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What unknown lowkey adrienette fics would you recommend? I kind of want to find and support unknown authors but everyone I know and read are popular af :/

dear anon, please thank @alyseb630​ for this rec list because she’s the one who told me lmao 

She’s the real mvp

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incoming. a lot of freaking fics.

Amour Fou by Yilena

“A shy, socially awkward young teenager searches for friendship, and develops a misguided attraction for who he assumes to be his best friend’s crush. AU.”

Alyse says:  It’s from Adrien’s pov and he has Nino as an online friend. Nino sends him a picture of Alya and Marinette and Adrien gets a huge crush on her. Eventually moves back to Paris where nino lives and opens a cat cafe. And eventually hires Marinette. It’s super cute!

Allez Savoir Pourquoi by Yilena

(it’s a sister fic to the previous one)

“Marinette had seen her soulmate for years without knowing his identity, until they bumped into each other at a newly opened cat café. On a whim, she agrees to work for him. AU.”

Alyse says:  And it’s a soulmate au!!!! You see your soulmate in the reflection of your mirror in this au. It’s so good! And in this one you realize that Marinette’s been crushing on Adrien for years too. Just in a different way. She’s been seeing him in her mirror for years.

Can I Get Your Name? by anavoli

“Every day, Adrien Agreste comes into Starbucks and orders a tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle. And every day, Marinette makes it a personal challenge to give him a different nickname. Little does she know that this little bit of fun will reveal Adrien’s other identity - Chat Noir.

 (Miraculous Ladybug AU where everything’s the same but they don’t know each other from school and Marinette doesn’t have a crush on Adrien…yet.)”

Kissing in the Rain by childoflightningg

“Actors Marinette and Adrien keep finding themselves kissing in the rain, yet can’t seem to express their feelings offscreen. Actors AU”

All You Need Is Love and a Cat by heymacareyna

“In a world where shapeshifting is real and Ladybug and Chat Noir are nothing more than a kids’ animated show, Adrien and Marinette part ways after high school. Adrien develops the ability to shift into a domestic black cat, and when he’s stranded in the rain one morning, a familiar face rescues him. After spending the day with her as a cat, he decides to befriend her in his human form as well.”

Scrawl Mates by Aspiring_Life

“Adrien Agreste is caught off guard one day when he finds out he has a soul mate connected to him by the power of art. Anything written on his skin appears on theirs, and he wants desperately to find the girl that covers him in beautiful art.”

Frisky Business by 1nner_sakura

“Marinette and Adrien have been slowly but surely getting to know each other since their identities were revealed, falling into a comfortable - if occasionally confusing and frustrating - relationship dynamic. They’re closer than they’ve ever been (although maybe not close enough for either of their liking), but this? 

Well, this might be a LITTLE more than they bargained for. 

 [Also known as the One Where Miraculouses have Strange Side-Effects, Adrien and Marinette Really Need to DTR, and Marinette Refuses to Be Kinkshamed.]“ 

Check Plus One by volti

“Marinette is finally going to do it. She’s finally going to ask Adrien on a date. Of course, this poses a bit of a problem when he asks her first.”

Sad Hats and Black Cats by littleangels

“And you’re absolutely sure that you’re fine…?” 

 Adrien nodded. “I’m pawsitive.” 

 Marinette still looked unconvinced. “Your heart’s not in the pun.” 

 “Is that really a legitimate reason to say I’m feeling down?” 

 “Well, there’s that and your sad hat.” 

 “I’m not… I’m not sad, Marinette. Will you please stop being so stubborn about it? I’m fine.” 

 “Look,” she began, “I know we aren’t as close as we used to be, but I’m your friend, Adrien. I’m one of your best friends. You can tell me if something happened. You know that, right?” She placed her hand on top of his. “I’m here for you. 

A Test of Courage by Zaphirite

Marinette still couldn’t believe that the carnival set up a huge attraction based on them. “Ladybug and Chat Noir: The 5D Experience!” flashed above their heads in bright red neon letters. Luckily, having a best friend who is also Ladybug’s #1 fan gives her the chance to secretly check it out. Unluckily, said best friend was plotting against her.

A Test of Strength by Zaphirite

Being a superhero isn’t all completely in the mask and magic. When her classmates see her muscled arms a challenge ensues, and Marinette is confident that she could take any of them on in an arm wrestling match. She’s swung from buildings and defeated countless akuma, surely she could beat a civilian. …right?

Paws Fur Coffee by Zaphirite

“He was so sure that Ladybug would already push him off a rooftop if she knew his civilian identity worked at a café called “Paws Fur Coffee” of all names (the owner is a dog person, but he’ll take it), but his flub on the chalkboard menu just topped it all off. 

 His neat handwriting read back to him: “Chai Noir”. 

 (In which Adrien Agreste has some really cool ideas about the special drink of the week and gets to know a regular customer.)”

Fireworks and Pizzazz by peonydee

“When Marinette’s interview is published at a local magazine, people’s reaction, she thought, are a bit excessive”

secret love song by pallasjoanna

One would expect a best friend of Nino’s to have more eclectic music tastes but Adrien has always been singular in his. He revels in cheesy pop songs and belts out anime openings in the shower (with perfect lyrics; she’s tried checking once), and he likes dancing to both when he’s alone or with close friends or with Marinette. The song starts off low and soft, and she playfully bats at his hair as he croons into her ear about being held in the street and being kissed on the dance floor.


 A rainy day, all too catchy songs, and attempted waltzing around the living room.

Duets by AlexMac

“So we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets” AU 

 Alcohol mention warning”

paint and puns by psychopathicdorito

“Teamwork is something Marinette and Adrien are definitely good at, no questions asked. (Day #8 of Adrinette April. The topic for the day: acting like their alter egos).”

If you guys need to an story to cheer you up, I found out one of the girls that has worked at my club a v long time once was on stage and rested her legs on a customers shoulders upside down- he licked her ass, and she whipped around and punched him so hard in the nose that he bled. When he complained to the owner, the owner for once was v cool and just said,“ well, why’d you lick her? What’d you think was gonna happen? ” and kicked him out.

I’ve never talked to her much but I srsly wanna go shake her hand and buy her a drink some time just for being a badass.

Got7 Mafia Reaction: Them falling in love with an innocent civilian

||| @lucifer-octavius-bob asked: Could I please request a GOT7 mafia au reaction to them meeting/falling for a happy/innocent civilian ; v ; |||

Mark Tuan

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You worked at the gas station near his house where he would come every night to buy snacks. He remembered you since the first time he saw you as he thought that it’s quite dangerous for you to work night shift alone. You would always greet him politely and with a smile which eventually lead to Mark coming to the station more often. When he became a regular, he noticed how your eyes began sparkling whenever he talked to you, he actually felt the same way, but didn’t want to risk asking you out until you did it yourself.

“Look. I know this may sound weird but do you maybe want to go have coffee with me someday?”

Mark just laughed to that. There was no way he was declining this offer.

Jackson Wang

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He was waiting for information on his mission when you walked into the coffee shop. You looked around and turned to him. He followed you with his eyes as you began approaching him. He immediately tensed up and got his gun ready behind his back.

“I’m sorry, I seem to be lost, could you tell me where the nearest station is?”

Relieved that there was no threat he quickly put his gun away.

“I can actually take you there, I was about to go myself.”

“Really? Thank you so much” you said as a big smile spread on your face.

He didn’t want to admit if but he found you completely adorable deciding not to waist anymore time in case there was somebody tracking him he too you by the hand and pulled you outside. When he got you to the station he noticed how you were shivering so he took his jacket off and put it around your shoulders.

“You can keep it.” he said turning around to leave.

“Wait!” you shouted. “Could I perhaps meet you some other day to repay you?”

Jackson thought for a while. He knew that even as much as talking to you could put you in danger but he couldn’t resist your smile and agreed.

Choi Youngjae

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He was tracking you down for some information. One night when you got out of work he grabbed your hand, shut your mouth and dragged you into an alley. When he got a better look at you he realised that you’re not the person he need. He could feel your warm tears on his hand that was still on your mouth. He quickly let you out of his grasp but stopped when you were about to run away slamming his hand on the wall. 

“Great.” he thought. “You’re making her even more scared.”

He looked at you from the bottom up and couldn’t help but notice how you averted your eyes from his gaze. Youngjae sighed. He thought what to do with you and decided to let you go.

“Look, I got the wrong person, could you keep this meeting between us a secret?” he asked to which you quickly nodded and left.

He didn’t trust you and tracked you for a few more days soon realizing that he was actually doing it because he wanted to see you.

“How am I supposed to approach her after what happened?” he thought facepalming.

Park Jinyoung

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He found this whole situation kind of frustrating. You being his neighbour and living so close to him didn’t help either. You would always inquire how his day was and whenever he saw you, you had a bright smile on. You have seen him comeback all beaten up and would always ask him to let you help.

