civilisation was over

idr who said it but someone mentioned that they wondered what happened to the gz after the fall of phariah dark and i have an idea. (which is inspired by Chinese history… especially the dynasty cycle and 20th century China.)

phariah wasn’t the first ghost king, but he was the last. the secession of the throne was always passed through violence - sometimes it was by a powerful ghost, other times through the effects of a people. since ghosts have an unending existence, some reigns stretched centuries while others lasted only a few months. each reign was able to further develop the gz as a civilization, but the ghosts loyal or kin to the ruler would always receive favored treatment. sometimes the civilisations would bleed over into the real world and that’s how ancient religions were inspired (eg; zeus and odin were previous ghost kings).

phariah was a set back in terms of a lot of the growth experienced from reigns. he destroyed bureaucracies, cut back relief and aid programs, focused the military only at dissenters and left “disloyal” regions to deal with their own violence, and kept potential enemies at each other’s throats instead of his own. he promoted violence in his name as a method of propaganda and suppression and directed it at ghosts loyal to the previous ruler. the ghost zone under phariah dark was riddled with state sponsored violence, scattered/decimated opposition, and general chaos.

a small group of ghosts from the previous reign were the ones that finally defeated phariah and the fright knight. but since they were destroyed in the process, there was no entity to rally behind to form a new government, which led to regions/haunts being ruled by local lords - kinda of like the warring states period. no one ruler has been able to unite the ghost zone since the fall of phariah dark, but many have tried.

(i also just wanna add that i totally see the observers as remnants of a previous reign - one that was overtaken due to their inaction and ineffectiveness like the late tokugawa shogunate or the late qing dynasty.)

The List

Insanity Rambles: I know I should be working on my ML fic but Voltron suckered me in. And this is just a fun thing. Besides, every fandom needs a ‘101 things _ is not allow to do’ (otherwise knows as a ‘Skippy’s List’) fic!

The List appeared on the door of each paladin early one morning after a particularly interesting month. No one ever owned up to making it (Coran was the chief suspect among the younger members of the castle’s inhabitants) and eventually, it became a staple thing to refer to.

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Thoughts on libra women?

Hot hot like a tater tot

Really though, they’re intelligent, attractive, have a real eye for aesthetics, are romantic, and yeah. 

A description by Liz Greene:

“The Libra woman loves beauty, style and elegance. But don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s shallow or superficial. She has a mind like a steel trap. This woman is not some vague, fluffy bundle of mascara and stiletto heels that will stare in open-mouthed admiration at your mental acrobatics. She’s probably either got a string of academic degrees or might as well have, and has already worked out the solution to the problem in ten minutes which you’ve been struggling with for two hours.

Libra women can be quite unnerving. They often show a huge contradiction between their appearance and their real nature. Some Libra women prefer to find their beauty and elegance solely in the world of ideas. But even here you can see the style and grace at work, and most Libra women are usually very aware of their appearance. The appearance of the Libra woman often belies the capacities and capabilities of her intellect. She is, however, generally too tactful to allow this to be immediately known. You might not find out for years that she’s a lot smarter than you are.

There’s often a strong intellectual drive in the Libra woman, whether this shows itself as a love of theoretical knowledge or a love of organising. The Libra woman may need a strong career to allow expression of her gifts. There is often a real ability to work with groups and get people together in cooperative action. Her goal-orientated qualities are expressed through the Libra woman’s ability to work with structures, forms, organisations and concepts. This can be very disconcerting, as this is also usually the woman who will happily spend a day being pampered at the beauty salon and throw away a fortune on designer clothes.

No Libra is simple. The strong mental bias of the sign means she may tend to suppress her emotions. Whatever conventional stereotypes society might expect of women, the Libra woman generally prefers to reason things out rather than reacting out of instinct.

This is both a great boon and a great problem. It’s a boon in terms of potential achievement in the world and in terms of establishing clean, strong friendships. It’s a problem because her powerful intellect can make an insecure type of man feel very threatened; and dealing with children and intimate relationships can be difficult because the Libra woman may find it hard to show emotion spontaneously or respond freely to a partner’s or child’s emotional needs.

The key is romance. Libra’s tightly corseted, over-civilised emotions can usually be freed through the ritual courtship of romance. And the Libra woman is definitely a romantic, even if you find her displaying those frighteningly rational tendencies and claiming to be a logical, reasonable person.

A bunch of flowers can go a long way; but a heartfelt compliment goes an even longer way, and best of all is a genuine interest in and attraction to her mind. If you want to relate to a Libra woman, you have to accept both the man and the woman in her. For she possesses both, and the Libran woman who has found her own balance is comfortable in all worlds.”

