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The Avengers assumed that Steve would be a wimp when it comes to spicy food, and spiked some run of the mill food with hot sauce. Turns out Steve loves it. Natasha is the true cannot-handle-spice-queen.

lmfao I love this?? post aou, just plain old crack. wanda pov because my JEWISH daughter deserved better than the mcu characterisation

The fork was lifted, and Wanda all but vibrated with anticipation.

Beside her, Sam stifled a laugh and she grinned at him, unrepentant. Rhodey had asked for Vision to film the moment and send it to Stark, and while confused, the android had agreed. Wanda had asked that Clint receive a copy too. 

It hadn’t been that hard to add a little too much spice into the recipe. She knew she could handle it, and the others had assured her that they were okay with it. Well, Natasha hadn’t, but she rarely ate with the team anyway. 

Steve stiffened a little, and the Avengers collectively held their breath as he chewed and swallowed. 

“Wanda,” he began, and she suppressed a smile. “This is really good!” 

Wait, what?

“It’s almost as good as Bruce’s Pork Vindaloo!” Enthused, Steve dug.

Wanda turned to see her teammates staring at their leader. She sighed. Another good prank wasted on the Captain. 

“Everything was so bland in the forties,” Stark said through the speaker. “Steve had to try everything. Thor and he regularly had competitions. I think the only thing that ever beat them was Phaal Curry.” 

Sam groaned and Rhodey patted his shoulder in sympathy. Wanda huffed. They were running out of ways to get back at Steve for stealing the left-overs. 

“If you really, really want to prank Steve, you’ve gotta be subtle,” Stark continued. “I mean, Clint and I bought copies of all of his clothes, just a size smaller. He was frustrated about the jeans he was ripping for weeks.” 

Hmm, there was an idea. 

That night, Natasha smirked to herself as she heated up some left-over pasta in the microwave. Steve’s morning was going to be ruined, according to Sam, by the food colouring on his blue toothbrush. Just before an interview.

She’d eventually have to come clean about it being her stealing the food, but since Steve hadn’t warned them, she didn’t see the need. They needed to learn, if they wanted to be Avengers, to know everything about their teammates. 

Finally, the microwave pinged, and Natasha dug out a fork, and took a bite. 

“What the - JESUS FUCK.” 

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Imagine Tony is neighbors to Steve and Bucky and Tony's cat always ends up in their apartment bc she likes to nap in their dog. Sometimes Steve and Bucky's dog sneaks into Tony's apartment bc he misses the cat and Tony's sweatshirts are so comfy

I am so so so so sorry for the long wait! School was crazy, work was crazy, family was crazy. bla bla bla bla. But now the only thing that I have to do is focus on the exams. And after that I have a summer break of nearly four months, so enough time to write, before I start university. For now, I’am aiming to publish one story a week (I am still looking for a suitable day). Anyways. I present you fluff!


It was really too cute. Far too cute. Sensory overload. So cute it should be illegal.

“So… I am most definitely not waking them up,” Steve said, while softly cooing at the two animals. Once again, Tony was in the new neighbors’ apartment looking at this little traitor of a cat, that was cuddling Steve’s and Bucky’s Labrador. The white fur of the Maine Coon could be seen only if you looked from the top of the two animals, so  engulfed was it in the dog, which had rolled itself in a ball as if to protect the cat. This was the sixteenth time  in a month and half that the cat snuck out of the apartment just to go and have alone time with the neighbors’ dog. 

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why do so many people see being sensitive as weak? In my opinion being sensitive is being strong. The most sensitive souls have been through the most, they feel the most, and they love and care the deepest. To me that is beautiful and courageous, not weak.

-CJ Rogers

Sign Me To Sleep Part Six

Summary: Your world was silent, and he gave it sound.

Word Count: 2.66k

Warnings: major angst, death, sad. good luck guys.

A/N: last part guys! I can’t believe it’s the end! This has been so fun to write and I’m so grateful for everyone who has read, liked, reblogged or commented. Love you all so much! Shout out to my awesome friend @peterparkher for helping me edit!

Part One (all parts listed)

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The next several weeks were spent either in training rooms or labs. It was only Bucky who was able to get you to sleep or eat. He was keeping you anchored, and you were so incredibly grateful for him. Though you weren’t willing to ‘say’ it, you loved him with all your heart.

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I would love to see the three of them bonding down in Tony's workshop playing with the bots.

Tony felt like he should have seen this coming somehow. He had worked for weeks to get Steve to bring Bucky to the workshop so that he could look at his arm. He hadn’t really understood why Steve had been so reluctant. Sure, Bucky had been a little unnerved by JARVIS for the first few weeks he was at the tower, but they’d gotten along great ever since then. And the tech that he kept in his mechanics workshop was way different than JARVIS, thank-you-very-much.

Eventually Steve relented, and Tony was practically vibrating with excitement as he led the two of them downstairs, ready to get down to business and build a bionic arm…

When Dum-E found them.

And now Tony was relegated to a corner while Bucky cooed over the bots.

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~I'd love one where Bucky comes back and Steve is helping him through his "recovery". Bucky starts remembering that him and Steve were a thing and that he loves him. He then finds out Tony and Steve are together and he wonders how he fits in :)

“Hey, Tinman.”

Bucky wants to swear, and pulls his head out of the refrigerator to glance behind him.

He knew he should have double-checked to see who was still awake before leaving his room.

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June 15th and 16th in Augusta, GA @ Sky City. Benefit show for CJ Rogers (Cecil of Turf War’s nephew). 5 dollar donation to help CJ and has family fight his battle againt cancer. 2 nights of bands. 

JUNE 15th

Shaun Piazza
The Num Nums
De Evolutionaries
Cecil B and the FunBoys (featuring members of Turf War)

JUNE 16th

Turf War
Eat Lightning
Nuklear Blast Suntan
The Clap

thanks to anyone who passes this along. 


Summary: You and Bucky make the mistake of messing with ghosts

Word Count: 760

Warnings: Scary? I guess? It depends on you

A/N: This is pretty bad, but hey, I tried. Let me know what you think!

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A ring echoed through your apartment and you slowly made eye contact with Bucky. You both raced to the door, eagerly wanting to greet the last visitors of the night. Your boyfriend got there first, sending you a smug grin over his shoulder before opening the door.

“Trick or treat!” the little kids squealed, thrusting out their candy bags. You came up behind Bucky, resting your head on his shoulder to take a look at their costumes. A little girl, no older than seven was dressed as Elsa and two boys beside her were Captain America and Iron Man. Bucky dropped a handful of candy in each of their buckets.

“You know, personally,” you spoke, looking at the boys, “I prefer the Winter Soldier.”

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