“Don’t touch me. I can take care of this myself.” Jinyoung said shutting the door in your face, immediately regretting for being so rude. He would always come up to you after a fee hours even if it was night to apologise because he couldn’t sleep without doing it. You were sleepy but still opened the door to see him standing there.

“Jinyoung? Is everything okay?”

He give you a quick, tight hug.

“I’m sorry.” he mumbled and went back to his apartment without further explanation. He was blushing like crazy after that. 

“It’s impossible to ignore a sweet person like her.” he thought.

Im Jaebum

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You were so immersed in reading something on your phone that you didn’t noticed and bumped into him. The hit was so strong that you lost your balance and your phone went flying. Jaebum having good reflexes caught both of you.

“Are you okay?”

He was still holding you above the ground and his face was just inches away. You could feel your cheeks starting to burn and was just amazed by his skill and stayed silent. Seeing as people stopped to watch what happened he pulled you to your feet to avoid attracting more attention.

“Be more careful next time.”

You quickly thanked him and went away before he could see how red you have become.

“She’s cute.” he thought, deciding to find out more about you.

Kim Yugyeom

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He met you at his first day at college. He was quite angry that day because the other members didn’t want him to attend as it could get dangerous if he was found out. You found his book in the library chased after him to give it back.

“Excuse me!” you said grabbing him by the arm but his reflexes kicked in and he slammed you in the nearby lockers.

“What?” he asked fiercely.

You were shocked by his sudden outburst and just pulled his book up to your face.

“I believe this belongs to you.”

“I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he said letting go of you, unhappy that he let his emotions take over.

“No worries.” you answered, rubbing your head where it made impact with the locker. “But now, I guess you have to repay me somehow.”

“I guess I do.” Yugyeom laughed.


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You were drinking at the bar with your friends while he watched you from the opposite side. After a few more shots, your friends decided to hit the dance floor and left you by yourself. Thinking no more than a few seconds if he should risk taking this opportunity he approached you.

“Could I buy you a drink?”

“Go ahead.”

“You know if we start this, it could get dangerous.”

“Why? Are you in the mafia or something?” you laughed.

“Maybe I’m.” he smirked ordering the drinks.

A/N: I’m sorry but before I knew it these reactions turned into mini scenarios.😐🙈 I hope you enjoy either way, you can request again if you would like to see this done differently!! So anyhow feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female. 😄

Darling (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! So here’s another Bucky oneee, well I hope this was what you wanted!! Sorry that I couldn’t think of a better name😅I had some fun writing the last part and I really hope that y’all would like it…enjoy!!

Request: @purplekitten30: Can I request a Bucky x reader? He’s been dating her for over a year and she’s just a normal civilian who works in daycare. He comes by the daycare often to bring her lunch and sneaks goodies for the kids so they always look forward to his visit. Cause who doesn’t love fluffy Bucky with little toddlers?


“Alright, kids, so what story should I tell today?” You asked the group of children sitting around you, each of them turning to one another as they started chattering. You were working at a daycare and during this timing before your lunch break, you’ll read them a story so they could listen while eating. You watched them with a smile, raising your brow as you saw one of the boys, a three-year-old named Nathan crawling onto your lap.

You placed your arms around him loosely as he turned to face you. Smiling, you brushed back his slightly long hair. “Hello, Nate.”

He looked at you with his big eyes, his eyes twinkling with adoration. “Hi, Ms. Y/N.”

“Why aren’t you eating with your friends?” You asked, a chuckle slipping out as you looked at him.

“They’re too loud and I’m not hungry yet,” Nathan replied, before looking up at you with a big smile. “And I like sitting with you, Ms. Y/N.”

You couldn’t help but find him adorable, especially when he says things like that. Chuckling, you tilted your head to the side as you looked at him. “You mean sit on me, not sit with me.”

Nathan looked at you sheepishly. “Yeah, that.”

You watched as Nathan picked up a drawing and showed it to you. You held it closer as you examined the drawing, seeing that he drew a figure with long hair and a grey arm, you recognizing who he was drawing. Looking at Nate, you smiled. “Why did you draw Mr. Bucky?”

“‘Cause I think Mr. Bucky looks very cool,” Nathan replied. You laughed and nodded.

“Yes, he’s very cool,” you said.

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burn out with passion

Title: burn out with passion
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Characters: Adrien Agreste/Marientte Dupain-Cheng, Ladybug/Chat Noir

“I can’t help but worry about you sometimes,” she told him with a frustrated moan, dropping her forehead against their joined hands. “You’re always getting mixed up in things you shouldn’t be.”

“Look, I’m sorry, but turning into a cat wasn’t exactly on the agenda when I took this job.” A small smile finally broke out on her face, and Chat Noir felt ridiculously smug. “It’s like puberty, I guess. You don’t know when it’s gonna happen, but it does, and it sucks.”

If there was one thing that Adrien Agreste knew a little something about, it was cats.

Even though he’d never had a pet aside from a pair of fish when he was younger, and even though he had no interest in owning one now, he’d made a commitment to learn as much about the animal as he could. Perhaps the urge stemmed from the fact that he was now a cat-themed superhero jumping across Paris rooftops, or that he had a cat kwami who followed him around every single hour of the day (except shower time—Adrien had put his foot down on that issue really quickly). Regardless, Adrien knew more about cats than he cared to admit—whether it was the best brand of food or atypical behaviors of aggression—it had become almost second nature to him to rattle off cat facts to any poor soul that was in the vicinity to hear him.

Which is why, when the latest akuma poised a sword over Ladybug’s chest, intent on driving it through her—that vulnerable heart surrounded by a rib cage of steel—Adrien, as Chat Noir, was taken back as he lowered himself into a crouch and hissed. Hissing, as he recalled from his plethora of cat-related knowledge, was a cat behavior, and usually not a human one, meant to provide warning to anyone he encountered, that he was afraid but ready for battle if necessary. Which shouldn’t be so surprising since he was Chat Noir, and he’d do anything to protect his Lady.

With his partner so close to defeat, he couldn’t afford to stand still and wait for the shock to set in, not like the way Ladybug’s eyes widened and her lips parted in surprise, and instead grabbed his baton and went to war against the akuma. When the battle was finally over, akuma cleansed and civilian saved, Ladybug turned to him with a question poised on the edge of her lips until the beep beep beep of their Miraculous broke through the haze and spurred them both into action, retreating to secluded areas to transform back into their civilian selves.

As Plagg worked his way through Camembert slices Adrien kept on his at all times, he voiced the question Ladybug had been prepared to ask, “What was that?”

“What was what?” Plagg asked absently, sniffing for crumbs in the pockets of Adrien’s jeans.

“The hissing?” Adrien nudged him with his finger, catching the kwami’s attention. “I hissed at the akuma.”

“Cats tend to do that,” Plagg said and landed on his shoulder, resting lazily against the boy’s neck. “I know you know that.”

Adrien rolled his eyes because as usual Plagg wasn’t following his point. “Yeah, I know cats do that, but humans typically don’t.”

“But you do.” Plagg’s voice was easy, as if he’d explained this numerous time before and Adrien just couldn’t pick it up. “You’re Chat Noir, and in case you didn’t notice, part cat.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”


I have a problem with Republicans

This isn’t going to be another rant about how their morals and beliefs are bad for the country even though that is true. My problem right now is the way Republicans vote. Not in the Senate or House but as civilians.

And this is going to be long, fair warning right now.

Republicans will always vote for other Republicans but there are cases when they don’t. Republicans voted George W. Bush into the Oval Office and they were satisfied until he went to war, plunged the country into a deficit, and overall made bad choices for the United States.

Because of President Bush, we got to elect President Obama, the first black president in an unbreaking line of white males. Obama, a Democrat, was not voted in by only other Democrats. The Republicans who were not happy with former President Bush, voted him in too because they wanted change (pardon the pun).

For the most part, everyone was so happy with President Obama, he got elected to a second term. But now, come 2016, we’ve had 8 years of a Democratic President and a Democratic majority in the House and Senate.

That doesn’t work for civilian Republicans. Because Democrats, while they do help them more than Republicans, also like to help <i>everyone</i>. And it’s either because of selfishness or bigotry or both but that’s just not okay for Republicans. They want to be priority number one. Why waste money on schools and food stamps when the white upper middle class doesn’t need that?

So in 2016, they vote in Republican senators and representatives and, for the first time in almost a decade, a Republican president. Now, Republicans control the two law making branches of government and that satisfies the Republican voters… until they start making laws.

The thing with Republican politicians is, they represent the people, but it’s not the people who voted them in. They will work tirelessly to vote bills into laws but it won’t be the bills that benefit their constituents. No, Republican politicians represent the white male 1%. There are some exceptions for some wealthy white women because, hey it’s money and we have a capitalist society. (See: Betsy DeVos)

But for the most part, that wealthy white male group is who they represent and work for. Now, the Republicans who voted them in are like “Wait, what about <i>me?</i>” But the most their politicians do is pass laws that help their 1% friends but hurt everyone else.

At this point, Republicans say “fuck this” and when they next election cycle comes around, they vote Democrat. And now they think, “This is great! I’ll finally be taken care of.”

