civil wars pt 2

Too Late (CACW Peter Parker x Reader) pt.2

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part ein 

Other characters featured; I needed a teenage MCU character for this so I got Gwen bc she’s my fave, and ik it doesn’t fit in but it’s more of an AU gwen 

Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Word count; 1261 

civil war spoliers in this

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Peter took the break up much worse than you - Do hearts ever break even? 

You’d cried yourself out and dealt with the pain before you even ended it. It sucked that you could say ‘I dealt with the pain of our breakup while we were still together’ but it meant you could move on quicker and focus on your final year in school.

Peter, however, was still putting all his time into SHIELD. But now, he was sad. He still did the same thing, but with an empty heard and lack of emotion. He couldn’t seem to process that you weren’t together anymore - He found himself picking up the phone on multiple occasions, ready to call you and tell you about his day - Something he used to do everyday, even if he had been with you all day. Everyday, at least, until he got involved with SHIELD.

Then he’d remember you were no longer together, put the phone down and become dragged back into the empty realisation that Peter and Y/N were no longer a thing. 

You didn’t expect the same thing to happen to you, but as the days went on, things began to catch up with you.

‘Anyway, I’ve heard that the new biology test is gonna be really hard. So, revision tonight at mine?’ Your best friend, Gwen, asked you. She pulled open the door to the coffee shop, stepping inside. You stopped here every morning on the way to school to get your latte.

‘Morning, Y/N!’ The barista greeted you. You were a usual. ‘What can I get today?’ 

‘A latte to go please. And a black coffee.’ You replied, realising you’d just got Peter’s usual order as well. You were used to picking up coffee when you would meet him in the mornings before class. ‘Sorry, not the black coffee actually.’ You murmured, ignoring Gwen’s doubtful looks.

Peter had practically stopped going to school now - You heard two of your teachers discussing how he began taking up lessons with the infamous Tony Stark and Bruce, two of the most renowned scientists today.

This was good in a way for you, because it meant you didn’t have to see him around school or face any awkward encounters.Instead, you put your head down and began working harder to get your levels for college.

Gwen would regularly pest you about your feelings - ‘Don’t you still love him?’ ‘Shouldn’t you just check up on him, Y/N?’ 

Across the city in Manhattan, things were going in the other direction for the young vigilante. He couldn’t focus on his work. It was becoming harder and harder knowing that he couldn’t phone you if he’d had a bad day. It was like part of him was missing. 

Bruce was oblivious to any change of attitude, but Tony eventually picked up on it when he saw how Peter’s work went from outstanding to something else.

‘Before you go, there’s one more question I need you to answer.’ Tony looked up from his laptop.

‘Sure, what’s up?’

‘Which girl has broken your heart? Or guy, maybe, I don’t know what your preference is.’ Tony sat down in the chair opposite Peter, who looked slightly taken aback.

‘Y/N Y/L/N. I focused too much on this, and SHIELD, and not enough on my relationship. I didn’t realise how much I’d fucked up until Y/N ended it with me. It’s like part of me is missing. I can’t process it.’

Tony wasn’t a stranger to how Peter as feeling - Pepper had left him, after all, upon his refusal to stop fighting, to stop being Ironman, to stop being himself. It was far too late for him to change that now, but could he do it for someone else?

‘How long ago did you guys break up?’ He asked.

‘Twelve days.’ Peter replied. 

‘What exactly happened?’ He continued, almost like a therapist.

‘I became too focused on this, I guess. The hours were much longer than I expected when I signed up. I’ve been thinking about whether I would choose this or Y/N if I could turn back time. I want both, I want to make a compromise, but I didn’t bother, I didn’t protest-’

‘We’ll cut your hours down then. I can give you weekends off, make this four days a week-


‘Clearly, Y/N means the world to you. I lost the woman I loved because I was too focused on everything, and  I didn’t want to change. I didn’t even try to compromise, and I realised that too late. Go now, and at least try to fix things. It might give me a bit of peace knowing I helped at least one relationship in the process of fucking up my own.’

‘But I need to finish this question-’

‘It’s an order, Parker. Go. Now.’

In a flash, Peter grabbed his bag and ran out the room, running towards your house as fast as he could.

You had thought on several occasions over the past twelve days about whether you should have ended things or not. You regretted it, but at the same time you didn’t. You kept telling yourself that it was for the best, but also telling yourself you should’ve stayed to see if Peter really would change. 