“Don’t fear doll, I’ll be always here to protect you” Pt. 2

A/N: I couldn’t get this out of my mind so I had to do a second part, Part 1. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky will always be there to take care of you.. Angst

Warnings: mentions of blood?

Word count: 1125

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Your body shivered from the cold you felt run through your body, feeling the sweat run down your forehead. Your hands tugged at the blanket you had over your legs to bring it over your chest, while you turned slightly to your side only to cry in pain when your body reminded you of your wound. You shut your eyes closed, trying to push the pain away feeling the cold overtake your body. You coughed, feeling just how weak your body had become during the night. 

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The Swastika is NOT a nazi symbol

This ancient symbol has appeared in numerous civilisations over 1000’s of years and was (and despite all - still is) generally viewed as representing good fortune: “It originally represented the revolving sun, fire, or life. The word swastika is derived from the Sanskrit swastika which means, "conducive to well- being”“.

From top:

1) Peoples Republic of Mongolia banknote 1 Dollar (Togrog) of 1924

2) (left) The Chilocco Indian Agricultural School basketball team in 1909. (right) An old Ethiopian Orthodox Church cross

3) A vintage 1920’s Californian fruit sellers label

4) (left) A 1925 Coca-Cola promotional pendant or medal for the Japanese market. (right) An Indian wall decoration of the Hindu deity, Ganesh, revered as the remover of life’s obstacles and a patron of the arts and sciences

5) A Roman mosaic at La Olmeda, Spain

6) (left) An enthroned Tibetan Lama, photo c.1900. (right) Clara Bow, the 1920s star of silent films. 

7) A panel from a Pre-Columbian codex, Mexico. 

A large committee had questioned her integrity, they demanded to know which class her civilisation would be ruled over by. ‘Are you a queen, an empress, or a tyrant?’ they ordered; ‘Are you a dictatorship or a democracy?’ And her short reply had been effortless, ‘I am a maternity’ she said, ‘I am the voice that wakes you, the ear that listens, the arms which care, the lullaby.’ And so she formed her compassionate dynasty, with an extended family encompassing all.
—  Celestial Dynasty.

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Krem, flowers

Things about being a member of the Bull’s Chargers that nobody suspects: sometimes, there are picnics.

Bull stretches out on the grass, bottle of wine in one hand, and brushes the cheese crumbs from his chest. 

“Good shout, Krem.” He toasts his lieutenant. “It was definitely time to stop for lunch.”

“It’s how they do things here in Orlais.” Krem demurs, waving off Bull’s compliment with false modesty. “All posh with cheese and stuff.” He takes a swig of his own wine. The Inquisitor probably won’t miss it. “Just because we’re mercenaries doesn’t mean we can’t be civilised.”

“This ham tastes of despair.” Stitches chews thoughtfully. “I like it.”

Dalish, who has been busily twisting flowers together during the meal, stands up and places something on Krem’s head.

“There you go.” She says something incomprehensible and twisty in elvhen. “Prince of picnics.”

Krem reaches up- nestling there is a flower crown. He smiles- then glowers as a lone, unfortunate red templar crests the hill. 

“Oi!” The Chargers stand up as one and draw their weapons. “Tithead! We’re trying to be civilised over here!”

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With a puff of multicoloured mist and a short fall, the Musician landed face-first onto sand. Sitting up and observing his surroundings, he knew he had once again muddled up one of his potions. It wasn't the first time it'd happened. In front of the Musician was a vast desert... He was definitely not in the Valley anymore. Turning around, he noticed some walls and tents behind him. The setup reminded him a bit of Picture City. Grateful he had landed near civilisation, he headed over to it.

Popee was in the middle of practicing a juggling act, but something out of the corner of their eye had distracted them. The pins they were juggling fell on top of them, and one by one the clown became crankier. Rubbing their head, they looked over to where the distraction was. “Hey! Who are you?!” Popee called.

A professor who contributed to the national school curriculum review that calls for a greater emphasis on ‘western civilisation’ is being investigated over racially derogatory emails.

In one email he wrote: “One day the western world will wake up, when the Mussies and the chinky-poos have taken over”. In another he described Tony Abbott as an “Abo lover” for allowing Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu to perform when the royals visited Australia.

—  (X). What a surprise.
Articles and Essays on the norse, Loki and Paganism

Over the last year or so I have been building a small library of essays and articles on paganism, Loki and the Norse. I’m happy to share, just message me which ones you would like to read and the email address you want the pdf sent to and I’ll send it over:



 Loki, the mischief-maker and adversary of Norse mythology, is a dynamic and ambiguous persona, best understood as figure belonging to the mythic type known as Trickster. This thesis presents three distinct points in its treatment of the mythic figure Loki as Trickster. The first is an argument of the criteria and attributes that make a mythic figure a trickster and the validity of the trickster as a comparative category within the study of religion and myth. Next the Norse myth cycle is examined as it pertains to the attitudes, actions, and personality of Loki, showing him to be an ambiguous contradictory creature. Lastly, there is an explicit comparison between the descriptive and theoretical rubrics and the myths, illustrating how Loki is best understood as a liminal, Trickster figure.