And this is what’s going to happen in 2020. Republicans will be fed up with what the people they voted in are doing and the Senate, House, and Oval will be filled with Democrats again.

President 46 will fix everything 45’s administration has ruined and then some. And again, the upper middle class Republicans will say, “What about me?” Because yeah, life is better with the Democrats in charge, but why are they helping all these other people instead of just me?

So they’re going to complain that President 46, who they willingly, eagerly, voted in is “too liberal” and bad for the country when all we will see is growth. Because what Republicans really want is a party that will work to benefit them and them only. That’s not going to be the Democrats and it’s certainly not going to be the Republicans.

So what do they do? In the next election cycle, they vote Republican again and we’ll be back to square one. This is a pattern we’ve seen and one that will continue unless we do something about it.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Circle of Life

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – Sam’s a civilian now, working as a handyman for a local motel and thinking he’s out of the hunting life forever.  When the owner of the motel asks him to make some repairs on a house he rents out for some extra money, Sam agrees, not knowing that the job will have him questioning his new life.

Word Count – 2,687

Warnings – None; mostly fluff, with a little bit of angst right in the middle.

A/N – Part one! Takes place between Seasons 7 and 8, when Sam became a handyman after Dean disappeared – canon divergent in that he meets Y/N rather than Amelia.  This was written for both a request and a challenge.  This request came in from @winchesters-princess: “Can you pretty please write a handyman!sam x reader based off 8.05 “blood brother” fluffy of course ❤️ that was Sam’s actual job and he was on a house call to fix something rather than the motel like in the ep.”   Here you go, Ro!  I hope you enjoy it!  

This was also written for @buckysmetallicstump’s Disney Quote Challenge.  I chose quote #1: “The past can hurt.  But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” Rafiki, the lion king AND #19. “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” Lilo, Lilo and Stitch.  Thanks Bailey!

BTW – Al and Belle are based off of two of my cats, Rylee and Chloe – and if you’re wondering if the cord story is real, let’s just say that I had to buy a new pair of earbuds just last weekend!  Her full name is Chloe Elizabeth “Lucky” Cleveland!  LMAO!

Your name: submit What is this?

Sam pulled up in front of an older white house and looked down, checking the address on the paper Mr. Davidson had given him.  After ensuring he was at the right address, he got out of his truck and leaned over the back, grabbing his banged up toolbox.  He made his way to the front of the house, pausing for a moment to look at it. Though it was on the older side, the paint was fresh, with hunter green shutters framing the windows.  A flowerbed lined the front walk, and looked to be well designed and maintained – not a weed in sight.  Smiling, Sam walked up the front steps and used the key Mr. Davidson had given him to enter the house.

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Fanfiction Recommendations

*I used the authors’ summaries*

Light hearted

Secret Santa by TheLastPilot

Adrien and Marinette draw each other’s names in their classes secret santa and do their best to get the perfect gift.

Kiss and Dash by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley

It starts of when Marinette kisses Adrien on a dare and runs off but it really spirals out of control when Chat Noir takes revenge with his own kiss and dash. Do all people kiss the same way? Adrienette/Marichat/Ladynoir/Ladrien.

Quiet Ice, Silent Nights by TheLastPilot

Cat Noir is on a late night run about town when he catches sight of a lone ice skater. To his great amazement it’s his classmate, Marinette.

Lucky Us by Princess Kitty1 *This is one of my personal favorites

-AU- Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

Princess Day by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley *I don’t usually go for Marichat fics but this one was cute

When the Mayor of Paris announces a new holiday called Princess Day, which everyone knows is just an excuse to spoil Chloe some more, there is no one Chat Noir would rather spend it with than his very own princess.

Workout Buddies by wonderbugs *Adrien and Marinette grow closer

When Adrien saw Marinette in the gym, he couldn’t help it. He just HAD to join in.

check yes juliet by exosolarmoonlight  *mixed reveal

He was never meant to hear it. “If only asking out my crush was this easy.” Ladynoir. Canon-verse. Angst and humor. Reveal fic.

Pick-Up and Chase by SKayLanphear *My favorite author and story

After she accidentally trips into Adrien and apologizes about “falling for him,” Marinette learns that he’s no match for cheesy pick-up lines–whether they were unintended or not. And while she finds it flattering that he turns into a flustered mess with only a few words, Marinette comes to regret making him uncomfortable. That is, until she learns he’s Chat Noir. At which point the phrase “just desserts” becomes a permanent fixture in her everyday plans.

A story in which Adrien is flustered, Marinette is smooth as glass at dropping lines, and Chat Noir gets the romance he was always asking for–even if he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

Fourteen Days of Valentine by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley

How unfair it is that Christmas gets a love song like that while Valentine’s Day, the holiday for giving your true love gifts, have no songs at all. I’m thinking of Fourteen Days of Valentine.“ Chat Noir begins to woo Ladybug, promising a gift every day leading up to Valentine’s Day…but they don’t see each other every day, right?

Paws Fur Coffee by Zaphirite

He was so sure that Ladybug would already push him off a rooftop if she knew his civilian identity worked at a café called "Paws Fur Coffee” of all names, but his flub on the chalkboard menu just topped it all off. His neat handwriting read back to him: “Chai Noir”. (In which Adrien has some cool drink ideas and gets to know a regular customer) [Cafe College AU]

Nothing is as satisfying as a good romantic reveal 

Art Credit to

Originally posted by nokkiart


These aren’t too bad because I can’t stand to go through the suspense of intense drama, but still they are all gems

Wingless by spectaclesandbooks 

The last person Marinette wants to discover her secret, is of course, the first one who does. But what price will Marinette have to pay to buy Chloe’s silence? And what toll will it take on her and those around her? Namely, one very worried kitty cat… LadyNoir/Marichat, etc. Angst, fluff and all kinds of fun

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by Inkkerfuffle *Aged up, hidden gem

Paris. The city of lights, love and fashion. Follow the progress of Marinette Dupain Cheng as she enters the extremely competitive world of Reality television for a chance to be the winner of Project Runway: France.

I do? by SKayLanphear

Marinette and Adrien are getting married! Unfortunately, Adrien is bothered by the fact that he didn’t invite Ladybug, while Marinette gets cold feet every time Chat Noir flits through her head. A story of mixed up love, rash mistakes, and two oblivious superheroes who should have figured things out a long time ago

My Last Thoughts are of You by SkayLanphear

When a freak accident sends Marinette into critical condition, the only thing she can think about is Chat Noir. She wasn’t going to make it and someone had to tell him. Otherwise, he’d never know what had happened to her–why his lady had never returned. And, as it just so happens, Adrien is there with her near the end, so she decides that he can take the message to Chat just as well as anyone.

On The Prowl by ghostgirl19

“I’ll be fine, Alya. It’s only a couple blocks.“ "But it’s ten at night, it’s not safe. Especially with that Chat Noir prowling around.” AU

Trouble in White by imthepunchlord *I don’t really like akumatizedchat! but this one was good 

Finding your soulmate is supposed to be uplifting, and amazing, and just… miraculous. But for Marinette, it wasn’t any of that. Her soulmate, he… he was… What does one do when your soulmate is an akuma?

Curiosity and Satisfaction by imthepunchlord 

When Adrien agreed to this line of work, he thought all his focus would be on the job of catching the elusive Lady Luck. It never crossed his mind that someone else would catch his attention. Marichat, Enemy AU

Originally posted by toqaahmed

I love Emma Stone…my reaction to anything remotely sad^ 

Cute Shorts

A Present from Marinette by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley

As the school year progresses Adrien discovers that Marinette makes everyone a birthday present…everyone but him. Why was he being left out?

Practice Makes Perfect by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley

When Alya announces there will be kissing games at her party, Marinette freaks out. After all she’s never really kissed someone before. But then when she’s reminded that practice makes perfect…who else is better to practice with other than her partner Chat Noir?

Paw-lov’s Theory by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley

Ladybug decided to try and condition Chat Noir out of pun habit with kisses! Chat Noir, however, turns the table on her and now Ladybug can’t resist kissing him whenever he puns. Whether or not he’s wearing the mask.

Class Akuma Conspiracy by Krazy Ky-Sta Hatter

There’s a conspiracy afoot in Alya and Nino’s class. Akuma seem to be attracted to them. So far everyone has been possessed. Everyone except Adrien and Marinette, that is. After Alix and Kim start an argument, the class start placing bets on when they will get turned. Alya is not happy about it. She has another theory in mind. And she is going to win that bet, one way or another.

the transitive property of love by l0ngl0st

If A likes B and B is C, then A likes C…right? Wrong. / Adrien and Marinette slowly start putting two and two together. Oneshot.

