Burch’s strength lie in writing lifelike, complex characters whose emotions and reactions keep me turning the pages. The ethical questions of controlling military and scientific intelligence, and what pawns and politicians do with that information is timely. Questions of prejudice and morality in wartime make this book more than a sci fi action novel.
—  The first user review (four stars out of five) for Equinox I: Between Gods and Monsters came out on Amazon today and I’ve been smiling since. Go see what the fuss is about.

Hello, everyone.

I’m coming to you today with a request: reblog this post. Why? Well, lemme tell ya: I’m a starving artist. No, really. I’m not going to get into it because I really don’t believe in motivating income based on personal hard times, but let’s just say that over the course of the last two weeks I’ve had the rug pulled out from under my feet by my former job and all the money I was counting on coming to me to survive is no longer coming. Which is a bit of a shock, but at the same time is not surprising. Still, I digress right now, so let me continue.

If you click here, you’ll be taken to my author page, where you can view the two novels I have written (images above!) and purchase them if you care. There are digital and print versions, and sales of either benefit me greatly either way. Amazon has a fantastic profit margin for independent authors, and it’s been a great experience thus far. I’ve sold enough books to feel marginally successful. Unfortunately, marginally successful isn’t going to butter the bread for me or my two kids anymore. Also, I understand that sci-fi and horror books aren’t for everyone. Furthermore, I understand that there’s a lot of people under the gun right now as far as money is concerned, and that not everyone just has money to spend. So ultimately, here’s my plea:

If you don’t/can’t buy anything, please just reblog this. All I’m looking for is to spread the word a little bit so that I can expand my horizons while investing in other social media to get sales moving. That reblog button is all I’m asking for. I’m not looking for sympathy sales, because hey, who wants to buy a book because a guy is coming up short on cash? Not me. But if someone sees this and thinks, “Well, I’ll click the link,” and they see the books and decide they want to buy a copy simply cause they like what they see? That’s all I’m looking for. A little outreach.

Tumblr, thank you in advance. I know I can’t make money happen from Tumblr alone, but it’s a good place to start. The next couple of months are going to be rough. Regardless, I know I’m going to make it through simply because I don’t have another choice. And if you end up grabbing a book: thank you so very much in advance. Everything helps.

Goodnight, and thank you.

Holy Shit, Tumblr

I’ve been out of the house all day, taking care of parenting stuff, taking care of my ex-wife (she had dental surgery and it was a day), so when I come home to my internet, kids tucked in bed, I thought it was very kind to find two messages in my inbox from people who saw this post and decided to grab a copy of one of my books. It was genuine, and generous, and I felt real good about that.

Then I kept scrolling and saw all the notes on that post.


Holy shit.

You guys, when you boost the signal, you boost it hardcore.

I don’t even know what to say. That’s crazy. That’s insane to me. That’s a lot of love and clicks and reblogs for a simple post asking for a simple thing. It further cements in my mind that Tumblr is a community that gets shit done for each other. I am honestly fumbling for words to express how I feel right now.

To me, in all honesty, what is important is the kindness shown by a simple click of the mouse. That’s all it is, is kindness. And out of that, there’s been an outpouring of people swinging by to support by seeing if they like my work, and purchasing if they do. That’s incredible. Thank you all for your support and your kindness. I need to find a way to pay it forward and do something for Tumblr, because I’m simply aghast at how amazing you all are.

Thank you. This has been a strange couple of days, but Tumblr has been the silver lining out of all of it.


Happy October, Tumblr. This is a month of horror, scary posts, ghosts, goblins, Steve Niles, Stephen King, The Walking Dead, even the Walken dead. It is also All Hallow’s Read. You familiar with that? Neil Gaiman made this video to explain it to you. In brief, this month is the month to give someone a book, specifically a scary book. You should click on the link just to hear the man speak. He has a lovely voice. I bring this notion of All Hallow’s Read to you because I am a horror writer myself, and I have two books. If you look upwards just slightly, you’ll see the covers to The Icarus Void and a ruthless echo. Both of these novels are available over on in either Kindle or Paperback form, and I’ve linked to each individual one. Maybe they’ll grab you, maybe you’d be inclined to send one to a friend or to yourself. Either option finds me humbly saying thank you.

But, if you’re a fan of the paperbacks in the world, this month I’m doing something specifically for Tumblr: if you PM me and you’d like a copy, I’ll hook you up with a paperback for the price that I get author copies for. It’s $13.99 plus shipping if you order it through Amazon, but if you’re interested and you PM me, it’s $10 straight, no chaser. That covers the whole thing: the book, the shipping, the everything. Paypal is what I take and what works easiest as far as conducting business. Once the Paypal goes through, I’ll get that book shipped out ASAP.

Tumblr, all of you have always been real good to me and helped me out a lot during my adventure in self-publishing, so I just want to say thank you, and if any of you decide to grab a book through me this month, I also want to say thank you. I like the thought of making a profit, but more importantly I like the thought of other people reading what I write more, because the readers are the people who make it worth it. Thanks for reading, and Happy October!

Sometimes I read about people who say, “I don’t know how to write black men.” Then I read rebuttals, saying something along the lines of, “What you’re saying is that you don’t know how to write complex human beings.”

I don’t think that’s true at all.

I think that every human being’s perspective is different, but if you look at society, we are seriously caste based. The experiences of a black man versus a white man are going to be vastly different, even though most likely similar in ways neither would expect. But, as a writer, for someone to say, “I don’t know how to write black men,” part of that statement is taking into account that, despite being a scribe of people, sometimes our own experiences don’t allow us to simply put ourselves in the heads of someone who isn’t our own race or gender preference. It can be difficult. And, if done incorrectly, it can be damning. Anyone can pick up on a writer writing someone wrong, especially if it’s a POC or queer individual.