But you pushed the thoughts aside, continuing a few more days without thinking about it. But it didn’t make it any less painful.

You were sat on your bed trying to study - But you couldn’t. Your brain was in another place and your eyes kept falling on your phone background whenever you checked your notifications. It was a picture of you and Peter from New Years Eve on Brooklyn Bridge - it was the last proper date you had before he began forgetting.

You tried texting Gwen, but she was too busy revising in her typical fashion. You sighed to yourself, leaning against the wall.

‘Y/N!’ Your mum called. ‘Someone’s here to see you!’

‘Gwen finally saw my texts then.’ You murmured to yourself, heading down the stairs. You turned the corner into the hall, your eyes landing on someone you wanted to see so badly, but at the same time not at all.

‘Hey Pete, is everything okay?’ You asked, trying to stay as casual as you could.

‘I need to talk to you, actually.’

‘I’ll give you two some privacy.’ Your mother raised her eyebrows and walked away. You began making your way upstairs, and Peter followed. You headed into your room and sat on the window seat.

‘I thought we’d already spoken.’ You said, pulling your knees to your chest.

‘Not enough.’ Peter nearly snapped. ‘I’m here because a billionaire made me. I was too cowardly to stop you walking out on me. I should’ve stopped you, I should’ve done something.’

‘Maybe I should have done something too.’ You murmured.

He nodded slightly. ‘I don’t know if you want to hear it, but I can’t do it without you. You seem to have a role in every part of my life, and it’s just not the same if you’re not there. Tony lost someone just like this and when I explained, he cut down my hours and basically forced me here.’ He smiled sadly. ‘On the way over, I had a feeling you wouldn’t forgive me, but is it worth asking?’

You didn’t think for another second - You could hear it in his voice, and see it in his eyes. He wasn’t going to fuck up again.

You didn’t verbally respond, instead, you just kissed him.

Daddy’s Lil Stark pt 2

Part 2, enjoy. :) Also I have two more requests in my inbox that I’ll be starting on today. Thank you reading my ramblings! I’m sorry if this chapter sucks, my mind has been a little distracted lately.

part 1 / part 3 / part 4

Summary: (AU) After Maya dies Tony is shocked to find out she has a daughter product of that night 20 years ago. Alone and with no one else to go to, Victoria moves in with her newly found father, Tony Stark. How will the world and the avengers react to the a new Stark? Set after iron man 3.

Warnings : none

Words : 1403

Pairing : Steve Rogers x OC (eventually) 

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The elevator’s doors opened to reveal the ginger who had stolen my heart. She swayed over to the couch where I was laying on. “Tony, you’ve been in here for hours. What did Maria had to say? Does SHIELD need you for another mission? Because if they do I swear to God-” I stopped her before she could continue. I love it when she rambles on like that, it’s sexy.

Back to Victoria here, how was I going to drop the bomb on her? Her reaction terrified me. One Stark is already a tremendous amount of trouble, god knows what will happen with two.

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Too Close Pt. 2 - Bucky x reader

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Part 1

He hasn’t talked to her since almost a week ago.

He spent that week avoiding her, training, assisting in meetings that didn’t require his presence, doing housework for the others and taking the most missions he could, anything to avoid looking at her or her belly.

In the night he used to hear footsteps outside his door and the constant knocks from her begging him to let her in, and he always closed his eyes pretending only to himself that he was sleeping and that he couldn’t actually hear her.
Sometimes the noises put themselves a pause and then they came back, he thought that she maybe was having pain and needed to actually sit down from time to time or she needed to go to the bathroom. He didn’t know much about pregnancy, but he remembered that in some time, someone told him that pregnant women used to go a lot to the bathroom, it wasn’t very clear.

But what it was now pretty clear for Bucky was the fact that he has now loosed her. Despite all the time that he spent away from her and wishing he could be with her, she found someone to spend time with.

She replaced him. Or at least that was how Bucky fell about it.

That was the reason why she stopped to attend his calls, that was why everyone told him that she was busy. They were in her complot too, he wasn’t surprised, she was Tony’s daughter, and all the team loved her, especially him.

No, he doesn’t love her, not after what she did to him. He kept repeating to himself. Of course he didn’t hate her, but he didn’t love her exactly, he wasn’t in his five senses to exactly know how he actually was feeling, he wanted to see her, but at the same time he wantedto  tell her that she was a traitor, the worst friend in the world, and that he hated her. All that he wanted to tell her was lies.

