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1. How old are you?


2. Current Job?

i was a camp counselor until i broke my leg so for now just Professional Fuck

3. Dream Job? civil rights attorney/nonprofit CEO/freelancer author (yes all 3 at once)

E4. What are you talented at?

writing stories and essays, debate, drawing kinda, having fun, making moodboards, giving advice, making mixtapes for ppl

5. What is a big goal you are working towards or have already achieved?

i’d like to make my school’s FBLA more active as well as get accepted into college and hopefully intern somewhere next summer

6. What is your aesthetic?

@icarai is my aesthetic blog. you tell me

7. Do you collect anything?

semiprecious stones. i used to collect chapsticks when i was like 10

8. What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?

stuff im a fan of (warrior c@ts, gr@vity falls, h@rry potter), history, civil rights/world issues, my pets, almost anything really. i like talking to people bc everyone has a story to tell

9. What’s a pet peeve of yours?

people not minding their fucking business, wearing shoes inside the house, touhcing me w/o permission, insulting my pets, white feminism, performative allyship…..the list goes on and on

10. Good advice to give?

- sit down, shut up, and act like you know something

- enjoy whatever the hell you want as long as its not hurting anyone

- dont talk over those who have a right to speak

- learn to cut people off. not everyone deserves to be your friend but also not everyone wants to and you need to back off and let people live sometimes.

- dont worry about picking a moneymaking career. do what you enjoy and do it well, and money will follow

- no one cares what you look like, everyone is too busy worrying about themselves

- dont involve yourself in drama or debates if you know you cant handle it

11. I tag?

@karminny @thetruthisanexcuse @lauwurens @hameowlton & anyone who wants to do it