The Captain America series is complete.  Didn’t think I would actually do all three, but I think Civil War turned out pretty good.  Hope you all like it!

It’s Dior.
James โ€˜Buckyโ€™ Barnes - pre-winter soldier

requested prompt:ย Angst no.7 -ย โ€˜youโ€™re insufferableโ€™, Smut no.7 -ย โ€˜i bet that dress would look much sexier on my bedroom floorโ€™

synopsis: bucky and you meet up to dance and he comes clean to you about his fears for your relationship

authorโ€™s note: the first bucky imagine and second prompt - send your prompts in!

extra note: just want to make it clear that this imagine is completely inclusive of readers of colour although those times were not. although black people did not have their civil rights and japanese people were being put in internment camps - in this fantasy world of ours there is absolutely none of that. each reader should feel comfortable to read my imagines without fear of stupid societal issues spoiling their story.

warning: Explicit Language, Sexual Content

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The loud jazz from inside the glitzy club can be heard on the whole avenue.ย 

Many fashionable ladies strut into the club slowly, either clutching the arms of other well-dressed ladies or dapper gentlemen. y/n exits her cab by herself, taking care to not slip on the inches of snow on the ground. She thanks her cab driver one more time as she begins to feel some snowflakes fall on top of her nose.

She sighs as she looks up at the brightly illuminated club, she spots some local celebrities sneak into the venue and she watches as some uniformed gentlemen strut in through the doors, and she smiles as sheโ€™s reminded of her own uniformed lover.ย 

She takes care to walk carefully into the club, a venue worker promptly takes her coat and another guidesย her to the main hall.

Jazz music and red velvet curtains welcome her into the dancehall and she feels a buzz on her skin, excitement pulses through her veins as she descends slowly onto the floor where many tables form a circle that allows the dance floor to be in the middle. A stage with a live band is at the far end of the hall, with the clubโ€™s name written out in great big lights โ€˜The Jukeboxโ€™.

y/n looks around the club, she scratches her neck slightly, her eyes focus on the uniformed men slowly. She sighs as she watches the club for what seems to be almost five minutes. And then she spots him. Itโ€™s unmistakable. The gleaming black hair, the powerful posture and strong hands that gesture to the shelves of alcohol behind the bartenderโ€™s head.

The man oozes swagger and desirability and y/n is magnetised by it. She glides to him, making no attempt to make him aware of her arrival.ย 

She catches him ordering two dry martinis and she smiles, appreciating his thoughtfulness. โ€œI hope both of those martinis arenโ€™t just for you, Sargeant Barnes.โ€ She purrs as she hugs him from behind and kisses his ear.

He hums in appreciation at the brief piece of contact. โ€œHello, darlinโ€™.โ€ He smirks at her, smoothly throwing his arm around her waist.ย 

โ€œHello, dear.โ€ Her eyes glow with adoration as he looks down at her with an equally adoring look. โ€œDid I keep you waiting for a long time?โ€ She pecks his lips, her lips lingering on his for the sweetest and most silent moments.ย 

He shakes his head with a content smile, โ€œNo,โ€ he moves his face closer to hers, โ€œAnd even if you did, you have all the right.โ€ He pushes her back gently, checking out her attire, โ€œlook at you.โ€ He bites his lip and she feels herself heat up from the attention. โ€œYou look divine.โ€ He gushes and pulls her back to him.ย 

โ€œTwo dirty martinis.โ€ The waiter places down their glasses and the couple quickly collect their glasses and find themselves a table.

James pulls out her chair and she sits down ever so gracefully on the chair and watches him with keen interest as he takes off his hat and he sits down inย the chair beside her. โ€œSo do you like the club so far, sweetheart?โ€ He looks over to her, taking a gulp of his drink.

She takes a sip of hers before she answers his question, she nods, โ€œI love it.โ€ He raises his eyebrows, โ€œI have to confess, James, Iโ€™ve been here before.โ€ She looks at him with apologetic eyes.

James gasps and slams his glass on the table, โ€œPreposterous.โ€ He hisses, she tries to back a chuckle, โ€œHow could you? So this what you do when Iโ€™m away, my god, I wonder what else you do when Iโ€™m away.โ€ He shakes his head and she chuckles out loud and strokes his cheek.ย 

โ€œAw, honey, donโ€™t be angry, I canโ€™t just stay at home and wait for you.โ€ She smiles at him when he turns to her with a sad expression, but a playful look in his eyes.

He nods his head, โ€œThatโ€™s exactly what youโ€™re supposed to do. Youโ€™re supposed to wait at home for me and be a good future wife.โ€ He holds back from slamming his hands down on the table, his mischevious tone even stronger.

โ€œNow, now James, I donโ€™t like it when you talk like that.โ€ She leans back in her chair. โ€œSometimes I feel like youโ€™re being serious.โ€ She tuts.

โ€œI am being serious,โ€ His index finger comes down on the hard surface of the table. โ€œYou are my future wife.โ€ He leans into the table, his wide eyes almost swallowing y/n whole, โ€œEverything else is a joke, all but that.โ€

She sighs and leans forward herself, her elbow connecting with his, โ€œHow can I be your future wife if you wonโ€™t propose to me?โ€ย 

Now the conversation really takes a bitter turn.

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Sam: Why are all your food containers labeled as poisons?

Nat: So nobody will steal my food.

Hi so i love the headcannon that in the soul realm peter is convinced that bucky is jesus. BUT, while that is hillarious, have you all forgotten that peter has met bucky before? In civil war??

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So I have been thinking about which Disney prince  Chris can  play… and I think I nailed it

Also I think he can pull off Dimitri from Anastasia