Now, again as a writer, I think it’s important that people of all genders and cultures get equal exposure in the media, and that it’s important to write them as well-rounded characters and human beings rather than cutouts or stereotypes. I have the luxury of writing science-fiction; I can make it so that the future has looked past certain bigotries. I have what I feel is a well-rounded cast with multicultural characters, but not every book/writer has that opportunity. Writing something set in modern day times that is grounded, and realistic, and features a cast that goes beyond what the reader knows, is difficult and tough to pull off if you don’t have that experience.

Writing people outside of our race/experience is tough, but that doesn’t mean that we as writers shouldn’t try. We might fail. We might be criticized for it. But then we should try again. Because everyone deserves a spotlight, not just average whitebread males with military haircuts and machismo out their asses. It might be daunting to write a character who is outside of your experience, but write them anyway, challenge yourself to write a human being and not just a character, and chances are you’ll end up writing someone who is not only relatable, but three dimensional and human at the same time.

The crew of the Icarus is used to high-stress situations: their ship is designed to dive into the heart of a star to collect scientific data for research. But when they discover an alien artifact hovering in low orbit of the Sun, the attempt to retrieve it pushes them to the breaking point.

The Icarus Void is the first novel released by myself, CK Burch. It’s an experiment in sci-fi/horror that has subsequently led to some big ideas about how a massive, epically-scoped sci-fi/horror saga would feel and drive forward. There’s some ideas and questions raised in this novel that I left unanswered specifically because the story was a momentum-based narrative; it was about tension and then escape, not discovery of the truth behind the horrors that are found in space. But those answers will be coming. The Icarus Void was inspired by Alien, Dead Space, Pandorum, and Event Horizon. I wanted to channel all those into a unique, original story with smart characters and twists the reader hasn’t seen before. And based on the reviews, it looks like I accomplished it.

Now that it’s almost Halloween, why not give it a look? You can find it on, in both print and digital formats, and if you live in the UK you can discover it there, too. There’s monsters, psychological horror, blood and gore, and zero-gravity terror. If that’s your bag, step right up and meet the crew of the Icarus. They’re not going anywhere…at least, not anywhere safe.

(that last line was really corny but i just couldn’t help myself, it’s almost halloween)

In September, I said that any book sales I made would go towards a donation to Breast Cancer research. After receiving those sales and then fighting being sick and stressed at work, I was finally able to make said donation of $60 to the American Cancer Society towards Breast Cancer.

2013 has been a long, heavy year. I’ve spent literally most of December sick. My mom died. I’ve been battling depression. The last couple of months have seen an upturn, but at the same time, there’s a lot on the calendar that still hangs before me with heft and sadness.

2014 aims to be a better year, both mentally and physically, and also creatively. I’m planning on releasing my fourth novel somewhere around May, and if I have my way, somewhere between now and then I’m going to figure out a way to make the leap from 9-to-5 job to Independent Author. Expenses are weird things, and being a single dad, I have to make do on my dues. But it’s in the works, and I’m going to make it happen.

Tumblr, thanks for always providing great laughs and deep thoughts and spreading the joy. Here’s hoping you all have a fantastic New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and 2014 as well. Stay classy, internet, except for when you’re not, because that can be funny, too.


So whilst my current writing endeavors involve treasure hunting pulp adventure, as of today it is SCI-FI MONTH around these parts!

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Equinox I: Between Gods and Monsters, both Equinox and it’s spiritual prequel, The Icarus Void, will be on sale for $1.99 on to download for your Kindle or smartphone. I’m also working on bringing Equinox to print for the first time this month, so stay tuned there!

(also, make sure you click on the sci-fi month link for a hella cool video and a Glitch Mob remix. You’re welcome)
Dear Tumblr: help me make Equinox I: Between Gods and Monsters #1 in Amazon's free books.

I wrote this long involved text post here, Tumblr deleted it somehow, so I’ll try again. I wrote this sci-fi novel and released it last year, and set it up as a free download between today and tomorrow. It’s picking up steam, and is climbing the Amazon free charts. Equinox I: Between Gods and Monsters is an LBGT-friendly, multicultural sci-fi novel that centers around the discovery of a planet which might hold the key to mankind’s origin. It’s Star Trek by way of Prometheus, and if you’re a fan of those properties or Mass Effect, you’ll find something of interest here. It touches on social and political themes as well as questions of epic-scale sci-fi wonder, and features six full color illustrations by artists Casey and Shon Burch. Share and like, and if you have a Kindle or tablet, you can download it for free and read it for yourself. Help me make this a number one download and show that diverse books are for everyone, especially in sci-fi.

First off I just want to say hi, I’m CK Burch, I’m a sci-fi writer with aspirations of greatness and terrible spelling (but this is why spell check is active). I like sci-fi in all forms (prose, games, films, soundtracks, art), and I will be posting about it a lot here on my blog. I also have a new book coming out soon and this will kinda be the hub of everything regarding it. Also, I like naked people, including males and females, so you might see some of each on here from time to time. I don’t often reblarg nudes, but it has to be one that really strikes me like DAMN or is Katie West, who is often DAMN.

That said, welcome aboard, send me asks and likes and peanut butter.

It brings me great pleasure to announce that my latest novel, Equinox I: Between Gods and Monsters, is now live on and available for purchase.

Featuring artwork by my brothers, Casey and Shon Burch, Between Gods and Monsters is pure space opera set in the year 2167 as two factions with tentative diplomacy launch a joint rescue mission to an alien planet. What unfolds is the beginning of a new series that I’m honestly excited to write and keep writing, and I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it as well.

I’ll be posting this again later for the afternoon crowd. Until then, good morning, and thank you for reading.