2. The Age of Loki The Dismantling of the Self.  In: Seven Basic Plot: why do we tell stories? by Christopher Booker

There is one mythological tradition in human history which stands separate from all the others. This is the web of myths which we can piece together from various epics of the pre-Christian peoples of northern Europe, which show the whole adventure of life on earth ending in a mighty, all-consuming catastrophe: the Teutonic Gotterdammerung, the Norse Ragnarok, the passing of the gods and the destruction of the world. There is one particular feature of this story which makes it an apt prologue to our final chapter, which looks at how storytelling has reflected the evolving consciousness of Western civilisation over the past 200 years.

3. Motivation and meaning in Lokasenna

by McKinnel and Kirk

(no abstract available)

Norse Culture/ The Norse & culture

1. The Flying Noaidi of the North: Sámi Tradition Reflected in the Figure Loki Laufeyjarson in Old Norse Mythology

The early 20th century’s revolutionary proposal that there may have been remnants in the multifaceted Old Norse culture of the culture of the Sámi people, whose contact with the Norsemen was close and reaches back to a very early period, has gradually become a very popular topic among many Old Norse scholars. Until now, however, the chief focus seems to have been directed to any connection with the figure of Óðinn and the Norse concept of seiðr, of which equivalents can be found in Sámi magic practices.The aim of this paper is to look at evidence of the ambivalent role and existence of the figure of Loki in northern Europe and certain cultural parallels from those northern and eastern areas with which he seems to be most closely associated. These parallels are suggestive of a “foreign” and possibly Sámi origin for this figure, or at least of strong influence from Sámi culture. In the light of these possible connections with the Sámi, it is noteworthy that in later accounts, Loki seems to have developed into a devilish character at the same time as attitudes toward the Sámi and their “primitive” magic became more hostile with the northerly progress of Christianity in Scandinavia. Under scrutiny will be those features of Loki’s dualistic character that reflect various aspects of Sámi beliefs and worldview and the possibility that Loki’s figure may possibly have originally developed in the northern parts of Scandinavia, on the border of Sámi and Norse cultures.


2. god geyja: the limits of humour in Old Norse-Icelandic paganism

by Richard North

Laughing at religion was easy for medieval Christians, whose Twelfth Night and Shrovetide revels seasonally encouraged the parody of God’s priests and scriptures (Screech, pp. 220-61). Here it is presumably the worshipper’s, not the agnostic’s, familiarity with the divine which ‘breeds innocent humour withingroups who share common knowledge and common assumptions’ (ibid., p.228). Within religious groups the humour is innocent even when propriety is transgressed, for ‘without the veneration there would be no joke’ (ibid., p. 232),and the common set of beliefs amplifies a shared response to jokes, be they ever so irreverent (cf. Cohen, pp. 25-9). The joker elicits the knowledge of others,who then find themselves contributing the background that will make the joke work; if it works (even tastelessly), the audience joins him in its response (even unwillingly) and both find themselves ‘a community, a community of amusement’ (ibid., p. 40). And yet there are some who fail to see the joke, who might regard religious irreverence as blasphemous. To what extent heathen jokers could blaspheme is a question I shall face here


3. HANDBOOK OF NORSE MYTHOLOGY : The nature of mythic time – Myth and History


(No abstract available)

General Paganism

1. Inclusive Families, Inclusive Traditions: Supporting Queer Children in Family Pagan Practice

by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

Modern Paganism, however deep its roots in the past and in ancient civilizations might be, is a relatively new religion. However, it is old enough that there are some second (and even third) generation Pagans now, who have been raised within the religion for much, if not all, of their lives, and have continued on with it in their adulthood. Difficulty arises, though, when parents discover that their childrens’ spiritual needs differ from their own - particularly when the child expresses a different sexual orientation or gender identity.

I hope these are of interest to someone. Send me an ask or fanmail with which ones you want and your email and I will get them over to you as quick as possible :)


Monday 3.35 pm

Joël didn’t bring his car into town today because he knew he was going to have a few drinks, so when he phones Roy it is on the pretext of getting a lift home.

Roy: I’m leaving work early to go to a meeting, dude. Can you meet me in the carpark in twenty minutes?

Joël: No drama. 

He’s leaning against Roy’s car having a cigarette when Roy walks out of the building. Roy looks cheerful if slightly distracted. He asks Joël who he was drinking with this afternoon.

