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Shibboleth (2.8)
  • CJ: Have either of you heard of, uh, I don't know, something, the... Jamestown Mayflower Daughters of the American Revolution Preservation Soceity?
  • Toby: The Jamestown Mayflower Daughters?
  • CJ: I may have gotten the name wrong. They're inviting the White House to participate in some kind of, I don't know, Thanksgiving Revolutionary War re-enactment.
  • Toby: CJ, let's not torture American History completely to death.
  • CJ: Who the hell are -
  • Toby: Jamestown was the 16th century. The Mayflower landed at Plymouth in the 17th century. The Fathers of the Daughters of the American Revolution fought in...? The 18th century!
  • CJ: It's a festival feast of some kind! Who cares?
  • Sam: Somebody needs to learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

how fucking high was the person who invented the easter bunny, i mean

“hello children, to celebrate jesus defying the laws of nature, a GIANT RABBIT is going to sneak into your backyard and deposit BRIGHTLY COLORED PLASTIC EGGS filled with CANDY in easy-to-find hiding places. amen.”