The Hazard of Being a Baker’s Daughter by SillyUsagi *I have a soft spot for short reveals

One night while on patrol, Adrien notices flour in Ladybug’s hair. When Marinette complains about the flour from her dad’s bakery the next day at school, he starts to get suspicious. (aka “The Flour Reveal Fic”)

Now kiss by Krazy Ky-Sta Hatter* Aged up AU

 A year after leaving school, Marinette is living her dream. Never could she have imagined working alongside Adrien and his father, let alone living with them. But with closeness comes clashing, which results in explosive tension and confused emotions. And now with her in front of the camera with Adrien… Oh god. She was doomed.

Little Princess by imthepunchlord 

Marinette did the unthinkable. She took the bullet for Chat. And now she’s stuck in his care and poor Adrien doesn’t quite fully know what to do with a kid.

The Reveal That Didn’t by SKayLanphear

Idea by: kittybug:

Me: Okay brain, what new fic ideas do you have for me today? I’m thinking angst.

Brain: Oh, I’ve got a great one! How about Marinette finds out that Adrien is Chat Noir and finally works up the courage to confess her feelings to him. Of course, he doesn’t know she’s Ladybug so he rejects her as kindly as possible. Marinette, in a moment of panic, admits that she’s Ladybug to him but he doesn’t believe her. The next day, Chloe (having overheard the last part of their conversation) starts berating her in front of the whole class for claiming that she’s Ladybug just to win Adrien’s affections.


pt.2 Sad ending

pt. 2 Alternative happy ending

Her Smile by Krazy Ky-Sta Hatter 

He really, really loves her smile. Marinette leaves little notes for Adrien all the time, and she signs them with a smiley face. He loves that smiley face… only… why is it drawn on a letter from his Lady?

Fermeture by KarmaHope *Must read, my favorite one shot

The hardest part of being a superhero is no longer being a superhero. It’s been five years since Marinette last saw Tikki; since she last saw Chat Noir; and she can’t take it anymore. A reunion/reveal fic.

Halloween Dress-Up by quicksilversquared 

When Marinette’s school decides to have a costume contest, she and Alya dress up as Ladybug and Chat Noir. Little do they know how much they’re amusing a certain black cat.

A Gift Fit For A Princess by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley 

Sequel to A Present From Marinette. Marinette’s birthday is coming up and Adrien is freaking out on what to get her. Meanwhile the rest of the class, barring Chloe, are working on the whole serving Adrien up on a silver platter

The Santa Claws Reveal by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley

When Ladybug asks Chat Noir to help her deliver her Christmas presents, he is surprised to learn that all of Ladybug’s friends are HIS friends too. There is only one conclusion to make from this especially when they don’t deliver a present to a certain Princess that lives in a bakery…

Hand to Hand Combat by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley

When Kim and Alix get a little competitive again, Adrien and Marinette suddenly find themselves up against one another in an arm-wrestling match…

Handsprings and Aerials by DarkScales

An obstacle course, a fistbump, and revelations. Reveal fic, Fistbumps Verse part one. Pre-series.

Classroom Acrobatics by quicksilversquared 

A teacher’s attempt in catching latecomers results in Marinette choosing a somewhat unconventional way to enter the classroom.

The Cutest Delivery Boy by ghostgirl19 

Marinette is beyond mortified when Alya requests the pizza place they order from to send their cutest delivery boy. CollegeAU

Going Once, Going Twice by ghostgirl19 *Jealous Adrien 

Attention, guests. The time has come for our Date Auction!“ Adrien froze. Date auction?

Commitment by Simply-Arien 

It was obvious to anyone within the vicinity of the girl that she had been stood up. / Adrienette AU

The Naked Truth by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley

Ladybug and Chat Noir end up in the same alleyway as they de-transform which would be totally fine…if it wasn’t for the fact that both Marinette and Adrien had been in the shower mere moments before the Akuma attack.

A Roll of the Dice by ghostgirl19 

Alya gives Marinette a set of adult love dice that are guaranteed to give who plays them a fun time. Later that night, Chat Noir suggests to Marinette that they play a game with them to see if they work.

Epiphanies by PFTones3482 

Or, how every single member of Marinette and Adrien’s class managed to figure out who Ladybug and Chat Noir were before they could. One-Shot.

I Like You A Latte by Kaorei 

Just her luck that she had to get stuck with the annoyingly flirty waiter who won’t stop making cat puns every chance he gets. — Adrien/Marinette, coffeeshop!au.

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Books (Kakashi X Civilian!Reader)

Originally posted by taylenafr

Prompt: The reader is the owner of a small bookstore near Kakashi’s apartment.

Words: 720

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m not sure if I did the conversion right for US dollars to ryo, but hopefully it’s close! Honestly, I’m tempted to turn this into a fic because I love Kakashi and I love this idea and I think Kakashi and a civilian would work well together in a relationship.

The little bell over the door chimed as a customer wandered in. You peaked around from behind a bookshelf, smiling warmly at the teenage girl as she blinked owlishly at your crammed shelves and various decorations.

“Hello, welcome to the Book Nook! Let me know if you need any help,” you said. The girl smiled, nodded, and disappeared to browse the massive collection.

Your store was small, but you had made great use of the space, cramming as many books as you possibly could into the shelves. You liked the feeling of it being a little claustrophobic. It was less intimidating than one of the larger bookstores across the village which seemed to swallow you whole as you walked in.

You wandered around the store, a pile of new arrivals in hand. This was your favorite thing to do, wander the store and take a look at your stock while you put away the newest books. The bell chimed again as you reached your least favorite section—the porn. You hated the thought of porn, but unfortunately the genre was incredibly popular with shinobi, and only two other stores sold them. There was so little competition there that you had felt it necessary to make a section for it in your store, albeit a small one.

The more business you got, the better. The Book Nook was your livelihood.

You made a face at the book on top of your pile—one of the Icha Icha series. You wondered why the author kept writing them. There were enough as is.

You became aware of someone standing very near you, and eyes boring into the back of your head. You turned, immediately changing your expression to a friendlier one. Behind you stood a shinobi with silver hair that seemed to defy gravity and his headband pulled over his left eye.

You would recognize Kakashi of the Sharingan anywhere.

You were a civilian, but that didn’t mean you were unfamiliar with the more famous shinobi. You sold bingo books, and sometimes when you were bored you’d leaf through the pages. You always seemed to find yourself on Kakashi’s page. He was quite the accomplished shinobi, and there was an air of mystery about him thanks to his mask.

“Can I help you with something?” you asked politely.

“Is that the newest Icha Icha you’re holding?”

You sighed inwardly. Of course he reads this stuff, you thought, handing the book over with a smile. “As a matter of fact, it is. It’s one hundred and seventy ryo.”

Kakashi’s eye widened. “Not a bad price for an Icha Icha book.”

You smiled. “I try not to price things too high. I know you shinobi can be cheap about certain things.” You mentally cursed yourself for saying just a little too much. Gods, I hope I didn’t offend him, you thought.

To your surprise—and relief—he chuckled, seemingly unoffended. “Ah, well, you’re not wrong.” His eye sought out the shelf behind you, and he gave it an appraising once-over.

“This is your store?” he asked.

You nodded proudly. “Yup! I’m guessing this is your first time here?” You liked to think you remembered the customers that came in, especially shinobi, and you’d have known if Kakashi Hatake shopped at your store. But you didn’t want the conversation to end. You got a peaceful vibe from Kakashi, and he was easy to talk to—even with your slip-ups.

“Yes, but I wish I’d found your store sooner. It’s much closer to my apartment than the other two that sell Icha Icha.”

You smiled. “I have a very large collection of books here beyond…” you gestured behind you “…these, if you’d like to take a look around.”

“Maybe some other time,” Kakashi said. Behind his mask, he smiled. You felt a blush forming on your cheeks. Even with the mask covering his face, he oozed attractiveness. A lot of your civilian friends swooned over shinobi, but never as intensely as they swooned over Kakashi Hatake. You liked to think you didn’t swoon, but in that moment, you were more than happy to.

“Follow me to the counter and I’ll get you checked out.”

Unbeknownst to you, as you led him to the cash register, he was checking out something else as well.

anonymous asked:

Tsuna, Dino, and Enma when they're in an arranged marriage and the person they actually love refuses to be their lover


“What is wrong with you?” Tsuna finally snapped, closing the distance between you two. “Why do you keep refusing me?”

You had done your best to avoid him but of course Tsuna couldn’t act like a normal person. He just kidnapped you.

You tried not to wither but Don Vongola’s glare was known to even make men three times your size whimper.

“Listen,” you took a step back, “you’re married to another woman and I refuse to be the ‘other’ in a relationship. It hasn’t even been two weeks since your marriage. Find someone else you can fuck around with–”

“She doesn’t mean a thing, (Name),” Tsuna said and raised his hand to touch your face but you moved away. “The one I love is you.”

“Do you even know what ‘love’ means?” you demanded. “Stop throwing around words. There’s never going to be an ‘us’.”

“I’ll divorce her then,” Tsuna said, his eyes glowing. “If you promise to never leave my side, I don’t see the point in being to married to someone else.”

“Why would I promise you anything like that?” you said haughtily.

