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Tell us about Minx!!

Minx is a hot little gangsta slut =w=’ <3

But naw there is a lot more to her than that xD Minx is a trashy and largely extroverted 19 year old feral black/dark grey cat of ebonic Caribbean decent. Love it or hate it, she is everything about the British gangsta chav chick stereotype there is (tracksuits, sideways pony tail, poor vocab and grammar) but with an odd little hint of power puff girls cuteness mixed in. She is a passionate female Bassline / Garage Singer and MC and is very sex positive character. (making this very, very clear right from the get go.) 

Minx’s blatant personality staple is her tendency to flaunt herself and flirt with every living thing in her vicinity.. As well as being very happy, loud and hyper active in the process. However don’t let this make you think badly of her. While she can be a little bit obnoxious and obviously enjoys the attention, she still has her standards and knows how to handle herself. This makes Minx somewhat of a “troll” or “tease” in certain situations and more often than not that tends to annoy a lot of people who don’t know her personally. (especially the girlfriends of fit guys) While people think badly of her life choices, she chooses to ignore it all and just lives as she sees fit. Like saying fuck you to the world and being obliviously happy about it =w=

Minx lives on the estate with her mother and younger brother.
As well as being a sex addict and one of the few female MC’s on the circuit, Minx is surprisingly good at British Kick Boxing (Being a green belt) and is trained regularly by her mother (Who is a Black belt) (This also explains Minx’s awesome chun li thighs xD) so yeah… The relationship between Minx and her mother is strained however.. As naturally Minx acting the way she does, her mother simply does not see her as a responsible young adult let alone a strong headed martial artist.. She has been proved wrong multiple times though as Minx’s gifted skills at self defense have gotten her out of lots of bad situations and continue to make her proud. even if she is a little hard on her daughter sometimes about bringing guys home. Her brother is a  social recluse and weedy video game geek. lol

Minx’s dream in life is to be a world famous female rapper and singer (her idol is nicki minaj after all xD) soo yeah overall she is a very loud and comedic character, exciting to the eye with sexual humor but also surprisingly strong with deep relationships. There’s no doubt Minx has a thing for Frank… (mostly intrigued by him for being so different to most guys she knows)  but then again she acts as though she has a thing for everybody =w=” lets just see how it pans out huh :P

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We want to know more about luna!

Well admittedly she has pretty much just been eye candy for the longest time… so here goes without ruining anything..

Luna is a 19 year old panda girl and college student studying business. She lives on the same council estate as the main cast, growing up with a handful of them since she was little girl. She lives in a small flat with her single father (who is an ex police officer). Her mother I won’t go into detail about =w=” Luna also pretty much runs the CJRFM radio station business wise, taking care of organizing DJ slots, affiliating advertisements, money and generally managing things.

Her purpose in this story is as follows..
She’s always the character to pick people back up when they fall down. She is as motherly as she is a best friend. Anyone has a problem? talk to loo loo. All in all Luna is a bubbly and friendly optimist and a motivator.

However this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own problems.. after all not everyone can be happy and perfect all the time…Who is the optimist for the optimist? =w=” Despite seeming confident she is still young and sensitive, for instance, when provoked about her image negatively she gets extremely uncomfortable with her weight.. also sometimes she’s a bit “too” nice and can sometimes be deceived and taken advantage of because of this.. which is sad… but I feel this is true to life in some relate able and personal way.

More things to mention about Luna is that she’s the only character in the main cast with a licence to drive, so she’s always giving people lifts (this is the only thing which can make her blatantly get a bit grouchy sometimes kekeke) 
She also has an older sister. (YES. LUNA HAS A SISTER) although they are very much different from each other.. 
Luna was very different in her young teen years, she was totally swept up by the “emo phase” despite being mates with chavs and was generally a lot more wild then the calm character she is now =w=… I guess the scene queen phase never left her appearance wise though huh? xD
She can also sing really well but only does this when alone x3 

The fact Luna is a panda is also a key attribute.. as Panda’s, like in the real world are quite a rare and beautiful species in my lore.. This gives Luna quite a large and special presence. Unfortunately this can also mean she is a big target.. 