Joël: Ray.

Roy: Who’s that? Do I know him?

Joël: Ray from The Pink Pony. I think you may have a friend or two in common. Wanna guess what the main topic of conversation was?

Roy looks like he’s thinking about bluffing for a second or two, but he’s defeated by his grin. He clears his throat and pretends to brush lint from his trousers. Joël throws his cigarette on the ground. He’s tempted to throw it on Roy’s car’s Nappa leather upholstery. 

Joël: You hypocritical piece of shit. You arsehole. All the grief you gave me about Anita-

Roy: Get in the car, dude. We’ll go somewhere quiet, have a civilised chat over a couple of drinks-

Joël: Won’t you be late for your meeting?

Roy: I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I have it on good authority that what I bring to my um, meetings is always worth waiting for.

Joël: Jesus Christ. This isn’t a joke, moron. Can you stop thinking about your dick for a second and consider the repercussions of what you’re doing? 

Roy: Oh, you mean like you stopped to think about Anita’s other half? Pot, kettle, black, dude.

Joël: Shut up.

Roy: You shut up.


warning: the absolute trash below is completely unedited and every bit of it was written, like most of my writing, for my own amusement. if even a single person enjoys it however… that’s pretty nifty and any continuation of it might be posted on ao3 when it’s done.

I’m a die-hard hockey fan and - even though there’s not much in this, it’s where it starts.

basically, don’t watch hockey and write drarry.

@obliviate-malfoy @radvinesandheadbands @pasttarc, you all asked for this, and I’m sorry in advance.

There’s blood on the ice.

It’s not a surprise, really, considering how hard he’s just been checked from behind into the boards, but his entire body hurts so badly at the moment that he can’t quite discern exactly where the blood is even coming from. That is, until a second later, when the taste of copper invades his mouth.

Draco gets painfully to his skates and heads to the bench just as number 7 gets a penalty for boarding and skates toward the penalty box, looking entirely unapologetic.

He takes a seat next to Blaise, who cringes sympathetically and hands him his water bottle. “You okay?”

Draco rinses his mouth out, spits a watery red mess onto the ground. He runs his tongue carefully over each one of his teeth, making sure they’re all still there and intact.

“Harry Potter’s a fucking tosser,” he replies.

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I never told you how my first class went

And I got so many messages telling me that it would be all right and wishing me luck!! I thought you might like to hear how it went, so without further ado:

The good:

  • we discussed the importance of politics, ethics and economics in Book 9 of The Odyssey, and it was really challenging and I learnt a lot 
  • the teacher liked that I knew about the poetic traditions and the variance in translations (we read a prose one in class, boo)
  • as the only one with a background in English rather than Archaeology or Philosophy, I was the only one who picked up on all the symbolism (eg the blinding of Polythemus was allegoric of his inability to see the benefits of civilisation over the individual)

The bad:

  • I was really nervous to speak a lot of the time, even though I knew a lot of the points, so it quite often happened that the teacher would ask a question, I would know the answer (and I expect some others did, too) no-one would respond and the teacher would answer it for us. It was a bit awks!
  • there was a lot I didn’t know, because I’m not so au fait on Philosophy, but hey - that’s why I’m taking the course! And I like learning, so it’s all good. This should be under ‘the good’, really

The ugly:

  • the others in the class, with the exception of a few university students, are a lot older than me (ie retired!) and they didn’t get my sense of humour, so when everyone under the age of 60 was late, I said “maybe they have all become terribly and inconveniently ill” and no-one laughed. It was hideous. The younger people got my other jokes once they’d arrived, though. I feel as though we may be forced to form an alliance

I am looking forward to next week, when we’ll be doing Oedipus Rex! I know the story, obvs, but I’m so ignorant as to the traditions of Greek drama, and apparently that’s going to be the main focus of the lesson. I have a lot of research to do before next week…


American tax dollars at work?
A victory for “civilised” man over the “savage”?
You choose, you may have a few of your own!
If they were your kids would sign a peace agreement with the israelis ?!
The battle to make Tommy the chimp a person

If this happens, western civilisation is over.

That might sound drastic, but think about it: If this happens, we will officially be denying reality in the name of progress.

The gender insanity is bad enough already, everybody knows that at the end of the day, the person demanding to be called “genderqueer” or “xie” will still be a woman with short hair or a man in a dress, yet an increasing amount of people will be outraged if you state the obvious, and now imagine that being applied to animals who have no concept of personhood, rights or even communication with us.

We will completely detach ourselves from reality, or rather, make denying reality the only socially and even legally acceptable behaviour.
 We’ll be living in a society where simply pointing out the way things are will be shunned, because the demagogues tell us otherwise.

Progressivism is the 21st century equivalent to declaring that the earth is flat.