Coldplay - Fix You (by emimusic)

Pop Quiz:  What Did These Barrels Contain?

There’s a reason to ask, which we’ll explain soon enough. If you know, send the answer to chivers@nytimes.com or tweet it toward @cjchivers and @ShreeyaSinha. We might even time the replies. We’re curious about how hard this might be for someone to solve cold, starting from scratch.


Beirut - “Goshen” (NEW SONG) (by FriedEggsAndLemonade) i fell asleep listening to this song lastnight, made me cry again…everytime i hear it, i cry, i don’t understand?  it’s so strange how this feeling comes upon me…

cjchivers: Small rusty bucket used as cradle for holding projectile in Ukrainian opposition street catapult. Projectiles, in this design, propelled by paired thick elastic cords attached to a braced vertical wooden frame. Every uprising gets its own tools. Cradle bears small label proclaiming it was prepared by Petro Romanovich. #workshopgradewar #kyiv #kiev #ukrainerevolution #DIYarms #iphoneMarch 06, 2014 at 09:55PM