“As much as I love your rebellious little attitude,” he cornered you against the wall, “this needs to stop. The whole marriage to someone else happened because of you. I can’t wait around for you forever.”

You know what Tsuna was like, the reputation he had. How could you give your heart to someone who had the reputation of breaking them? You were just a toy and he’d get over you as soon as he laid his hands on you. Then he went ahead and married someone else.

“You’re not a toy,” Tsuna said sharply, like he read your mind, “and I’m never going to get tired of you.”

“Let me go–” you pushed him away and tried to leave but he grabbed you and pressed him against his chest.

“I’m divorcing and marrying you. You will be my side forever,” Tsuna whispered into your ears. “You’ll eventually learn to like it.”


“See you tomorrow, then,” your co-worker said after he walked you all the way to your home.

You nodded shyly and, after a few seconds of hesitance, kissed him in the cheek. His face went red and you blushed as you waved him goodbye and walked back into your apartment.

You nearly fell on your feet when you saw freaking Don Cavallone in your living room, glaring at you. He walked strides towards you and grabbed your wrist.

“Who. was. that?” Dino demanded.

“How is that any of your business?!” You pulled away your wrists, and crossed your hands. “What are you doing in my house?!”

He immediately cooled down. “Fine then. I’ll find it out myself. Don’t be surprised if he goes missing. You should know better than to let someone else touch what’s rightfully mine.”

“You, a married man,” you said, sharply, “don’t get to treat me like I’m your fucking whore.”

“She means nothing to me, (Name),” Dino said coldly. “I don’t even sleep in the same room as her. She married me for my money and reputation, and I married her due to the pressure of heirs from the elders. If you would have married me when I asked you to then it wouldn’t have come to this. Say the word and she’ll be gone.”

“I love you,” you blurted, “I really do love you. I’m trying so hard to move on but this isn’t helping. Dino, I can’t start a family with a Mafia Don. You kill people for a living. You destroy lives. You aren’t the sort of man I can have children with–”

“So whose children do you wanna have?” Dino’s tone was dangerous. “That co-worker of yours? I might be dangerous but I love you. No harm will ever come to you or our children. You will have jewels and clothes others can only dream of, travel to the most exotic places under the sun, have any singer that strikes your fancy performing in our living room.”


“You stole a Don’s heart and now ‘no’ is not an option,” Dino said. “You either come with me willingly or I’ll be dragging you down the altar.”


“So a slut like you thinks that you can steal my husband, huh?” the woman had cornered you alone in the party and tightly grabbed your throat.

“Please,” you choked out. “I’m trying not to do anything–”

Enma’s wife was a mafioso herself and you were just some civilian that worked in the IT department. You were no match against her, and you felt yourself turning blue.

“He won’t even touch me and he has pictures of you all over the place. He has men follow you around, and eliminates any potential threats your ugly ass might have. He is completely obsessed with you. You must be really good at fucking to have that sortof charm on him.”

“We ne-never h-a-a-ad se-ex,” you tried to speak.

“You’re a whore as well as a liar–”

You heard a gunshot.

The hold on your throat loosened. Enma’s wife fell on the floor and a pool of blood grew around her.

“Enma?” you said when you saw who was holding the gun. “You just killed your wife!”

He took strides towards you and his eyes were redder than the blood on the marble floor. “No one, no one, hurts or insults my woman and gets to live.”

“I’m not yours,” you said.

“I’m tired of you acting like this,” Enma said angrily. “You were the one that tricked me into marrying her because you were too scared to be with me. She used her fucking illusions to get us married and you stood by and did nothing to stop it.”

“I had every reason to do what I did,” you said. “I saw you kill the entire Famiglia that kidnapped me and I had every reason to be scared of you–”

Enma threw a white dress at you. “Wear this. We’re getting married today. There’s even guests at this party.”


“I’ve been denied you for too long,” Enma said. “This ends today.”

“Wounds” - LokixReader

Prompt :: Imagine you and Loki are on a mission as a part of the Avengers team and just as the bad guy is defeated, the building you’re all in collapses. As Loki runs to your rescue, he twists his ankle, but doesn’t let that stop him from getting you to safety. Once you two get home to [ the tower ], you return the favor by taking care of his injured ankle.

Features :: Avenger reader, mutant/immortal reader, female reader, Avenger Loki, slight AU, Loki is not a villain anymore

Warnings :: Violence, wounds/injuries, death (minor character)

Word Count :: 4073

Additional Notes :: Request for @marril96 !  It drifted a bit from the original prompt along the way, but I think it worked… enough.  This story took a lot out of me, aha, but I hope it was worth it.  Sorry for the long wait!

Originally posted by 8ballcat-blog

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Once Upon A Dream

Is it possible to die of fluff overload from something you wrote yourself? because I swear I need life alert after this shit.

dedicating this one to @megatraven, since I know these two are your jam.

Femslash Feb 05- Stars

“Seriously girl?” Alya shook her head in dismay as Marinette giggled and playfully threw a pillow in her direction. “Any place in the world and money’s no object, and your ideal date is cuddling at home on the couch?”

“Well sorry not all of us are ‘spin a globe and fly to wherever your finger lands’ types.” Marinette retorted, sticking her tongue out at the brunette.

“As much as I love agreeing with Alya, she’s actually got a point this time.” Chloe said, ignoring the dirty look Alya shot her for her jibe. “Dream Dates are supposed to be special. Cuddling on the couch is something you can do any day.”

“Well maybe I think cuddling on the couch with the person I love is special, no matter how often I can do it.” Marinette retorted crossing her arms and turning up her nose to the duo.

“Or maybe you can get some standards, Dupain-Cheng.” Chloe shot back with a smirk. What’s so bad about getting spoiled every now and then?”

