Some sketches from last summer! :O Posting because I still love the expressions on these (especialy the last one!)

Bowly belongs to Harkill (He is the most awesome character ever)

Aden belongs to Harkill (Aden does not care for school I mean he’s never going to need to know about dragons or anything anyway! What waste of time!)

Isamu belongs to yours truly (That’s herbal tea. His own blend. It might be intoxicating, you never know with him.)

Casper belongs to Ckirean (why you look happy today, Casper!)
HeLL(P) has a Patreon?! + Surprise on Saturday!

by Harkill

Hey ho, it was about time we made a patreon page for HeLL(P)!!! What is patreon? Well.. I’m pretty new to it too, but basically it’s a way to support us by paying a set amount of money each month, and you get rewards depending on how much you pledge! (If you want to know more please read the info on their page, they explain it really well: )

We know not everyone is able to spend money on something like this, but for those who have a little extra and LOVE HeLL(P), this is a great way to become a part of it and help us out. We want to keep working on HeLL(P) but it’s hard to prioritize it over other things when we do

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Livestream Later

Just gonne put it out here, i’m livestreaming later on, if anyones around. Just drawing some dudes in their Pjs, having their morning coffee.
Anyway, I’ll post the link when the time has come!
See ya!