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Still reading Six of Crows but I had the urgent need to draw Nina Zenik in a red dress so here you go :)

Also changed my name to the one I use on instagram and added a watermark cause apparently signing is not enough. Guys please, always ask the artist first if you want to repost something of theirs!


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

Out of all the lwa characters, Diana has the most radical development (especially in terms of how much i like her)

She went from an interesting albeit stuck-up character in the first two movies that, while fun to watch, i still wanted nothing more then to see her bullying ass get kicked reAL hard..with a pointy shoe

And now?

A precious bean that, with her motives, her backstory and undying need to protect akko..just eVERYTHING HAS MADE ME WANT TO HOLD HER CLOSE AND NEVER STOP LOVING HER

haha anyways i loved this movie and i would die for these two

((pls don’t tag as a ship or anything asjdjihfghd))

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How would the Libra boys handle a touch-starved s/o?


  • He wouldn’t mind cuddling or just hugging his s/o, to satisfy his s/o’s starvation for touch
  • Klaus will notice whether or not his s/o is touch-starved, so when he sees his s/o maybe being near him a lot more, or going up to hug him or anything, he’ll know
  • He’ll lovingly give a kiss or hug to his s/o, or anything else of the sort to his s/o :)
  • S/o I’m sure would love to be engulfed by his hug aha


  • Sometimes it’s usually Steven being the touch-starved one, so he’ll know what to do with a touch-starved s/o 
  • Embraces his s/o with a big hug in bed or on a couch, and then just stays there with them, cuddling them and/or giving them small kisses on their face
  • Will also sit down next to his s/o, and then wrap and arm around their shoulder, bringing them close to him 
  • Honestly, Steven might be as touch-starved as his s/o, so it’s a win win situation for the both of them. S/o can expect a lot of hugs and overall being right next to him aha 


  • Maybe s/o will come to him more frequently, since they’re touch-starved aha. Leo will be very flustered when his s/o suddenly comes up and gives him a hug due to being touch-starved lol
  • When he and his s/o are in a more private space, he’ll get more comfortable and deal with his touch-starved s/o aha
  • He wouldn’t exactly know what else to do except ask his s/o if hugging them will be okay with them, or him or his s/o snuggling up to each other
  • S/o might as well get comfortable and lay right next to him, getting that satisfaction of having that touch-starved feeling gone a little


  • S/o might not see it due to them maybe hugging Zapp since they can’t take their touch-starvation anymore, but he’d be blushing since w ow he wasn’t expecting something like that from his s/o. Will awkwardly hug his s/o back (lowkey enjoys it)
  • Dealing with a touch-starved s/o is almost hard for him since most of the time he’s just shy to actually initiate something such as hugging aha. Though when it’s just him and s/o, he’ll sit down with them or just hug them from behind to satisfy them 
  • Cuddling? Yes


  • He’d be blushing anytime his s/o comes up to hug him or anything b/c of them being touch-starved
  • I have the feeling he isn’t the kind of person to be really touch-starved, but he’ll attend to what his s/o wants to satisfy 
  • Almost isn’t sure what to do?? Will ask his s/o what they want to do to satisfy their hunger for touch. I imagine s/o might straight up hug him right after he asks that lol
  • From then on whenever his s/o is touch-starved, he’ll go and try to overcome any shyness to go and hug his s/o, before his s/o can’t take it anymore and go do something to him out of the blue


New video for those who happen to give a F*CK.
We have all watched a series and thought my God that Anime power would be amazing to have in real life.

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But what if you could get a unique power from each series. 

What would you choose, what would help you the most, 

Well today I have 5 choices of abilities I would love to have in everyday life, lets see if we match

and REBLOG with your TOP 5 Anime ABILITIES :)


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Fam, may I have some HCs for thr libra boys having an SO that gets really hyped up when talking to new people out of nervousness, please?



  • At first he thinks that they’re just outgoing, but overtime he sees a connection to his s/o being nervous and talking to new people
  • If by any chance his s/o looks as if they want to back out of talking to the new person/people, he’ll take over for his s/o 


  • He’ll also think that his s/o is pretty outgoing, but then he’ll realize that it’s just due to their nervousness
  • Steven will silently think that it’s sort of a good cover for being nervous (??)
  • If he ever sees his s/o looking a bit uncomfortable when talking to someone new, he’ll wait for a moment to step in for his s/o so they can take a break


  • Will think his s/o is actually quite comfortable with meeting new people, since they seem to be outgoing
  • Unless his s/o tells him, or if he realizes overtime, he’ll know that it’s really just his s/o being nervous 
  • Will silently tell his s/o to “hang in there” as they talk to new people, and will also help his s/o by talking to whoever it is with them whenever it seems right 


  • Zapp will also think his s/o is pretty outgoing, until his s/o tells him that it’s really just due to them being nervous. Will be a bit surprised by that since he genuinely thought they didn’t have too much nervousness when meeting new people
  • To make his s/o feel a bit more comfortable when talking to new people, he’ll speak along with them, since he’s more comfortable with it


  • He wouldn’t pay to much attention to how his s/o speaks when talking to new people, but he notices that his s/o almost seems nervous whenever they’re talking to new people
  • I can see him talking a bit with his s/o when talking to new people, or just silently rooting for them in his head