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Westworld AU

For @conduitstr; happy birthday, girl!  ❤️ ✨

  • The moment the old steam train stops in the station, Jim is quick to hop out. He doesn’t carry any luggage with him, he doesn’t plan to stay long. Just a quick look around the town; see if any of it is worth his time and his money. It smells like dry grass, grease, and the perfumes of different people mix together as other visitors depart the train now, too. Okay, Jim thinks to himself, time to go exploring.
  • Leaving the station, he arrives at the main street. It’s really a dirt road, old wooden and stone houses on either side of it. People walk by; some in awe of their surroundings, others walk around like they don’t know any better. It doesn’t take him long to find the local saloon. There’s piano music to lift up the atmosphere. People are sitting, chatting, playing card games together, or being approached by the local host girls. Jim, too, is approached by one. “Hey, handsome,” she says, and Jim’s lips curl into a smile when she reaches out to touch his arm, “how about you and I go and have some fun upstairs?” Tempting. Very tempting. But Jim shakes his head nonetheless. “No, thank you. Perhaps later,” he replies, and then buys a glass of bourbon at the bar.
  • He’s quietly chatting to the bartender, trying to figure out more about this town. After a couple minutes, though, there’s commotion outside, so Jim goes to check it out. A group of bandits has arrived and are actively creating havoc. Jim has to duck besides liquor filled barrels to avoid bullets flying his way. The same girl who tried to get him upstairs before tries to duck, too, but she gets shot before she gets the chance to. Jim forgets all about his own safety, jumping up to drag her to safety instead. “Are you okay? Where are you hurt?” he asks, though the red stain on her dress is indication enough. “I need… I need a doctor,” she breathes, looking at Jim through tear stained eyes, and Jim nods. “Of course.”
  • They have to wait until the shooting is over, and by then, Jim worries it’s too late for her. He’s used his knife to break open one of the barrels, and uses the clear liquid to clean up the wound in her side the best he can, while simultaneously trying to keep her quiet. Then, he carries her to the doctor’s office. It’s small and it’s dusty – fairly sure it doesn’t fit the health regulations. It’s also busy, all the wounded who are still alive are all sitting on available chairs or lying on the floor while a single guy works to fix them all. “Doctor?” Jim says, “I need a doctor.” “Get in line,” the guy replies. “Please,” Jim stresses, and the guy sighs. “Put her down, I’ll be right there.”
  • The work is slow and frustrating, and so Jim decides to help out. He uses alcohol, gently cleaning the wounds of the men and women who are hurt. He doesn’t really know how to bandage them up properly, but he does his best – messy as it looks. “Thanks,” the guy says, and Jim shrugs lightly. “It’s fine. Does this happen a lot?” “More often than I care to admit,” he replies, “I’d treat you to a glass of strong liquor, but you used most of it on the wounds of these people.”
  • Life here is just hard, it seems. The doctor works through the night while Jim sleeps in the local inn. Come morning, it’s mostly curiosity who brings him back. Leonard looks exhausted, perhaps a little frustrated. “Are you okay?” Jim asks. “I’m out of supplies,” Leonard says, “last night, I’ve been raided. Stole most of my bandages and medicine. I’m thinking about going on a supply run to the next town, but the road is long and dangerous.” “I’ll join you,” Jim shrugs. “Really?” “Sure, sounds fun,” Jim replies. “I’ll pay you,” Leonard says, and Jim simply shrugs to that. It’s not like he genuinely needs the money.
  • They leave after Leonard gets someone to look after the office while he’s out. Jim’s never been on a horse before, but the horse seems to immediately listen to whatever’s on Jim’s mind, and the start of the journey is pretty harmless. Leonard talks a little about his life. About how he lost his wife and kids to raiders when he lived on a small farm outside the town. How his parents were taken by a deadly illness that made him become a doctor. He speaks with such hurt in his voice, that Jim wonders why anyone would want to live in these outback towns. Sounds like it sucks.
  • They stop an hour before sunset, near a small river. Good, too, because Jim’s legs hurt, and his feet feel a little unstable after riding for so long. He ties the horses to a tree and searches for firewood while Leonard returns just before sunset with two dead rabbits. “You’re a doctor and a skilled hunter, you’re pretty good with your hands, huh?” Jim comments, and Leonard shoots him a small grin. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
  • They eat dinner, which is surprisingly good. It gets cold at night, so Jim is glad for the fire to keep them warm. They talk more while overlooking a sky full of stars; large mountains looming in the distance. The gentle stream of the water is soothing to Jim’s ears, and he finds himself just dozing off to sleep. The same thing happens the day after. They spend time together, and Jim grows rapidly closer to this handsome doctor, who stitches him up when Jim guides his horse through a bigger river and hurts his foot through a sharp rock that hits him through the sole of his boot. They run into a lone woman who cries for help because her family’s hurt in her farmhouse, and so Leonard decides to take a detour from his own quest to help them. They save a family’s life (or Leonard does, mostly), and Jim feels pretty awesome about that.
  • “How much further, Bones?” Jim asks, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Bones?” “Seems a fitting nickname,” Jim says, “for all the patching up you do.” “We should be there in the afternoon,” Leonard replies. Jim watches the other’s back figure as he rides in front of him. It’s a good sight.
  • But it’s almost as if Leonard registers that feeling, or something. Because they arrive and get Leonard’s supplies, but come nightfall on their way back, Jim finds Leonard sitting closer to him than usual. Leonard teaches him how to hunt. Standing behind him with his arms around Jim’s shoulders, hands on Jim’s to make sure he aims properly. Really, it just makes Jim more distracted. When they get raided on the road, Leonard actively stands in front of Jim to try and protect him, though they make it out alright. Just with a few supplies less, because Leonard patches up the cut in Jim’s hand. “I wanted to thank you,” Leonard says, “for coming with me. In these lands, it’s hard to tell apart friend or foe. You’ve been good to me.” Jim smiles at that, reaching out to keep the other’s hand on his own a little longer. “Just a friend?” he asks with a smile, growing even wider when Leonard leans in to kiss him.
  • It just feels too good to be true. And it is. Because they get back to the town a few days later, and Jim feels oddly intimate to this man and just wants to be in his presence all the time. But he doesn’t get that lucky. They make it to the doctor’s office, and Bones gets to work immediately. But while he’s at work, a civilian comes in and demands he gives up some supplies. Jim gets up to help Leonard when the doctor refuses, but before Jim knows it, Leonard gets shot. Just like that. There’s a commotion while people flee, but Jim rushes towards the doctor instead. He kneels down next to him, grabbing his hand quickly. “Bones, please, tell me what I can do to help you,” he says, reaching out with his free hand to grab a hold of supplies. But there’s blood everywhere. “It’s okay,” Leonard breathes heavy, fingers tight in Jim’s grip, though rapidly weakening.
  • Leonard dies seconds later. Jim is devastated; staying by Leonard’s side for what feels like hours. In reality, though, it’s no more than twenty minutes before the men in the hazmat-like suits show up. They have to pry Leonard from his hands. They have to convince him it’s okay, because they’re going to fix up the broken skin tissue. They’re going to reset Leonard’s data. And they’re going to roll him back out. Leonard’s going to be okay.
  • “Do they suffer?” Jim asks, once he’s back in the real world. It feels surreal not to be in the wild west anymore. “They think they do,” his spokesperson says, “they think they feel pain. They feel terror, fear for their lives. They feel the pain from their written backstory, most of them tragic. Like Leonard and his wife and kids. It gives them character. Makes guests and potential buyers such as yourself more engaged.” Jim frowns at that, because somehow, that just seems wrong.
  • The moment the old steam train stops in the station, Jim is quick to hop out. He doesn’t carry any luggage with him, he doesn’t plan to stay long. But this time, he’s not here to look around. He’s not here to admire the life-like scents of the place. He’s not here to watch his surroundings in awe like other guests do, nor is he here to interact with those who don’t know any better. He passes the local saloon, and instead, heads straight for the doctor’s office. The bell rings when the door opens, and Leonard is there. Beautiful as ever. “You don’t look sick,” Leonard tells him after a quick scan from top to bottom. He doesn’t remember Jim, and that stings, “you need a patching up? I also have a good hangover cure.” “No, thank you,” Jim says, struggling to make sense as to why this thing, this robot in front of him, tugs at his heartstrings so much. “I can patch up nearly everything,” Leonard continues, “though I’m running real low on supplies these days-” sounds like a set up for a similar quest like the one Jim went on before. Suddenly, it all feels a little played out. “Bones,” Jim interrupts him, and just briefly, Jim witnesses the other narrow his eyes ever so lightly. Like the nickname is a very distant memory he’s trying to access. “Bones,” Jim continues, resting his hand on Leonard’s shoulder, “one of these days, I promise, I’m going to get you out of here.”

Women in the Ordnance Corps, 1945

The number of women in the American workforce increased exponentially after the United States entered World War II on December 8, 1941. Women filled critical wartime industry positions left vacant by men fighting in Europe and the Pacific. Pictured here are civilian and military employees working in the small arms plant of the Curtis Bay Ordnance Depot, Curtis Bay, Maryland. The women in this photograph operated machinery that affixed .50 caliber bullets to easily transportable ammunition “belts,” which were used during World War II to feed heavy automatic weapons. Women who took up these types of manufacturing jobs – think “Rosie the Riveter” - were essential to the war effort, as they produced critical ammunition and supplies that helped ensure an Allied victory.

Interested to learn more about Curtis Bay Ordnance Depot, and the activities of the Ordnance Corps during World War II? Check out our online catalog at: and make an appointment to view our holdings at the National Archives at Philadelphia by calling (215) 305-2044 or emailing us at

Today’s post was written by Samuel Limneos, Archives Technician at the National Archives at Philadelphia.


3SC 18-024-576-4 Curtis Bay Ordnance Depot. Small Arms Plant. 13 Dec. 1945; Photographs; Box 1; Management Improvement Files 1952-1953, Curtis Bay Storage Facility; Record Group 156: Records of the Office of the Chief of Ordnance; National Archives at Philadelphia. (Record Entry ID: PH-6022) (Series NAID: 638784).

a large miraculous fic rec list

i’ve been meaning to do this for a while but i’ve finally got a huge fic rec list. like. there’s a lot

fics with little stars next to them are my personal favorites!

feel free to add on to the list! i’m always looking for more fics to read

Cute/Fluffy/Good Feels

Check Plus One by volti
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Marinette is finally going to do it. She’s finally going to ask Adrien on a date. Of course, this poses a bit of a problem when he asks her first.

The Two Of Us by AnabielVriskaMars 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 12/?
Summary: Marinette watched Adrien with poorly concealed desperation. She couldn’t pay for college, or an apartment, or even her meals. Not like this. All she wanted was his advice, little good though it will make. Adrien held her gaze. “What if I marry you?”

Truthful Scars by frostedpuffs (another one of mine.. shh)
Rated T
Chapters: 21/21
Summary: Adrien Agreste has never been an expert in controlling his emotions. When feelings for his classmate in pigtails begin to arise, he can’t stop himself from seeing her any chance he gets—even when wearing a pair of cat ears and a black tail. Although his affections are strong and true, he doesn’t exactly know how to deal with them, especially under the watchful eye of his father. After all, what’s a boy to do when he accidentally finds out that the girl he’s got a crush on returns his feelings?

We Need To Talk by frostedpuffs (don’t mind me… just putting one of my own on here….)
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Adrien and Marinette have been together for nearly five months now. When an akuma attack hits the school and Marinette can’t get away to transform quick enough, Chat Noir comes to her rescue, but does something Marinette would have never, ever expected.

first day of my life by belligerent 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Gamer AU, Ladybug and Chat Noir fight akumas through online gaming rather than in real life.

Telltale by Zizzani
Rated T
Chapters: 12/12
Summary: It all starts with a simple injury, but slowly Ladybug begins to really see who Chat Noir is, and Adrien begins to see Marinette…

Keep It In Your Plants by Reyxa
Rated T
Chapters: 7/?
Summary: Flower Shop/University AU! Adrien and Marinette meet after Mari accidentally trips over one of Adrien’s flower displays and their friendship blossoms from there. Lots of fluff.

