CJ750 - 1938 BMW R71 Replica

I restored this 196? CJ750 to running condition last year and popped it for $4,500.00. The best part of this project was getting an inspection at the CA DMV and getting it titled as a 1938 BMW R71.

The CJ750 is a Chinese Communist Military copy of the Russian Military M72 and the latter is a copy of the original BMW R71. There are too many conflicting stories about how the bike landed in Russian hands, some say Hitler’s Nazi Germany sold the Russians the original tooling; and some say the Russian stole it… All I know is that the Chinese version of this bike is made by the “great & happy laborers” of Mao’s Communist China and every detail of the bike shows… To put it plainly don’t ever spend money on one if you don’t plan on getting your hands dirty.

Although I enjoyed every minute of riding it, the CJ750 requires you to tinker with it every time after a ride. Hey it’s 1930’s technology… so what do you expect…