In America, we learn that Hitler and the Nazis committed the Holocaust; in Germany, German children learn that they all participated in it, because the Germans came to believe that acknowledging their collective culpability as individuals was the only way to prevent it from ever happening again.

Americans, meanwhile, continue to debate whether the Civil War was fought to preserve the institution of slavery, as stated by actual Confederates at the time, or to settle a far more abstract and nebulous quarrel over the less morally indefensible concept of “states rights.” History isn’t always written by the victors, especially if there’s a version that makes everyone feel a little less guilty.

There is no certainty as to what the next four years will hold for the civil rights movement, but Charles Blow of the New York Times made a strong call to action: “[Trump] is not a person worthy of applause. That is a person who must be placed under unrelenting pressure. Power must be challenged, constantly. That begins today.” Read more

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But conservatives have their own, nationalist version of PC, their own set of rules regulating speech, behavior and acceptable opinions. I call it ‘patriotic correctness.’ It’s a full-throated, un-nuanced, uncompromising defense of American nationalism, history and cherry-picked ideals. Central to its thesis is the belief that nothing in America can’t be fixed by more patriotism enforced by public shaming, boycotts and policies to cut out foreign and non-American influences.

Insufficient displays of patriotism among the patriotically correct can result in exclusion from public life and ruined careers. It also restricts honest criticism of failed public policies, diverting blame for things like the war in Iraq to those Americans who didn’t support the war effort enough.


okay but Peter was watching a video of HIMSELF taking down Giant Scott back in Civil War so this begs the question: which one of the Avengers had their phones out recording all of this?
i feel like natasha would find after the raft prison break that clint was texting her like ‘hey nat check this out’ and there was the video that he may or may not have been recording during the whole fight a few weeks earlier

Divided: Part 12

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Violence, Angst, Fighting, Just Buckle up Buttercup

Word Count: 2653

Summary: Though you race to Bucharest to protect Bucky you find that you are not the only one that has found him

Authors Note:  So this was a big ass scene. I was originally planning to set it up  differently but I want to keep it as canon as possible, and by canon I mean as chronologically close to the Bucky escape scene in Civil War as possible. I encourage you to watch that scene asap to have it fresh in your mind for this part. Hope you all enjoy. Tagging is open, they’ve just been moved to the bottom, just ask if you want to be tagged :D

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

You sprint up the street, skidding to a halt as you turn the corner to the sight of a dozen black police cars surrounding Bucky’s building. The task force had been mobilized too quickly, the air space was immediately restricted, and you had lost time in the landing process, and now… you were too late.

You step back into the shadow of the building, eyeing up the established perimeter, hunting for a weak spot. About 20 men were stationed on the ground as a covert team infiltrates the stairwell. Your eyes trace up the building, immediately spotting Bucky’s window, the boarded glass still intact.

You scan up, suddenly catching movement from the roof as what seems like a large bird departs. Falcon. Sam is here… which meansSteve… You rummage in your back pocket for your ear piece, hoping against hope they are still on your old channel.

You watch as men descend from the roof, propelling on ropes to Bucky’s terrace. You had to do something, you couldn’t just stand there and be useless, even if you couldn’t help him, you had to try.

Your scorpion knife slips into your hand as you sneak up behind a nearby guard. Glancing quickly around, you quietly connect the hilt with the back of his head, rendering him unconscious, catching his body to lower him silently to the ground. You hurriedly remove his gun and walkie, adorning them to your body, hoping the communication device will provide you with some insight on how to help Bucky.

You jerk upright, your vision focusing on Bucky’s window that you knew was above his bed as the glass shatters from a gunshot, fired from the neighboring building. A Sniper. You watch as men infiltrate Bucky’s apartment, shots ringing out moments later. You bite into your lip as you try to come up with some sort of plan. Some way to help him.

Then, suddenly you see it, a backpack flying out from his window and landing on the adjacent roof, the same roof with the sniper. Now you knew where he was headed. In an instant you were on the move, sprinting back through the streets away from the perimeter.

You climb in a broken window on the first floor, moving swiftly to the stairwell as you begin to race up towards the roof. You quickly reach the door, your right hand gripping onto one of your distance dart knives. You fling the door open and let the knife fly into the first guard, lowering the defenses as the sniper turns around to meet your second dart, thrown instantly after it’s sister.

You waste no time in arming yourself with the sniper’s dropped gun, training it to Bucky’s window hoping to provide some cover. You see Steve’s shield break through the window, spotting a man lining up a gun on your Captain, you fire a quick shot, causing the man to drop. Steve fervently scans the horizon looking for the friendly shooter.

“What the hell kind of trouble did you get yourself into now Cap?” You speak into the comm, hoping for Steve to be on the receiving end. “Y/N… of course.” You hear his smile through his exerted laugh as he makes contact with an assailant. “You always come through for me.” He huffs as his pace quickens, “Always there for me.”

