cj sewers

so i have just found out that one of the people i have been following for a few years now, her and her girlfriend (whom were a very famous tumblr couple) have broken up. 

now i am not going to be like so many and say that they were my favorite tumblr, lesbian , whatever couple. 

but something about their relationship..every post about it, i have read. every picture, every post, every poem and interaction that they have chosen to share with the world, i’ve seen. and most of the things i would smile at. like, oh they’re so damn cute! and oh i wish i had that with somebody. and oh they are really special. but other than that, i never really thought anything of it besides that, that’s just it. and now, the most overwhelming sadness and such as strong sense of hopelessness has come over me. i have no idea why but this is having such an effect on me and it is bothersome in the fact that it is their life. but it’s almost as if, if they can’t, then how will i ever? and that is sad to subconciously depend on a peson (people) whom i ever never met as to what i can expect and hope for in the future. 

i need hope. i am stuck. 

i hope you are and will be okay.