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Hi, I don't know if this has been discussed before. I came across what appears to be CJ's old twitter account and saw this tweet from March 14, 2014 "CJ‏ @cjscissorhands: 5 and a half more weeks! So excited and proud". That was around the time SP was born/due.

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Very very interesting…that is spot on based on the information I have.

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y do you and cj like vinnie so much? asking this because i am genuinely curious

i gotta tell ya, fam, i don’t know how to answer this. we just do? i mean just look at him. he’s so cute but at the same time hot bc fuuuck his body, he’s soo thicc and those tats mhmm. but he’s also a goof and his hair is always so fluffy ahh. if i could describe him in one word it would be SOFT. that boy is just so cuddly looking.

but speaking for myself, i just love watching him play. he’s so fucking fast it’s captivating and his incredible cellies really won me over. idk dood he just caught my eye early in the season and i’ve been hooked on the boy ever since.