You bite your lip, tensing at his words as you look through the scope again, watching Steve race back into the apartment. It made your gut twist to hear the joy in his voice, the hopeful tone believing that your presence there was unselfish, convinced of your devotion to him, not yet knowing where your loyalties lie. Not with him, but in the hands of his best friend as they both fight for their lives.

The walkie rings on your hip, a man’s foreign voice coming through over the static “Suspect has broken containment,” He says in German, “He’s headed down the east stairwell.” The line suddenly cuts, leaving you with some information to work on.

You glance up at the building once more, unable to see anything through the windows, only able to witness the perimeter growing denser. You needed to give him an escape route, a distraction. It takes only moments for you to conceal yourself behind a few raised bricks and begin firing warning shots down on the perimeter, causing their attention to turn as they scatter for cover.

You had only squeezed out a couple rounds when you sense a shadow passing above you. Looking up, you see Bucky flying through the air, falling with force as he lands harshly on the wall in front of you, rolling painfully to the ground. He recovers hurriedly, springing to his feet as he grabs his backpack in one fluid movement and breaks into a run.

“Bucky,” You yell, abandoning the sniper as you run forward to reach him. At the sound of your voice his foot-steps slow slightly, his gaze turning to you as you sprint towards him, his hand extends back to you, reaching for you to join him in his escape. But just as your fingers connect he is ripped forward from you, a black blur tackling him to the ground.

Bucky rises quickly to his feet, his shocked gaze falling on the masked creature. You react instinctually to the new player, returning two knives to your hands as you position yourself at his diagonal incase the unknown adversary decides to attack again.

But the dark fighter has no concern for you, he ignores you completely as he lunges promptly at Bucky, his kicks and hits rising up so rapidly that Bucky could barely block them.

You move hastily to engage, sending a dagger flying to the fighter’s lower back, usually a crippling hit, however your steel blade simply glances off of him, his attention still focused on Bucky. You hurriedly bring the gun to your hand, firing off a few shots, only to watch them glance off too. What the fuck was he made out of?

Throwing the bulky gun to the ground, you run towards the fray, blocking a kick aimed at Bucky as he counters with a right hook. You quickly follow up with a knee to the assailant’s ribs, to be punctuated by Bucky’s foot landing squarely on the fighter’s chest. The contact sends the man sprawling back, only for him to slide on his feet, his claws shredding through the pavement.

“Run!” You yell as Bucky dislodges for a moment, the fighter focusing on you, as a helicopter circles overhead. “Go! I got this! GO!” You yell at him as you block hit after hit from the fighter. Bucky hesitates for a moment before deciding to heed your words, turning to escape only to stop as the helicopter begins a borage of bullets on the rooftop.

“Y/N!!!” You hear your name bellowed from two conflicting directions. From Bucky; halted in his escape, his eyes wild and frightened as the shots form a pattern on the roof, drawing closer to you. And from Steve; having just landed at the edge of the roof, frozen in his recovery.

But it is the dark fighter who reacts, moving swiftly, he tackles you to the ground as the smattering of bullets graze over his suit, his position protecting you.

Steve’s eyes snap to Bucky, momentarily confused to be hearing your name echoed by his friend. “Sam!” He speaks quickly, as the dark figure rolls off of you, continuing on his quest for Bucky, jarring Bucky back to his escape.

You roll quickly to your feet, watching as Sam makes contact with the helicopter, causing it to careen downwards and disappear from sight. You see Bucky leap from the edge of the roof, the cat like creature following closely behind. “I got this, just stay safe!” Steve shouts as he sprints by you, following the two men off the roof.

What the fuck is with these god damn superhero’s and roof jumping! You think exasperatedly to yourself as you run to the edge of the roof, looking down to find Bucky once more. You see him sprinting through the street, another helicopter closely in pursuit of him. The black fighter and Steve hot on his trail.

“Sam!” You shout, hoping that he was on the comm, “I need a ride!” In a moment you hear the sound of your teammates wings. Quickly equipping your left hand with your scorpion knife, you extend your non injured arm upwards, grasping onto his forearm as he raises you up. Not wasting a moment, you signal towards the helicopter pursuing Bucky.

With a well-practiced spin, Sam propels you into the cockpit. You set to work crippling the gun men, leaving only the pilot to function so as not to waste lives. “Falcon” You shout, jumping out at just the perfect moment to be grabbed by your wingman. Your eyes quickly scan the ground, finally spotting Steve jumping down onto the roadway, continuing his pursuit of Bucky.

“Fly forward, I know where he’s headed.” You instruct Sam as he grips you tighter, lining your body up with his for a smoother flight. “There!” You point at an empty spot in the divided lanes, knowing Bucky would change direction there. The same way he had tried to confuse you when he had you blindfolded all those weeks ago, trying to convince you his apartment was one direction when it was another. Misdirection, that was his next move.

“Sam I can’t shake this guy,” Steve speaks through the comm, asking for assistance, “Drop me!” You instruct, pointing to the spot, Sam slows up just enough for your running feet to act as a landing gear, releasing you safely to the ground as he redirects towards Steve.  “Right behind you,” He responds, confirming his location to Steve.

