ck jack

jack “let me bang on bittle’s door to tell him about practice tomorrow as an excuse to show him the photos i took today” zimmermann

jack “why is bittle under the table idk but while he’s there maybe he wants to look at my photographs??” zimmermann

jack “let me jump over a fucking snowbank to ask bittle to coffee and oh maybe he wants to see the new photos I took oh wow I just spilled his drink all over his sweatshirt” zimmermann

just??? my sweet canadian ding dong of a son is so eager to share his photography with bitty (aka essentially trusting bitty with his soft and vulnerable and artistic side) and???? what gets me is that he probably didn’t even know WHY he just knew it felt right and i’m??????? (Jack x Anti Tickle Fic)

This was a really really cute prompt so I wanted to write it lol. Glad I had enough motivation. 

Idea from @catfishwierdo : Mark, Dark, Jack and Anti all live together, Dark and Mark take a vacation, and the two irishmen decide to watch movie. There’s a tickling scene, and Anti learns something new.


Warning: tickling, teasing, tickle fight, profanity

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  • Sakura: You and I ARE alike, and there will come a moment when you have the chance to show it. To do the right thing.
  • Sasori: I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.

idc that these guys are a jillion years old. where are all the reaper76 high school aus

jack is ur average jock. captain of the football team and gets shit grades. then there is gabe who is a very temperamental delinquent who actually gets great grades, he just gets into fights all the time and has to serve detention for it. anyway, one day something happens to them and gabe’s punishment is to help jack get his grades up. jack ends up getting the biggest crush on gabe. gabe has always kinda liked jack. these two idiots are too wrapped up in their own problems to realize they’re both pining for each other. someone pls continue this or smth

also sorry about the sloppiness its like 2am

Why so perfect

I don’t really have a Google Au set in stone but one of my fav headcanons from that tentative verse is that prior to admin permissions, every time Google requests something he has to get permission

Like if Jack tells him to do smth, he’ll do it, but if it requires Google asking “can I do this?” then there’s this big popup hologram in front of his chest that Jack has to Y/N before it can be done

I’m not 100% that it’s ACTUALLY required, Goog is probably just doing it so Jack gets more and more frustrated by having to do it every time and is therefore more likely to give him admin permissions one day

But I’m gay and thought about Goog and J.ack after weeks together just getting Gay and standing real close and Goog asks really softly if he can kiss and Jack’s all red in the face but nods because he wants that he would r e a l l y like that

And this bIG FUCKOFF ugly hologram pops up between them and Goog rolls his eyes so hard that he looks convincingly human doing it

And Jack bursts into a laugh that breaks the tension and he’s just like “God damn it I really have to do this every time, huh?”

His favorite outfit on you

ck J : 

Jack G :

Taylor : 

Cameron ;

Hayes :

Matt :

Aaron :

Shawn : 

Nash : 

I hope you guys liked it yes some of these are celebrities But i liked their outfits. Pleas Like this and send me request anything literally anything bye loves 

A Night with Jack
  • Mark: *walking around alone* ...Jackkkk...?
  • Jack: *jumps out* INHALE DONG!!!
  • Mark: AHHH! *'manly' screams*
  • Jack: Hah! You should have seen your-
  • *a small rumbling noise sounds*
  • Jack: AHHHHHHHH BALLS! *jumps onto Mark*
  • Mark: That was just the air conditioner.
  • Jack: ...I knew that...
  • Mark: ..Get off.
  • Jack: NO. Carry me to my room.
  • Mark: No.
  • Jack: DO IT
  • Mark: FINE. *starts walking down the hall* You know you're heavy for a scrawny dude.
  • Jack: Well your short for a buff man.
  • Mark: Your cookies taste like petrified cow stuffing.
  • Jack: F*CK YOU!
  • Mark: Oh yes, f*ck me ;)
  • Jack: GO TO HELL!
  • Mark: But I'm already on my way down under ;)
  • Mark: But I already picked you up D:
High School AU Because F*ck Names [closed au]


Robert looked at the building with his heart hammering. Whatever happened to small public schools? This place was as big as the museums back home. He sighed shakily, it was chilly today, but nothing like the cold up north. He pulled the beanie down more onto his head and pulled his backpack up onto his shoulders, lifting his guitar case off the ground and walking into the school.

Tons of students passed him without a blink of their eye, as he struggled through the crowds and tried to direct himself towards the band room. When he finally found it, he shoved past a group of girls, accidentally smacking one with his case in his rush to get inside, leaning against a wall and gasping for breath, he couldn’t breathe in that crowd and-

There are people here too, great.