cj camerieri

Bon Iver tomorrow!

5 Things I am Excited to See/Hear:

I am so excited to hear Justin sing Hinnom, TX. I love his falsetto, but In Hinnom, his voice is so sultry and wonderful. 

I am really hoping they play their Bjork cover of “Who Is It”. I have listened to that song non-stop the last few days.

 Colin Stetson and his sax. The way he plays is just incredible!

Getting to see CJ Camerieri and Rob Moose. I’ve seen CJ play before with Sufjan Stevens, but I have never seen Rob Moose live. They both play for a ton of bands/musicians I listen to like My Brightest Diamond, Son Lux, yMusic, Sufjan Stevens, The National, The Welcome Wagon and others, so it is pretty clear that they are quite the musicians. 

In general, just hearing the new album (and the old) live. I am quite confident it will be among the best concerts I have ever been to. 

Look out for a concert write up within a week or so of the show. I have a big paper due next week, so I can’t guarantee it will be up by Tuesday or anything, but most definitely by next Saturday or Sunday.