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Somethings never change…

Even though it’s an accurate portrayal of siblings, I felt so bad for Ikki. She’s always pushed aside. Jinora has magical spirity powers and Meelo is the “commander” that everyone finds goofy. But what about Ikki? She’s such a sweet young girl and she’s calmed down a lot in the last 3 years. I hope they give her a bigger role this season and not concentrate so much on what Jinora can do (but I’d still love to see that).

I’m just glad she was a big part of finding Korra after Meelo and Jinora doubted her.

Your best chance pt. 2

Here is the second part of Your best chance, I know this 2shot was a long one esp. during the first part but here is the end, be prepared for some MAJOR FEELS. I hope you guys enjoy the second part and look forward to my last 2 part oneshot series.


*3rd  Person POV*

As Steve continued to fly the quinjet Bucky said.

“What’s going to happen to your friends?” Steve remained silent and he said.

“They chose this path, they’ll deal with the consequences proudly”.

“I don’t know if I’m worth all of this to you”.

“What you did all those years, wasn’t your fault. You didn’t have a choice”.

“I know. But I did it. And now because of me, I’ve lost the one innocent thing that ever truly kept me sane”. Steve remained quiet and kept his course to Siberia where they had found out that Zemo was hiding in the old facility where Bucky was once kept and trained as the Winter Soldier.

Unaware that they were being followed by King T'Challa in a separate jet underneath them.

When Bucky and Steve entered Siberia and were now at the doors of the old facility, they entered inside and took the elevator down. Steve stood at front with his shield and Bucky at his back covering him with his gun pointed straight forward to defend his friend. Suddenly the doors began wiring like someone was trying to get through them. Bucky and Steve stood on the defensive ready to attack or defend at whatever or whoever came out that door, when the doors opened it revealed to be Iron-man himself.

Steve stood down and Tony’s face revealed himself as he said to the cautious Captain.

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In honor of next week’s release date (!!!), we will be hosting a nightly livestream of books 1 and 2 for the next week! Livestreams will start at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. Check back later tonight for a link!

Schedule will be as follows:

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  • Tomorrow, 6/21 - The Spirit of Competition (1x05) through When Extremes Meet (1x08)
  • Sunday, 6/22 - Out of the Past (1x09) through Endgame (1x12)
  • Monday, 6/23 - Rebel Spirit (2x01) through Civil Wars Pt 2 (2x04)
  • Tuesday, 6/24 - Peacekeeper (2x05) through Beginnings Pt 2 (2x08)
  • Wednesday, 6/25 - The Guide (2x09) through Harmonic Convergence (2x12)
  • Thursday, 6/26 - Darkness Falls and Light in the Dark (2x13 and 2x14)