Lucky Us by PrincessKitty1 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 8/?
Summary: Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

Tikki’s New Friend by panda013 (Amiria_Raven)
Rated G
Chapters: 10/10
Summary: The dog was easily the height of his chest, and the young woman walking it could have only come up to his shoulder. But she was just cheerfully walking along beside the dog, chatting and laughing happily with a redheaded young woman. The dog was a big black beast—he didn’t know the breed then, nor did he particularly care, but it whined pitifully when its equally dark-haired owner paused to read a street sign. She just giggled and reached out a hand to ruffle its fur, and the giant’s tail wagged happily.

One Thing After Another by SKayLanphear
Rated G
Chapters: 15/15
Summary: Marinette notices that, sometimes, Adrien acts a little out of the ordinary–like the time he stood in a cardboard box for no reason, or when he actually hissed at Nino. It’s only when she starts to notice the similarities between Adrien and a certain feline that she begins to get suspicious.Basically, Adrien acts like a cat when he probably shouldn’t.

inking indigo by matchaball
Rated G
Chapters: 4/?
Summary: Marinette is used to the fantastic and the impossible; she inks them on people’s skin everyday and watches them spark to life as soulmates come to find each other.An inevitable fate, one might call it. As if there isn’t a choice. Such circumstance is more a stubborn inconvenience to someone who believes otherwise. Marinette makes it a habit of defying the impossible as often as she can, even in the face of the new boy at the flowershop who quietly enters her orbit and offers her uncharted gardens of stargazers and cosmos to discover and claim.

Pick-Up and Chase by SKayLanphear 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 7/?
Summary: A story in which Adrien is flustered, Marinette is smooth as glass at dropping lines, and Chat Noir gets the romance he was always asking for–even if he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

my compass may be broke (but you follow where I go) by HearJessRoar
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: “No wonder you didn’t care that Adrien was getting all chummy with Ladybug, you’ve been sneaking around with Chat Noir! Does Adrien know about this?” Adrien, who was well aware that his girlfriend quite liked kissing Chat Noir, said nothing from his perch on the chaise.

Paws Fur Coffee by Zaphirite
Rated G
Chapters: 6/6
Summary: He was so sure that Ladybug would already push him off a rooftop if she knew his civilian identity worked at a café called “Paws Fur Coffee” of all names (the owner is a dog person, but he’ll take it), but his flub on the chalkboard menu just topped it all off. His neat handwriting read back to him: “Chai Noir”. 

Intense [Like Camping] by kali_asleep
Rated T
Chapters: 2/? (Hasn’t updated in a while, unsure if being continued)
Summary: It was supposed to be the perfect graduation trip: four days, just the four of them, camping in the forest. But things just don’t work out that way for Adrien and Marinette. As it turns out, the only thing worse than an accidental reveal is an accidental reveal in the middle of nowhere.

Sleepy Cuddles by quicksilversquared
Rated G
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: Both Adrien and Marinette have the tendency to cuddle up to others in their sleep, as both Nino and Alya have experienced. So when the opportunities arise, they toss their friends together and let the snuggles commence.

Snuggle Bug by imthepunchlord 
Rated G
Chapters: 5/5
Summary: In the winter time, ladybugs slow down to hibernate, and have been known to stowaway inside homes for warmth. Marinette is no different. As a true, sleepy and cold Ladybug, she’ll latch onto anything that moves. And is warm. 

did you get my message? by mazberrypie
Rated G
Chapters: 2/2
Summary: After a long night of working on some designs, Marinette doesn’t do a very good job of checking who she is texting.

Freckles, Dots, and Ladybug Spots by caibi
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: He traced the spots on her skin like they were parts of a constellation; little stars that would light the way. He didn’t know he’d follow the trail to the one he’d been meant to find.

Black Cats And Curtain Calls by BullySquadess 🌟
Rated G
Chapters: 4/4
Summary: The actor spoke out with a friendly smile, his voice carrying through the theater to fill each corner with a rich tone. Marinette could practically feel half the audience fall in love… herself included.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk. by Inkkerfuffle 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 13/13
Summary: Paris. The city of lights, love and fashion. Follow the progress of Marinette Dupain Cheng as she enters the extremely competitive world of Reality television for a chance to be the winner of Project Runway: France.

Quiet Ice, Silent Nights by Thelastpilot
Rated G
Chapters: 8/8
Summary: Cat Noir is on a late night patrol when he catches sight of an elegant lone figure skater, and is surprised to discover it is his classmate Marinette.

The Date by Magical_Awesome_Kid
Rated G
Chapters: 6/6
Summary: They had a simple deal: one date. Chat had one date to sweep Ladybug off her feet. If she still didn’t like him in that way at the end of the day, he’d give up his attempts altogether. Ladybug took the deal, knowing that her heart belonged to another. But we know them too well.

to you, i thee wed by megamegaturtle (Added 9/2/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 3/?
Summary: Married at First Sight AU. They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued.

spin cycle by tonguetiedcat (Added 9/2/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 4/?
Summary: Adrien Agreste is on his own. Twenty years old and recently moved out of his childhood home, he has to learn the basics of adulthood: cooking, cleaning, laundry. It’s all new to him, but he finds that it isn’t so bad when he keeps seeing a certain blue-eyed, pig-tailed woman at the laundromat. He can’t believe it to be a coincidence that they always meet. It has to be destiny. 

In Sickness and In Health by kali_asleep (Added 9/2/16) 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 4/4
Summary: It’s not everyday you see a girl passed out on a roof in the middle of the night. But when that girl is a certain Marinette Dupain-Cheng, well, there’s not much else Chat Noir can do but help her, right?

Blind Spots by laundromatic, qookyquiche(Added 9/2/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 1/?
Summary: Cooped up for too long, a blind Adrien decides to take matters into his own hands by entering public school…without his father’s consent. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Purr by frostedpuffs (Added 9/2/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: One of Marinette’s most favorite things is the way Adrien can purr. Sometimes she just can’t help but reach out to pet his hair, even while they’re in the middle of class.

Talk To Me by 1004_Angel (Added 9/2/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 14/?
Summary: Character A couldn’t sleep and decided to call Character B. But instead miss-dialed the number by two, and ends up talking to Character C, a complete stranger. But Character A doesn’t know this until an hour into the conversation when they call them by Character B’s name. And Character C finally speaks up to say Character A has the wrong number. Character A becomes embarrassed and hangs up the phone. But not before saving Character C’s number. Because you never know when you need to talk to a stranger again.

Soon Today Will Be Tomorrow by Reyxa (Added 9/2/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Marinette plopped down in her seat, groaning. “Today has been just peachy.”
“Sorry Princess, I didn’t mean to burst in like that.” Chat gave a small smile as he passed her a bandage. “I guess… I was distracted.”
“Yeah I can tell something’s on your mind. You’ve spoken like ten sentences and not one of them had a cat pun.” she joked lightly.
He shoved a hand through his hair. “I’m proposing tomorrow.” he whispered.

Step Inside My Heart by Reyxa (Added 9/2/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Marinette held the the marker to her face, and Sabine watched on with fear. “Marinette, no!” But she was too late. Marinette had drawn a full, curling mustache on her lovely face.
She giggled, pigtails bouncing. “Mama, I look like Papa now!”
“Mama?” Marinette tugged gently on a lock of Sabine’s hair.
“Yes, cherie?”
“Why does he have Papa’s mustache too?” Marinette pointed at Adrien whose face was pressed against the glass protecting the pastries, green eyes wide.
Sabine had to do a double take but sure enough, Adrien was sporting a marker-drawn mustache identical to her own daughter’s.
“Well, Madame,” Adrien’s mother laughed. “Seems like our children are meant for each other.”

tangled ribbons by demistories (Added 10/1/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 12/?
Summary: Marinette is a small studio dancer who wins a scholarship to a summer long ballet intensive. Adrien is a famous ballet dancer who would rather be at home than at said intensive. The end of the summer will bring about a showcase that could make Marinette’s career, if she can ignore Chloé and focus on something other than Adrien. Sore muscles, coffee breaks, and video chats ensue. And there is an awful lot of fondue.


combining these two categories since I don’t read too many of them

Sealed Away by ashesandhoney
Rated T
Chapters: 29/? (Hasn’t updated in a few months—unsure if discontinued, but still worth the read!)
Summary: Set five years after Ladybug left Paris and Chat Noir is still trying to hold it all together without her. 

cold floors by demistories
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Chloe/Adrien friendship. Adrien feels sorry for being a bad friend.

Serendipitous Fate by SKayLanphear 🌟 (who ISN’T reading this fic it’s so good) 
Rated M
Chapters: 19/32
Summary: Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them. Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

My Last Thoughts are of You by SKayLanphear
Rated T
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: When a freak accident sends Marinette into critical condition, the only thing she can think about is Chat Noir. She wasn’t going to make it and someone had to tell him. Otherwise, he’d never know what had happened to her–why his lady had never returned. And, as it just so happens, Adrien is there with her near the end, so she decides that he can take the message to Chat just as well as anyone. No character death, I promise. (This fic will make you cry.)

