizla is the host, DJ and music programmer for Canada’s longest and oldest house music radio show to date on CKLN 88.1 FM Toronto. The F.E.A.R. Edit Radio show (free electronic audio revolution) began as the Oblivion Express in 1986. Then in 1989 - to August 2011 the show has been know as F.E.A.R. Edit.

With many years under his belt as a DJ/ Music Programmer, Joe Rizla has been working in his recording studio on some of his own musical productions on his own label. BLACK KEYS MUSIC AND RECORDS and SEED OF RHYTHM RECORDINGS

Check out Joe’s online mixes here:





TWITTER: @JoeRizla



Join us this Friday as Studio + and Let There Be House pay tribute to Joe Rizla. RSVP - THESTUDIOGUESTLIST@GMAIL.COM

CKLN MOVES OFF OF 88.1 FM... For Now


Friday, 15 April 2011 17:50

The Federal Court of Appeal today announced it will not hear the appeal of CKLN Radio 88.1FM.

The campus-based community radio station had filed a leave to appeal a CRTC decision revoking its broadcast license. While the station will lose its broadcasting privileges on the 88.1FM signal, station management plans to continue as broadcasters for the Ryerson campus and the surrounding community.

CKLN Radio 88.1FM is currently weighing options and will release another public statement Monday. It is not in contravention of the Broadcasting Act to broadcast via  the internet.

You can support the station by signing our petition, donating for legal costs at or writing your MP.

“It would be a terrible loss to the people of Toronto not to have a not-for-profit volunteer and student-run radio operating on 88.1FM, “said Noorez “Nunu” Rhemtulla board member and third year Ryerson University (Radio and Television Arts) student.

The court has given CKLN Radio 88.1FM no time to bid farewell on-air, we must cease broadcasting. The stay of the original revocation decision had allowed CKLN to continue to broadcast until the Federal Court of Appeal denied CKLN’s appeal.

“CKLN Listeners and supporters deserve the biggest thanks of all for standing by us,” said Station Manager Jacky Tuinstra Harrison. “A community radio license is a precious, precious thing - it is the only means that Canadians have to access the airwaves that they-the public- own.”

This decision to revoke CKLN’s broadcast license sees Toronto’s oldest campus-based community radio silenced from its 28-year presence at the furthest left end of the FM frequency. It a heart-breaking step in the station’s hard-fought rejuvenation efforts, but the station and its constitutents can see reasons to be optimistic going forward.

“We aren’t even close to being out of the picture yet,” says Chair of Board of Directors Ron Nelson “There are options. And when there’s a will and community support, there’s a way.”


CKLN: Close to Everyone’s Heart.1-4.” A Documentary of CKLN’s History with Hip Hop. (Produced by Wavel Edwards and Celine Wong) Almost 30 Years of Hip Hop on Canadian airwaves. 4 Generations gathered on February 12th, 2011 to celebrate the CRTC’s decision granting a stay. The station remains on the air pending a decision by the Federal Court of Appeal.

Timeline of Saturdays, 1-4 p.m. on CKLN 88.1 FM:

Fantastic Voyage 1983-1988
The Power Move Show 1988-2000
The Real Frequency 2001-2005
Mixtape Massacre 2005-present

CKLN Granted Stay of CRTC Decision

CKLN 88.1FM | NewsCKLN Granted Stay of CRTC Decision Friday, 11 February 2011 17:08

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release

CKLN granted stay of CRTC Decision,

will remain on air pending the outcome of CKLN’s motion for leave to appeal

TORONTO, ON. (February 11, 2011) – Campus-based community radio station CKLN88.1FM is heartened and encouraged by the decision of Her Honour Madam Justice Layden-Stevenson to grant the station a stay of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (the CRTC’s) Decision 2011-56, released January 28th, 2011. This decision revoked CKLN’s broadcast license and would have seen Toronto’s oldest campus-based community radio station go off-air February 12th, 2011. The stay of the decision will allow the station to continue to broadcast until the Federal Court of Appeal considers CKLN’s request for leave to appeal from the CRTC’s decision, under Canada’s Broadcasting Act, s.31 (2).

CKLN supports CRTC Commissioner Louise Poirier’s dissent which is part of Decision 2011-56 and is available on the CRTC website. This Commissioner criticized the decision as “unwarranted” and “inconsistent.” She cited, among other considerations, the Principle of Gradation, under which the Commission should institute lesser measures before issuing a full revocation.  Madame Poirier also stated that “the regulatory measure that has been adopted is disproportionate to the fault” and later that “the decision to revoke the licence at this time is premature, disproportionate and inequitable.”

CKLN has honoured all commitments given to the CRTC at the Public Hearing before the CRTC. Also as committed to by CKLN, it will be hiring a new Station Manager by February 28, 2011 to oversee the the station’s day-to-day operations. These initiatives follow on the heels of the adoption on December 15, 2011 of new by-laws compliant with Industry Canada’s model by-laws for non-profit organizations.

CKLN offers music that no commercial radio station will play; multi-lingual programming to diverse communities; spoken word programming for the benefit of an incredible array of cultures, political viewpoints, and diverse social and pansexual mores and philosophies. CKLN has been a community radio station since 1983, giving voice to assorted opinions, music, and issues that are under-represented in mainstream media. Ryerson Radio and Television Arts student and CKLN programmer Amiga Taylor says “we as students have had an incomparable opportunity to express ourselves on the radio because of CKLN.”

Staff Representative and Frequency Feminisms programmer, Joeita Gupta, says “CKLN’s history, role and mandate are crucial to this city’s non-mainstream artists, journalists and to several different communities. “ CKLN invites you to tune in, turn on and speak out against the idea that alternative media should be silenced as an example to other volunteer-driven community media outlets.

The public can help CKLN by going to and:

  1. signing our online petition which is linked from the homepage, currently 5241 signatures and counting;
  2. writing to the CRTC and their MPs, whose contacts and a letter for this purpose also inviting the writer to inform the MP why CKLN is valuable to them can also be found on the homepage; and
  3. urging friends, family and colleagues to engage likewise.

CKLN can be heard at 88.1FM, or on Rogers Digital Cable 947.


For media inquiries please contact Lauren Speers (416) 452-4959 or

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

OR Joeita Gupta, (416) 918 1935 or