Oh, just to tease you guys a bit, Luna is a huge closet nerd. she doesn’t really associate her nerdy side with her friends as she feels a little embarrassed of just how nerdy she can be.. But By nerdy I mean she is an avid MMORPG player and probably knows all the Pokemon off by heart =w=” 

She also sleeps a lot and over naps by accident all the time haha

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What other radio stations are there in CJRFM?


Pirate Radio stations in CJRFM lore

“PIRATE RADIO!. New Londons dangerous new youth craze!”  ~ Daily Mail newspaper

For those who have no clue, this has nothing to do with ships and hooks for hands however, (sorry to disappoint) Pirate radio simply refers to broadcasting on FM frequencies illegally (stealing the air waves) thus giving the process it’s name. Unfortunately while Pirate radio sounds harmless on paper, it is also usually associated with crime.. particularly drugs and gang violence and whilst still underground for the most part presently in the story, The growing movement has began to receive a considerable amount of attention from media outlets creating a national stir.

Some stations I have written more about than others.. simply because I am still developing them.. I am trying to keep them as short as possible though.. also there are many more stations beside these ones.

Fun Fact: The Pirate radio concept in my story is heavily inspired by real pirate radio culture in London which was at it’s peak in the nineties.. here’s some interesting videos on it  Video 1 Video 2 You could say Pirate Radio in my lore is an exaggerated and glamorized take on that :P

Concrete Jungle FM ( C.J.RFM )

Commonly abbreviated to simply CJRFM “Concrete Jungle Radio” This station is a focal point of the story having many in depth characters as crew members. The Station is located in the penthouse of C Block on the Kento Council Estate in Hackney boarding a few miles away from the wall which separates Inner London from it’s outer slums. The station while mainly playing Jungle and Garage music can span a wide range of urban genres. Resident DJ’s and MC’s include Jai Q “Jack Rabbit”, Achro, T-Dunn, Whiskey, Tuggz “Jerome”, Sid Dasher “Sid” and MC Minxy. “Minx” CJRFM is a fairly popular station with it’s average listening base being around 200-250 at peak times..  despite being quite a small operation under dog as far as the competition goes.

Concrete Jungle’s Sound

Virus FM

Unwanted rivals of Concrete Jungle FM. This much bigger and more notorious Station is managed by small group of lizardkin on a rival estate, but is also closely affiliated with the equally notorious “K9” gang making Virus almost exclusively Dogs (despite it’s ownership and excusing a few DJ’s) Virus FM mostly specializes in UK Grime, Hip Hop, Deep Dubstep and other more darker variants of Garage and Breakbeat music, hosting regular shows with MC’s from K9 known as “K9 ALLSTARS.” Broadcasting in Hackney (on the other side), frequencies often clash with CJRFM causing tension and conflict between both stations.

Virus’s Sound

Smooch FM

The first and only pirate radio station to recently become a legal establishment in New London. Smooch FM once having pirate status played what people would have considered decent underground music in the past but as expected since going commercial, has resorted to playing an assortment of the latest mainstream Garage and House pop music with it’s auto tuned and obnoxious frequencies reaching all corners of the city on multiple signals. It’s still Garage so it isn’t that bad but either way you look at it, It’s a cash raking money machine with some shady figures behind it

Fun Fact: Smooch FM is a reference of Londons Kiss FM.. which like Smooch, originated as a Pirate station before going commercial :P

Smooch’s sound


Friends of Concrete Jungle but still competitive, RUFF TEMPO is the head honcho when it comes to aggressive Jump UP Drum and Bass music. with manic wobbles and robot noises exceeding 180 beats per minute, it doesn’t get much crazier. Sid has been given chances to go on air with them multiple times but refuses as he feels too grounded with his crew at Concrete Jungle.

Ruff Tempo’s sound

Raj FM

Another gang affiliated station. Raj FM specializes in British Asian bass music with it’s crew and listeners being largely of South Asian decent. (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) They are a tough but fair establishment. Don’t mess with them, they wont mess with you.