The Tendencies series by KryallaOrchid
Rated T
Three fics, all complete
Summary: Miraculous have side effects. From pats becoming a necessity to eating flowers, follow Adrien and Marinette as they come to terms with their new tendencies, and each other. Hawk Moth is coming.

bye-bye, little butterfly by theprimrosepath
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Adrien has to relearn a world without Marinette in it.

pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere by myillusionsgone
Rated G
Chapters: 12/12
Summary: there were too many secrets in this city, and sooner or later, someone would choke on them. — marinette, adrien. Nearly three years after they first started to be Ladybug and Chat Noir, Marinette and Adrien find themselves with their backs to the wall. Or so it seems.

Without You by Inkkerfuffle
Rated T
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: The apartment is far too quiet now, far too lonely and cold now that Adrien had moved out. It’d been one week since he had finally taken all his stuff and moved away, and it’d been six days since Marinette had finally gathered the courage to set foot back inside the home they once shared. It just wasn’t supposed to end like this. In fact, it wasn’t supposed to end at all.

I Do? by SKayLanphear
Rated T
Chapters: 4/4
Summary: Marinette and Adrien are getting married! Unfortunately, Adrien is bothered by the fact that he didn’t invite Ladybug, while Marinette gets cold feet every time Chat Noir flits through her head. A story of mixed up love, rash mistakes, and two oblivious superheroes who should have figured things out a long time ago.

Impostor Syndrome by highspeedearth (Added 9/2/16) 🌟
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Impostor Syndrome: when you believe it is only a matter of time before they find out you don’t know what you are doing.
Marinette had a bad day, and this time transforming into Ladybug doesn’t help.
Chat Noir plucks her off the Eiffel Tower for a pep talk.

Breaking News by SKayLanphear (Added 10/1/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 2/2
Summary: A nasty reporter hunts down Ladybug and Chat Noir until he finds out their identities, before promptly releasing the information to all of Paris. As a result, Marinette and Adrien not only have to deal with knowing one another’s identities, but the rest of the world knowing as well.

You’re definitely sinning reading these

Satisfaction Brought It Back by siderealSandman 🌟
Rated E
Chapters: 19/?
Summary: Most people rekindled friendships with people from high school over Facebook or Twitter. Most people met for coffee, shared pictures of their bratty children, and sent old friends Christmas letters once a year. Marinette was clearly not most people as she had somehow hooked up with her former high school crush on a bondage dating website and didn’t know it until he was standing in front of her with an identical look of bemused embarrassment plastered all over his pretty face.

Sugar, Sugar. by BullySquadess 🌟
Chapters: 2/?
Summary: Sugar daddy AU. She needs money, he has money. He needs companionship, she’s his companion. In which two people find the thing they need the most in each other….   

Sunshine by okapifeathers (giratinas) 
Rated E
Chapters: 8/?
Summary: Adrien feels a little warmer than usual when he looks at Marinette today. It’s probably just the summer heat, nothing to worry about. Right? 

You’d Be Oh So Nice To Come Home To by Operamatic
Rated E
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Adrien and Marinette are busy. Between their jobs, moving, and attempting to be actual adults, they’ve barely seen each other. So what happens when she comes home with a haircut and he’s sporting a new set of glasses? They break in the kitchen table, of course.

Le Chat Noir by ParadiseAvenger🌟
Rated E
Chapters: 10/10
Summary: Le Chat Noir was the most popular strip club in Paris. Marinette could explain how she wound up there the first time, but she couldn’t explain how she kept coming back.

Too Real by PearLynn
Rated E
Chapters: 5/5
Summary: She knows that her hormones will be the end of her, sooner or later. And with the way Chat is looking at her now, she knows it will be sooner.

Summer in the City by kali_asleep
Rated M
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: In which Adrien discovers that peaches aren’t the only thing in season.

Clear as Day by orphan_account
Rated E
Chapters: 5/5
Summary: Adrien blames his insomnia on Ladybug. He copes through the only way he knows how.

The Consequences of Midnight Makeouts by Faequeen40
Rated T
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: Marinette has a very distinctive hickey and it seems like the universe is out to get her.

Porte-Boner by abadmeanman (Added 9/2/16)
Rated M
Chapters: 22/?
Summary: Under the watchful eye of Alya, Marinette and Adrien discover that alcohol is a powerful social lubricant. One very informative game of truth or dare later, two drunk teens have to sneak out of bed and go save Paris. Sure hope that doesn’t become a theme.

Strictly Business by KawaiiKekeChan (Added 9/2/16)
Rated E
Chapters: 8/?
Summary: It has been ten years since she had last seen him in the flesh. Ten years since their one-night-stand, and suddenly those mortifying memories were swimming before her. Judging by the way Adrien’s face has turned ashen, he too was facing a similar replay.

Smoulder by midnightstarlightwrites (Added 10/1/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 19/?
Summary: In which Adrien loses a bet and becomes an underwear model, Marinette loses her mind, and the whole fiasco starts a fire which might lead to the pair discovering their identities.

Aaand the rest

some fics i haven’t read all the way through to know its category or just some i cant shove into a specific category (but still love)

Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too) by LooseScrewsLefty, takethembystorm
Rated G
Chapters: 12/?
Summary: Of all things Marinette expected to find when she answered the knocking on the bakery’s front door at four in the morning, her superhero partner was pretty low on the list.

The Space Between Us by chassecroise (rhapsodyinpink)
Rated T
Chapters: 13/?
Summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

The Night Patrol by chassecroise (rhapsodyinpink)
Rated T
Chapters: 9/10
Summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir independently discover each others’ civilian identities, and start doing their own night patrols to secretly learn more about one another. In the process, they find themselves falling even harder for each other—but when they fight together, both feel compelled to pretend that they don’t know the truth.

A Werecat in London by ThornQueen 🌟
Rated M
Chapters: 25/?
Summary: After an unfortunate encounter with an akuma while in London on a business trip, Chat Noir is forced to deal with the unexpected consequences. Can Ladybug help him return to his normal self, or will he be stuck for the rest of his life getting in touch with his wild side?

B is for Bourgeois by Zizzani
Rated T
Chapters: 7/?
Summary: How will Chloe discovering Ladybug’s identity affect the way she views her idol? And the way she views Marinette.

Bare Necessities by Reyxa 🌟
Rated M
Chapters: 17/17
Summary: Art School AU where Adrien is the nude model in Marinette’s human figure class. Major sin warning but it’s more awkward than sexy. Definitely not for little ears… or eyes I guess…

Pas de Chance by InsanitySilver
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: A July night finds Paris tossed into chaos and two heroes scrambling for shelter. Ladybug takes Chat Noir to the only safe place she knows: home.

xxx by hchano, littleblackchat
Rated G
Chapters: 5/?
Summary: He knows. The two words reverberated in an unwelcome mantra that haunted Marinette’s every thought and action. Brushing her teeth in the morning, each stroke echoed the rhythm. Every chewing knash of her teeth, every step on her way to school, every tap-tap, tap-tap of her pencil against paper rang in her ears, ‘he knows, he knows, he knows’. He knows I’m Ladybug.

boom, clap (the sound of my heart) by chassecroise (rhapsodyinpink)
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: You can learn a lot of things about someone during a thunderstorm. Sometimes even more than you bargained for. (A post-Jackady Ladrien/Adrinette one-shot) 

How to Fail at Dating a Superhero by emerald_moons (Added 9/2/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 15/15
Summary: It all started when Adrien Agreste bid on Ladybug at an auction and won a date with her. At least, that’s how it was supposed to go.

Sting by KryallaOrchid (Added 9/2/16) 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 20/?
Summary: When Chat Noir inexplicably disappears, leaving Ladybug beehind to face Papillon on her own, a new wielder is chosen to keep the akuma from swarming. Ladybug is adamant she doesn’t want another partner buzzing around and why is this newbee flirting with her? Meanwhile, Adrien just wishes Ladybug would stop bugging out and listen to him because his bee puns are fuzz-tastic.

wanna chat? by demistories (Added 10/1/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 8/?
Summary: A hilarious group chat fic that had me laughing during class.

im sure there’s tons more i haven’t read so feel free to add on!

Circle of Life, part two

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – Sam’s a civilian now, working as a handyman for a local motel and thinking he’s out of the hunting life forever.  When the owner of the motel asks him to make some repairs on a house he rents out for some extra money, Sam agrees, not knowing that the job will have him questioning his new life.

Word Count – 2,295

Warnings – None

A/N – Takes place between Seasons 7 and 8, when Sam became a handyman after Dean disappeared – but canon divergent.  

Part One

Originally posted by cheerfulcinnamon

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The first spaghetti dinner date soon led to a second date, and then a third and a fourth.  You felt as though you’d known Sam all your life, and he felt the same way.  Just two months after you met, you asked him to move in with you.  He was surprised, but agreed quickly.  He hated living at the motel, and if he was honest with himself, he knew that you filled the whole in his heart from when he’d lost Jessica – though Dean’s loss was still a painful, gaping hole.

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