It’s pretty clear that Gwangjong’s children will be born only after HS’s death. The question which suggests itself is, of course, why he fathers children, why he becomes ruthless, why he consolidates his power basically becoming a feared, absolutist monarch, why he emancipates slaves or why he introduces Gwageo (the national civil service examination with which he expelled from the court people from powerful clans and replace them with civil officials recruited by merit, giving everyone, not only the rich and powerful people, the opportunity to work for the state.), beside the fact that HS inspires him for some of his reforms.

if you think about the fact that So’s main reason and objective to win the throne is to be with Hae Soo and protect her, and the fact that SHE HAS ALREADY BECOME THE CENTER OF HIS UNIVERSE, you have to wonder how he managed to live 20 years without her. The answer is in the vision of him at the end of episode 8, just before the camera zooms in on his face -  standing alone on the platform HE LOOKS UTTERLY ALONE, COMPLETELY DESOLATE - in the close-up he looks ruthless but if you look at his face in the long shot there is a devastating sadness and loneliness: BECAUSE HE IS ALREADY LIVING IN A WORLD WITHOUT HAE SOO, IN A WORLD WHERE DEATH TOOK HER AWAY FROM HIM.  It actually looks similar to the final scene featuring Yinzhen in BBJX where he is overlooking his empty palace after RX died.

So why does So continue to live? Why does he do all the things mentioned above? What is his reason to live? IT’S BECAUSE HE LIVES TO BUILD AND CREATE THE WOLRD IN WHICH HS/GHJ WILL BE BORN ONE DAY. In the novel/cdrama, RX told the 4th Prince she came from the future and in the end he believed her. I think the same will happen in Moon Lovers - Wang So will believe her BECAUSE HE WILL NEED TO BELIEVE THAT SOMEWHERE, EVEN IF IN DIFFERENT SPACE AND TIME, HIS HAE SOO, THE ONLY WOMAN HE HAS EVER LOVED, IS STILL ALIVE.

after making his stage play debut earlier this year, key is set to check another goal off of his list: on screen actor! tvn confirmed earlier today that key has been cast in their upcoming drama, 혼술남녀 (english title: honsul couple, drinking solo, men and women who drink alone). key’s character is described as someone who has been preparing for a civil service examination for three years who is a son from a wealthy family of local authorities. the character is said to “enjoy” his wealthy life in noryangjin, living in an accomodation from examiners. (source) the drama is regarded as a spin off series to the popular drama, let’s eat, and will be directed by the director of let’s eat 2, choi kyu skik. the writer, myung soo hyun, is known for their writing on rude miss young ae. others currently cast include: hwang woo seul hye and park ha sun. the drama is set to begin airing in august. congrats!

My Strategy for Electrical Engg. - CSE

first of all a quick re-look of the strategy  by my inspiration Prakash RajPurohit AIR-2 2009 as mentioned at .

i tried to follow his strategy but since i took longer time in reading communication part of the syllabus which was not taught to me in so i am posting my version which is a bit lighter version . though i got only 362 (149 + 213 ) as compared to prakash’s 418 in EE . my attempt in paper 1 was 235 while in paper-2 i attempted 280 out of 300 .

in last attempt i studied only made easy booklets due to lack of time . thats why got only 230 /600 and  got screwed. so in this attempt i increased my in-depth coverage of syllabus by following diff books as mentioned above .



  1. Circuit Theory: i followed the solved examples from the conventional solved booklet from made easy and practiced.
  2. Signals and systems:i have gone through  Oppenheim’s book on DSP and made my own notes + formula sheets . 
  3. E.M. Theory: Read chapter 6(till 6.29), 7 and 8 from K.D. Prasad.  Make the list of formulas and practice all the derivations. made self notes as the book is very heavy .
  4. Analog Electronics:made easy booklet + notes made from J B Gupta book on analog electronic circuits for oscillators , op Amp , feedback .etc 
  5. Digital Electronics: Mano is sufficient for the part of syllabus which it covers. For topic left like Timer (look at chapter on 555 IC Timer), Comparator, S&H circuit refer to JB Gupta.
  6. Energy Conversion: IES booklet on machines is very good along with practicing last 5 year questions as well as those in conv. ques solved booklet.
  7. Power Electronics and Electric Drives:made easy material.
  8. Analog Communication: Cover AM, FM and PM +  practical modulation and demodulation circuits  , Random processfrom Sanjay sharma book . its very good . and made self notes  And Noise(chapter 4) can be covered from Singh and Sapre. try to solve last 5-6 year questions on these topics by studying solved examples from above books.


  1. Control Systems: made easy material and solve  IES  papers.
  2. Microprocessors and Microcomputers: made easy material. 
  3. Measurement and Instrumentation: CRO and those topics which are not well covered in made easy material , from Sawney.+ IES made easy material.
  4. Power Systems:made easy material and solved problems. 
  5. Power System Protection: from Badriram and Vishwakarma .see solved examples + pilot realaying and microprocessor based relays  from this. i made notes from this book.
  6. Digital Communication: For PCM, DPCM, DM  ASK, PSK and FSK  covered from Sanjay sharma book and made self notes as that would be easy to revise and practice . Information theory and codes  covered from this also . try to solve last 5-6 year questions on these topics by studying solved examples from above books.  Chapter 1 and 2 of Forouzan are to be covered for data networks and 7 layered architecture(though i skipped these two topics).