Sex worker in West Virginia shoots dead 'serial killer' - BBC News

A woman working as a prostitute may have put an end to a nationwide killing spree after she shot and killed a man in self-defence, police say.

She told police that Neal Falls, 45, had answered her online escort ad, but the encounter turned violent after he arrived at her West Virginia home.

During a struggle, the woman got hold of Falls’ gun and shot him.

A “kill list” was found in his pocket, leading police to believe that he was targeting local sex workers.

“I knew he was there to kill me,” the woman - who was not identified- told local news station WOWK.


Archaeological Museum of Heraklion:

A modern scale model of the palace of Knossos made of oak wood. It was signed ZAX. Σ. ΚANAKHΣ 1967. That probably means that it was constructed by the now late chief technician of the museum, Zacharias Kanakis, and delivered for display in 1967. Zacharias Kanakis was also a collaborator at the conservation and restoration works at the site of Tylisos in the 40s.
A Lawyer Gave Us the Blunt Truth About Sandra Bland's Arrest - attn:

On July 10, Sandra Bland was pulled over by Texas state trooper Brian Encina, for failing to signal a lane change. On July 13, while in police custody as a result of said stop, she was found dead.

Officials from the Waller County jail where she was being held say she hanged herself in her cell. Her family disputes the claim, saying Bland wouldn’t have killed herself. She had recently landed a new job at her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University, and was in good spirits.

For many, the details of Bland’s death don’t seem to add up. Waller County’s long history of racial tension only complicates the matter—raising the question of whether Bland was a victim of discriminatory practices.

On Tuesday, dashcam video of the July 10 stop was released. Following the release of the footage, ATTN: spoke with California-based attorney John Hamasaki for his particular analysis of the video from the viewpoint of a criminal defense lawyer. Hamasaki specializes in defending those who are facing criminal charges or an investigation; he has built his practice with a focus on defending constitutional protections in criminal cases implicating civil rights and civil liberties…

like i dont get how the same fandom that believes things like “Yata as King would be cool”/”Fushimi could be a good leader and teamworker” is able of underestimating the women but here we are and im not surprised


  • has been able to survive on her own by mastering her powers and abilities after choosing to do so when he ‘family’ rejects her
  • has been entrusted with tracking Yukari and Anna’s direction when Anna’s kidnapped and succeeds in locating them
  • fucked up some jungle’s members day up and you’ve seen her run around do not try telling me she couldn’t have worked her way around jungle’s goonies once Kotosaka broke the Cat Mountain because you are wrong
  • constantly evades Kuroh whenever he lashes out at her with the spatial hand
  • literally acknowledged as having more stock in her abilities and powers than Kuroh
  • has been strong enough to live on her own and maintain an upbeat, positive personality, despite at the bullshit she went through as a child.
  • constantly the one that tells Kuroh to get his shit together when he starts doubting the search for Shiro.
  • as in she isn’t easily deterred, has her mind set on things and goes through with them when she’s passionate about them
  • not afraid to speak her mind at all
  • protective of her loved ones and will risk her life for them.  except not really because she’s confident in her own wit to be able to outsmart foes (Kuroh in “Kitten”, Munakata and the rest of S4 in “Killer”)
  • Ultimately has a lot of mental strength.  Sure she gets overwhelmed at times but goddammit 99% of this site cries when they lose internet connection.


  • also speaks her mind
  • is dedicated to her job and takes it seriously
  • has been shown capable of fucking someone up with just her bare hands but why pay attention to that when you can just mangacap the same panel of fushimi with a baby 40 times.
  • could hold her own in a fight if GoRA wasn’t wanking to men interrupting the women seven times in five seconds.
  • constantly tries to voice her concern for Munakata’s state to him but respects him enough to not push it too much seeing as he’s constantly dodging the problem
  • has it in her to interact with HOMRA to their face without insulting them 100 times over (see, sincerely summing up Mikoto’s condition to Yata even though the latter was saltier than Mickey D’s chips).  She has it in her to actually respect them.
  • takes the risks of Kings seriously.  She never wanted it to come down to Mikoto being slain.  Hence all those wild ass methods she suggested to use in order to keep Mikoto from pitching a fit and endangering a fuck tonne of lives
  • commands her unit effectively and sternly.  she has faith in her men’s capabilities (even when one cant stop going Dan Seri your bobbie s thanks Hidaka)
  • literally does not take fushimi’s edgy cloud strife brooding ass’ shit and makes sure he at least stays somewhat with the programme.  but she still worries about him when he’s clearly not doing well.  she cares for her clansmen.


I shouldn’t have to spell this one out so let’s just sum it up as her being someone who had to force herself to mature way faster than any child should have to, endured torture and abuse for the sake of her aunt, often tries to “shut herself off” for the sake of those around her (remind you of anyone lmao) and fully understands the depths of her abilities as a King now, and doesn’t want to run things like Mikoto did.  She knows she’s not him and with her as King, things in HOMRA have to change because she wants to do all she can in order to support them and vice versa.


I get it she’s a nice normal girl who does her best with everything she does with zeal and enthusiasm and wants to help and support her friends and classmates and that threatens you but honestly you hating her because she’s not Broody McEdgy Bishonen XI and calling her a “walking pair of panties” when a fictional character has no control over grown men catering to otaku communities by making the camera pan her 17 yea old ass every five seconds isn’t helping your case.  She just wants to help her loved ones let her live.

Like it’s almost like not being a rude violent tsun that punches everyone who disagrees with her voiced by Rie Kugimiya doesn’t automatically make a female character “weak” how about that.