In a moment you see Bucky in the opposite lane, caught by the flashing lights of the police sirens. “Bucky!” You shout, redirecting him towards you, he shuffles quickly into the adjacent lane, breaking back into a run as his hand connects with yours, his eyes shifting frantically through the cars as you both begin to run.

You glance behind, aware of Steve’s hijacked police car fast approaching on your tail. You break out of the tunnel coming into the daylight as your lungs sear in pain under the strain of your constant speed. “I can’t.” you struggle for breath as your knees weaken beneath you.

“I’m not leaving you!” He yells back, his hand gripping more firmly in yours as he spurs you forward. “You have to; I can’t keep up.” You gasp. He glances back at you, his hand releasing from yours as you stumble slightly, unable to keep up with the super soldier.

He continues forward at a break neck pace, reaching out to connect with a motorcyclist, expertly discarding the driver as he swings the bike beneath himself. He drives quickly beside you, extending a hand to connect with your forearm, pulling you smoothly on the back of the bike with him as he picks up speed.

“Y/N? What the hell are you doing?” Steve shouts through the comm, his car trailing closely behind the two of you. Before you could answer a scream escapes your mouth as the black cat comes flying forward once again.

At the sound of your cry, Bucky turns quickly, his hand flying out to connect with the throat of the cat. The force of his body and defensive maneuvers send the motorcycle tilting to the side. Your knees grip the seat tightly behind Bucky as your arms lock firmly around his torso, your left hand reaching for the handle bars as his hand skids along the concreate, keeping the bike from toppling.

The cat like creature is still attached to the two of you as Bucky fights to keep you both on balance. Your right leg retracts closely, as you grip Bucky tightly with your arm, kicking your leg outwards into the dark assailant’s chest, dislodging him from the two of you as Bucky pulls you back upright.

“I wasn’t in Vienna! I didn’t do it! I would never put you in danger.” He shouts, through the wind as the engine roars, the bike speeding up as you try to escape. “I know. Someone is setting you up.” You shout back, “Buck, we have to find a way out” his hand moves behind his back, connecting with yours as he slides a small grenade into your palm.

“Up!” He shouts as you pass under the opening from the tunnel. You throw the grenade forcefully at the ceiling, causing a sizable explosion in your wake, littering the ground with dense rubble. “It worked!” You yell triumphantly, elated as you hear Bucky laugh with exhilaration.

You feel a jerk to the motorcycle as it kicks beneath you, sending you both flying forward. Bucky twists in the air, his metal fingers slipping against your cheek as you both come crashing to the pavement, his hand connecting dully with the ground as he cradles your head.

Your shoulder pops at the impact, as the collision forces you away from him. You tumble along the road, skidding slightly as you roll before coming to rest many feet away from Bucky, limbs bent out at odd angles and very much unconscious.

“Y/N!” Bucky yells, rising quickly to his feet as the black creature bounds over your unmoving body to lunge at him once more, Steve running closely behind.

In a moment sirens surround you all, armed officer’s circling as War Machine lands between the three men. “Y/N!” Bucky cries again, waiting for a response from your unmoving body. Cap raises his hands, surrendering to the officers as he looks confusedly at his old best friend.

Officers approach Bucky cautiously as he dazedly stumbles towards you, repeating your name once more. “Bucky, stand down.” Steve growls, blankly looking at his friend as if he were finally seeing him for the first time. Bucky glances back at Steve, his eyes glassing with unshed tears as his hands rise up to his head in surrender. But his feet continue their deft progress towards your still form.

“Bucky!” Steve barks as every gun on the premises trains on him, ready to fire if he takes another step. Bucky looks at his friend disconsolately, as he finally drops to his knees, his hands locking behind his head as guards rush forward. “Please… is she alive? Please someone just tell me if she’s breathing.”

Steve’s jaw clenches, watching the way that Bucky strains against his captors, needing to know if Y/N was alright, my Y/N…  He had reached for her… She had known where to find him… Steve glanced at her unmoving form, his every nerve tensing as he thought back on their last few conversations, her apology, her distant manner, the change in her behavior, ever since… ever since Bucharest.

His eyes flash to Bucky at the sudden realization, his brain starting to connect the dots. All of Y/N’s behavior over the past few weeks, her absence, her secrecy. How could he have missed it? He thought she came for him. Wanted to protect Bucky for him. She knew what Bucky had meant to him. For months he had spoken to her, confided in her, trusted her. She knew.

He watches as his old best friend is bent to the ground and placed in cuffs. Watches as Bucky’s stormy blue eyes never move from his ex-lover. He witnesses the love that pulls at every inch of Bucky’s expression as they cart him away, his eyes remaining locked on her till the last possible moment.

“Congratulations Cap.” Rhodey says distantly, “You’re a criminal.” His words wash over Steve, unable to distract Cap from the conclusion he had just come to in his mind.

It was him. The someone else. Her someone else… Bucky.

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