cj x simon

anonymous asked:

Did CJ ever tell anyone what went on between her and Simon?

CJ didn’t cry on the trip home from New York. That didn’t actually surprise Carol very much. She’d worked for CJ since the campaign, four years of endless days and more sleepless nights than Carol liked to remember. CJ was never one to let her vulnerability show. To betray any weakness was to invite suicide by press corps, who were a pack of habituated wolves, sometimes friendly, sometimes useful, but never tame or safe. Always ravenously hungry. During the twenty-four hours of hell that had been the aftermath of Rosslyn, CJ had been panicked, traumatized and concussed, but she’d never let an iota of it slip out anywhere but her office. Even as Carol had stifled her own tears and scoured the internet for information on exactly how bad it was if someone’s pupils didn’t quite dilate together, her boss had fended off Danny Concannon and the rest of the wolves with a whip and a chair, keeping Josh safe, keeping the West Wing and Residence sacrosanct. After Josh was out of the woods and the President back in the White House, and the press corps were all out filing their stories, CJ had closed her blinds and asked Carol to bar the door for an hour. On the other side of the door, Carol had listened to her weeping and had shed tears as well, but guarded her boss’s privacy. Sixty minutes later, she’d taken in tissues and eyedrops, and they’d never said a word about it. That was how they coped.

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