Call it What You Want - ellie + bex

Ellie hated not being able to met the client before they hired her but Bex Howard’s agent had offered a lot of money. And she couldn’t just walk away from becoming the stylist to one of the hottest stars. But now here she was showing up to the hotel were Bex was staying to get her dressed for a red  carpet event in five hours. She smiled to the other members of the style team that had been hired but internally she was freaking out. She had prepared six potential looks with hair, make up and the works to go over with her but she was still nervous. Putting on an air of confidence, Ellie knocked on the hotel door. She was a professional through and through. 

{ call it what you want }

It was not something he had been expecting. Not at all. Though he had always been a big fan of her work, he had never expected to be approached to work with Tara ever again. Upon reading the play, he found that he had to remind himself not to reminisce about their time together. There was a familiarity in the choice of words and their juxtaposition, and before he knew it, he had devoured the play in its entirety. He was well aware that perhaps it was not the best idea to re-encounter a woman he was once so mesmerized with, however, he was merely the one who was offered the part. Tara most likely took part in the decision-making process, and so there should not be a problem, should there?

That was exactly what he told himself as he arrived at the meeting, the corners of his lips curving upwards as he took in the sight of his fellow actors. Working in the theatre was quite different than working in films. Though both created an immense sense of camaraderie, the atmosphere was different and Ben had certainly missed it. It had been incredibly long since he had last had the pleasure of acting on stage, but once he read the play how much he had missed it became truly apparent to him.

Ben greeted those who were already in the room, his eyes instinctively flickering through his surroundings in search of the red haired woman. Not yet encountering her, he merely took a seat and partook in the conversation between the actors, his smile as evident as ever as he offered his own opinion of the play. As expected, everyone seemed to agree that it was absolutely magnificent. It was Tara’s best work thus far, in Ben’s opinion, and he was all too familiar with all of her plays. Even after their fallout, Ben remained a fan and attended the showings of her latest works whenever he could, and when he could not, he would merely read the plays as a way of occupying himself on the sets of his films. 

As the thought of how he had dealt with their fallout seemed to penetrate his mind, he immediately shrugged it off. It had been years, and he certainly had no intentions in making their relationship anything more than professional. 

It was not long before the redhead came into his line of sight and he excused himself, making his way towards her, a small smile in place. He arched his eyebrows slightly as she seemed to catch sight of him, and he gestured to the door wanting to step out momentarily in order to speak to her. 

“Hey, um…” he trailed off, moving a hand up to scratch the back of his neck momentarily. “I just wanted to thank you for giving me this opportunity. It’s been a while, but I’m still a very big fan of yours,” he nodded, pressed his lips together into a small tight-lipped smile. “It’s good to see you though, you look great,” he continued, only then realizing that though he should express his gratitude, this perhaps wasn’t the best way to do so. The formality of it all threw him off, but he was sure he would grow accustomed to it.