Raj’s Sound


While not actually being out of London. UP NORF FM operates from the northern tip of Barnet and is one of the only stations playing exclusively “northern English” style dance music such as Bassline, Donk and a bit of Happy Hardcore. It is a very friendly station with it’s only intentions being to party hard and have a good time.

UP NORF’s sound

Hakken FM

Hakken FM is a Dutch Hardcore and Gabber radio station located in the far South of Outer London, not surprisingly in a slum with a mostly European community. The station has a small niche following and has crew members consisting of mostly albino fruit bats including female Gabber DJ, DJ Mich “Michelle van der beukel” The station is also affiliated with another gang (still in development)

Hakken’s sound

Smiley Crew FM

Station specializing in Oldskool Hardcore and nineties Rave music. most of it’s DJ’s are in their mid 40’s lol 

Smiley Crew’s Sound

Flight Mode FM

Station specializing in Future Bass, Slow Jam and UK R&B music. You want to blaze some ganja and chill the fuck out with your bae? Flight Mode is the station for you :) 

Flight Mode’s sound

Kurupt FM

comedic try hard and wannabe Garage and Jungle station. Kurupt FM operates from Brentford, West London and is run by a small group of bell ends. The station has that status of being so bad, it’s actually kinda good. Nobody can work out if they are for real or if they are a joke

Fun Fact: Kurupt FM is a real thing

Kurupt’s sound

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More info on Roxie? :3

Rox is that cool dirty blond stoner chick you see at a Dubstep rave blazing ganja and wearing a beanie.

Despite being really short, Roxie Pepper is the oldest female of the main cast at 21. She is a Chihuahua and Golden Retriever mix making her an adorable little lesbian scruff ball. Roxie lives alone on the estate having recently moved in. (about 2 years currently in the story) Coincidentally Roxie was in the same primary school class as Luna when they were kids giving them an odd nostalgic bond upon meeting. Roxie’s relationship with Luna will later become a focal point of her personal story as can be read in a previous post. She doesn’t really have anything to do with the inner workings of the radio station but she’s a good friend and likes to jam with the crew anyway :) Rox is usually the one Luna goes to for advice and deep girl chats.. despite Luna usually being the one with open arms.

Personality wise, Roxie is quite independent and tomboyish, getting on with guys really well. (although gets very girly around Luna) and whilst denying it, she is quite a heavy stoner (not as much as Spliff however but still quite note worthy) This doesn’t mean she is laid back all the time though. She is very loyal to her friends and will always put up a fight for them. unfortunately this means you have to really watch what you say around her as she can become quite a nasty bitch in these situations (ironically) becoming scarily passive aggressive and intimidating despite being tiny xD. Overall she’s a cool chick. Fun when she’s your mate. But don’t mess with her. =w= Also try not to bring up her sexuality negatively… bit sensitive there =w=”

Roxie moved away from home because her relationship with her mother is… well just not the best.. much more on this to come in the story =w= I don’t want to spoil anything

(Just for the record. Roxie being a lesbian is not the “main” thing about her. that is not her staple or reason for being in the story.. it is just another sexuality like anyone els’s.. aspects of her personal story do have to deal with issues around the subject but she is more than just “the lesbian of the gang” =w=  Just thought peeps should know)


This has been on youtube for 2 years and I never noticed it xD

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luna and roxy seem pretty close. Anything going on there? *if you know wat i mean ;) nudgenudge*

Yes actually. Roxie is lesbian and mad crushes on Luna very intensely, yet despite being such close friends she has a hard time coming out with her feelings towards her.. Although knowing Rox is les, Luna literally has no idea about her feelings because she’s a little bit dippy when it comes to these sort of things even with Roxie nuzzling in her marshmallows all the time and being constantly attached to her arm xD

The sad thing is though is that Lunas romantic orientation leans far more to guys than it does girls.. sure she finds girls “hot” and “sexy” on rare occasions but she could never truely feel for Roxie what Roxie feels for her…

thus we have a love triangle thing going on =w=

OH and just to make matters worse, Roxie is also a bit of a stoner xD

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How does Luna feel about Spliff?

