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I am a big Spideypool Fan!!! They are so awesome and funny :) I wish so much a Spideypool Movie :D
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steve @ bucky in the elevator scene:

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Could a person who had sworn an oath to the Confederacy later loyally serve the United States? One hundred and fifty years ago, the U.S. Senate wrestled with this question for the first time. 

When states from the defeated Confederacy were readmitted to the Union, some of those elected to Congress were the same people who had served the Confederate government or the governments of the seceded states. Citizens and government officials alike asked how these men could be trusted to serve the Union that they had so recently fought against.

One tool for judging the loyalty of potential office holders was the Ironclad Oath of 1862, a law passed by Congress during the Civil War to deter sabotage by Confederate sympathizers. The Ironclad Oath required that any federal officeholder (members of Congress were added in 1864) swear that he had never served a government in hostility to the United States.

Read more about the Iron Clad Oath on Prologue: Pieces of History

Night Terrors

Author: lapetitejeanes
Featuring: Bucky Barnes / reader
Rating: M, fluff, tiny bit of angst,
Shot/word count: one-shot; 1802  words
Summary: Bucky isn’t the only one who has nightmares and he likes that for once he can be of help

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You’re Spiderman?

Request: Hi! I love your imagines and I was wondering could you write an imagine where reader and peter are in college and peter tries to balance his college and superhero duties without letting the reader know about his secret but it doesn’t work out and the reader finds out.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Very mild language.

Word count: 1,310

A/N: I am seriously running out of gifs. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting that often, but I’ll try to. Also: I’m gonna post some exciting news for Star Wars fans later so…

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You’re Spiderman?

You felt your foot bump against a rock on the ground as your body lurched forward, sending thousands of papers and binders spilling out on the ground in front of you.

As you fell, you extended your arms to lessen the impact, but to no avail.

“Dammit.” You mumbled as you hit the ground, raising your head to see if any one had seen you fall. Luckily enough, everyone kept minding their own business, the whole campus buzzing with activity as college students hurried in every direction to get to their lectures on time.You propped yourself on your elbows, trying to lift yourself off the concrete pathways. Pushing your knees against the ground you finally stood up, steadying yourself so you wouldn’t fall again.

Looking down at your possessions that were now sprawled over the floor, you realised that nobody seeing you fall wasn’t so good after all, because it meant nobody would help you pick your stuff up. Grumbling, you knelt down, collecting a few papers in your hand.

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