Neither he had felt exactly good with the others. They knew since the beginning but none of them told him. Why everyone was against him? He also tried to avoid the rest of the team, but still he treated them better than Y/N.

Now he was standing in front on his door trying to hear the steps of Y/N in hall. “Maybe she’s resting; carrying something else isn’t that easy”. Now it was 3 a.m. and he hasn’t heard a single thing. He opened the door and saw that the hall was totally empty, no signs of her pregnant friend, not a note, not nothing, and he started to worry.

Bucky walked the entire hall and at the end of it, he found a very tired Scott Lang with a glass of milk that still was pouring vapor.

-Hey Metal Arm, what are you doing up this late?

Buck gave Scott a deadly still worried look and opened his mouth to say something but closed and shook his head. He shouldn’t be looking for her, what happens to her now it wasn’t his problem, it was her and, even if it hurt him, it was also from the father of that baby.

He turned his back to Scott and started to walk back to his bedroom. And Scott screamed from the distance.

-If you’re looking for Y/N then I must tell you she’s not living here anymore.

That stopped Bucky from continue walking.

-What are you talking about?

-She moved out to a new apartment of her own, she’s living alone

-Alone? –That called Bucky’s attention. He thought that maybe at this time she would be living with the father of her baby, or maybe he left her on her own. Curious was now reflected on his face.

-I think I just need to shut up; I’ll be in my bedroom if you-

Now Bucky was looking at Scott and walking in his direction.

–Where is she living, I need to know.

-Calm down Terminator, its 3 a.m., you can talk to her in the morning.

-Now- Bucky insisted

Scott just looked at the soldier and at his sides and finally to the glass of milk in his right hand exasperated of not knowing what to do wishing he were using the Ant-man suit, maybe if he becomes smaller Bucky won’t be able to find or
hurt him. In that moment Scott’s bedroom door opened showing a half sleep Cassie who was rubbing her eyes.


Scott stopped paying attention to the big treat in front of him to start paying attention to his little girl.

-Hey, sorry for taking so long, here’s your milk 

Cassie took the glass with both of her hands and drink all at her pace while Scott looked at her while smiling. When she was done she gave her dad the glass back and looked at the Winter Soldier.

Bucky was just watching the scene and got distracted with his own thoughts and didn’t notice when the little girl was talking to him.


-Cassie, go back to sleep

-I asked you if I can see your metal arm

-I don’t think that’s a- Scott started to say but got interrupted by Bucky

-Of course- He didn’t know why he told her that, but still he didn’t doubt.

Cassie just looked at her dad seeking for approbation, he doubted too, but still he nodded in resignation.

The girl approximated to Bucky while he was putting himself in squatting so she could see it better. It wasn’t something that made Bucky felt proud, but Y/N taught him how to live with it no matter what.

Cassie as curious as she was taking his leftarm like she was holding the glass of milk she was holding seconds ago and analyzing it carefully.

-Wow, this is exactly as Y/N told me.

-How? - He asked even more curious than her

-She told me it felt cold, but that it gave her a warm sensation, like if she was in home, that it was something so unusual, but that still was something so unique and special, that it makes you be you. That’s how she described it.

That broke him.

How could he be like this? Of course that she still appreciated him and that there must be an explanation for all this madness. Tears started to appear in his eyes and Cassie was still paying attention to his arm passing her little fingers through all the lines watching it with amused eyes.

-Cassie, -Scott called- time to go back to sleep.

-Your arm is cool, kind of wish I had one, or something that made me special like you –She smiled at the soldier, left his arm and ran back to Scott’s room- Goodnight -She said before giving a big yawn and closed the door.

-Sorry for-

-Don’t, Scott –Bucky said and started to fully stand up and cleaned his eyes- if kids are good at something, is telling the truth and let yourself to think what you are doing with your life.

-Yeah, she usually does that, sometimes doesn’t need to say anything.

-Where is she living? - Bucky asked.

-You know I shouldn’t be telling you this, right?

-I need to know it Scott, I will ask for one last time, if you don’t answer I will find her myself, doing whatever is required.

-Ugh, you know I shouldn’t be telling you this right?

Bucky just looked at Scott one last time and he just put his left hand on his face and huffed- Fine; I’ll take you to her.

Sorry it took me so long to write this second part, you know vacations, family and so.

If you find any mistake you can tell me, I’ll be more than glad to fix it