She fancies him a lot but certain characteristics he has are very off putting to her such as his addiction to marijuana.. (And his tendencies to get on really well with other girls which naturally makes her feel a bit awkward and jealous) However being a “mumsy” optimistic kind of girl she tries her best to help him deal with the weed addiction… which can be quite stressful and even heart breaking at times.. But she’s in love with him enough to care.. The question is does he feel the same way back? =w=

Also Spliff is just kinda dumb

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So... Sid is a white polar bear that's friends with a brownish dog Tuggs, they both rap together, though their slightly competitive and Sid is good at rapping fast. *cough* Eminem *cough* No but really, What's Sid's story?

Sid Dasher (also known as MC Sid Dasher) is a 19 year old polar bear. on the outside is your typical hard chav lad.. tracksuit jacket, baggy sweatpants, shaved head, intimidating presence ect.. except instead of being a complete idiot he is actually rather smart and unlike a lot of other characters in the story Sid takes a more serious and realistic approach to life.. He often tackles things head on instead of avoiding problems. Unfortunately life isn’t all that dandy in New London making him somewhat of a pessimist and can sometimes come off as looking for a fight as he always assumes the worst of a situation… (well… actually he is usually the one getting into a fight) He’s not exactly hot headed.. He’s just grouchy really =w=” Sid does have a soft side mind you.. but it’s hard to catch a glimpse of it… 
Nobody really knows why Sid has this cold personality… but they are used to it and often just resort to telling him to lighten up

Sid lives on the estate with his grandma (whom he simply calls “nan”) and his faithful staffordshire terrier dog Tyson. Both Sid and his grandma originally hailed from the city of Manchester (at a very young age though so he hasn’t got the accent) Without spoiling too much of the plot.. Sid finds out to his dismay his grandma has terminal brain cancer… this is where his soft side comes out as you can imagine as he will do anything to help her… Nearly all the money he earns off raves and dealing (yes he’s a bit of a drug dealer too, not too seriously, but yeah) goes to supporting his grandma… He doesn’t like to talk about this much however and just keeps it to himself mostly

Most mention-able however is Sids lyrical talent on the mike. He is a passionate Jungle/Drum and Bass MC and unlike most lyricists in the genre, his lyrics usually evolve around more serious political and social subjects (As opposed to Tuggz and Minx who just like to have fun.) His friends feel he is very underrated on the circuit but his passion for the raw underground sound and his lack of ego stops him from really pushing himself all the way. He is also a skilled BMX’er and will show off some pretty tight moves on his bike when in the mood. :P

Fun fact: Sid also claims to be asexual and appears to have little to no interest in romance either =w=” ……or does he? >u>

Overall, he’s the grump of the gang. But he’s a cool grump none the less 

I just listened to an hour long Gabber mix, start till finish to aid me in drawing this new OC… Although my head hurts I believe I can handle any form of music now xD

And yes you heard right.. a NEW OC ;) expect something a bit different from the usual busty panda babes and phat booty cats though =w=“

Im thinking as a backdrop explanation for my characters. They are all in fact not “pure” anthro, but are an entirely new and obviously fictional species which borrow mostly feline traits. (The slit eyes and kitty noses being obvious examples) This mixed with other animal traits such as the fur patterns, ears, tails, and colours make my unique style of anthro. I dunno just a thought since I have had a few queries as to why ALL my characters have the slit eyes :P (Before now I just blamed it on art style) so yeah!

This is what I think about on Valentines day…

I hate to admit this, but the 20 pages ive done for CJRFM so far look really outdated to me now. might have to re draw them at some point :/ at least the first 12.. plus my character designs have changed since then … typical =u= that’s what I get for leaving it so long..

But on a good note! CJRFM will be resuming this year along with the debut of “Barkin’ mad” (comedy sister comic) :3 ( And yes I will be doing pages 21 onwards before I go back to re do the old ones :3 )