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ChaosKirin’s Art Contest

Hello! My name is ChaosKirin. I’m trying to get a little more exposure for my original art, so I’m having a bit of a contest. It has rules:

1.    In order to enter, reblog any of my original art between now and April 30, 2013. Likes are appreciated, but won’t count. Original art will be tagged as “CK’s Original Art.”

2.    Fandom-related art will be tagged as “CK’s Fanart” and will not count in this contest.

3.     Original art posted before this post will not count, so you don’t need to go hunting through my blog for it. I may repost some, though, so keep your eyes open.

4.     You can enter multiple times by reblogging new original art posts I make. Reblogs of the same piece are appreciated, but will not count.

5.    You do not have to follow me to participate.

6.    You do not have to reblog directly from my blog.


On April 30, 2013, I will go through every piece of original art that I have posted, and enter everyone who has reblogged it into an online random generator. The first three will get a  colored custom sketch commission.

ANYTHING GOES for this commission except non-con. I may also reserve the right to say to you, “HOLY CHRIST, I CAN’T DRAW THAT!” at you. You’re less likely to get that response if you don’t request anything explicit, but you can try. ;)

If you have any questions, please feel free to use my askbox, and I will answer. I’m sure there are a few things I haven’t thought of that someone out there might have.

Please don’t be jerks to me or to each other.

This is the last character shoot I had, and I was waiting ‘til tonight to post it.

She’s based on my best friend (who just flew in to stay with me for a week. :D)

Lifeline is an interesting character. She’s find of a fulcrum on which the entirety of public opinion may rest, if things go right (or wrong!)

And this is the last character sheet I currently have finished. :D

Don’t forget to reblog to gain an entry into my currently running CONTEST. :D

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