“The civil rights movement is not over.” 50 years after Selma, we are still fighting for equality and justice. #Selma50 #Selma #BloodySunday

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Peter, Paul & Mary singing the Pete Seeger/Lee Hays song “If I Had a Hammer” at the Civil Rights March on Washington - August 28, 1963.  



CultureHISTORY: Anti Civil Rights Protests - The American South c. 1960s

Actual examples of so-called “Southern Heritage & Pride” -

  1. Protestors at Civil Rights march (location unknown)
  2. Anti-Integration protestors, Richmond, VA
  3. Anti-Integration March, Alabama
  4. KKK Supporters, 1964
  5. White Citizens Council meeting, New Orleans, 1960
  6. Civil Rights protest at Indianapolis hotel where then-AL Gov George Wallace was staying–April 14, 1964 Photo: Bob Daugherty/AP