civil war road trip

I came home right after I saw “Civil War” and had to make this. I call it “Captain America: Road Trip” Marvel, can you please make a movie where these three guys just drive across the country fighting crime on their way to iconic tourist spots? I need the bromance to continue. I think we all do.

Sam and Bucky: Why the hate?

Okay, I’m supposed to be working right now, but I got to get this off my chest and see what you guys think–

So, WHY was Sam being such a dick to Bucky? Yes, it’s funny as hell, but I keep finding myself chewing on it as a characterization choice and trying to decide what it says about Sam.

Because Sam works with emotionally damaged vets, and he has SEEN SOME SHIT. He also knows who Bucky Barnes was, and what he means to Steve. So are we to think that, because Bucky kicked his ass a couple of times, he’s going to be blatantly rude to Bucky? Really? Some have theorized he’s jealous of Steve and Bucky’s friendship, but … I highly doubt that, canonically. (Can make for fun fic, tho.)

What I WANT TO BELIEVE is that, in some cut scene, after they got in the bug, he tried to talk to Bucky, tried to put his VA counselor hat on and have a normal conversation, and Bucky told him to go fuck himself. Maybe repeatedly. Maybe kicking the back of Sam’s seat to get him to shut up. Because the only thing that works for me for Sam’s character is if he gave it the ol’ college try–having *some* kind of convo with Bucky–and Bucky shat upon him, and Sam was like, “Okay, so that’s how it is–good to know,” and turned that aggro up to 11

That is my favorite idea, but I’m curious what other people think?


Hey, good morning! I was thinking about posting the prequel to my new series today. Anybody care to weigh in? If you wanna be tagged, just like or reblog this!

Summary: So much has changed with the Sokovian Accords. The team is divided in half, and you’re not sure where you stand. You know you should sign the Accords, but it doesn’t feel right. After a conversation with Sharon, Steve, and Sam at the prison, you realize that you don’t want to sign them. Now you, Steve, Sam, and Bucky are on a mission to get to the Leipzig airport…in the tiniest car imaginable…so you can clear Bucky’s name.

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jealous (peter parker x reader)

word count: 1192
pairing: peter parker x reader
warnings: notthing
prompt: REQUESTED, #2: “We were dancing but all of a sudden it’s a slow song and we’re standing here awkwardly staring at each other”
#13: “This wasn’t meant to be a date, but we’ve had such a good time and now it’s 2 a.m. and I should really go home…”
a/n: Sorry this took me so long to finish, to be honest I was stuck on this for the longest time so I hope I did alright!

“Peter?” You asked him, looking over to him from the passenger side of the car where you sat. You couldn’t help but admire how the glow of the street lights highlighted his every angle and curve— the angle of his jaw, the curve of his nose, the angles of his strong hands, the curves of his eyelashes.

“Yeah?” He asked, a light smile over his features, and yours, also.

When he had first asked you if you wanted to go to a wedding with him, you didn’t think of it as a date, because he didn’t say it was. He just asked you, “Do you want to come to this wedding with me?” And you agreed. You assumed the only reason he asked you rather than anyone else was because you were the only one who knew he was Spider-man, and therefore the only one who wouldn’t find it weird to attend a wedding featuring the avengers.

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When I go on a road trip I always bring a guitar.  But not one of my expensive ones…that would just be dumb.  If it got stolen or damaged or broken I would be very unhappy.  Instead, I went out and bought this 2014 Epiphone Casino Coupe last year for 500 bucks (Canadian) and it has made the perfect inexpensive travel guitar.  light as all get out (fully hollow), and 339-sized, it is easy to carry around on the road.  It also plays and sounds surprisingly well considering how cheap it was.  And if it I lose it or it gets broken on the road, no biggie! 

Here are various shots of it on the road during my trip to Nazareth and Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  PS:  the big apple is in Canada…they sell (you guessed it…) apple pies!

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for what went down during Steve, Bucky, and Sam's little road trip in Civil War?

Punchbuggy. Extremely dangerous punchbuggy. 

Do you understand how much McDonald’s two supersoldiers and one superSam stress eating because of these dipshits can eat? The car smells like burger and farts after they’ve only been on the road for about two miles.

Bucky falls asleep in the back and nearly breaks Sam’s neck when he kicks out during a nightmare. His seat gets shoved forward and stuck there, which is ridiculous because they’re already crammed in with their knees around their damn ears. Bucky’s definitely not sorry enough for Sam’s liking. 

Steve and Bucky start bickering about something that happened in the 20s (”It was obviously green.” “Your memory must still be faulty, man.” “I’m gonna make you faulty in a minute.”) and Sam makes them both sit in the back until they can learn to shut the fuck up.

They cuddle up casually without realising. Sam makes Steve sit in the front again because he didn’t sign up for gross cuteness. 

Bucky tries to freak Sam out by staring him down in the rearview mirror. He doesn’t blink for a solid two minutes at his peak. He waits until Steve is asleep to do this, of course, so Sam can’t tattle on him. Bucky gives him the fucking creeps and enjoys it way too much. 

Steve wakes up to STOP TOUCHING ME! I’m not touching you! GET YOUR HAND OFF MY FACE! It’s not on your face! and Bucky sitting with his finger five millimetres from Sam’s cheek. He can’t believe he has a boner for both these fucking idiots

havoke  asked:

okay but: steve's side in civil war going on a road trip to the next battle, steve sitting in the driver's seat acting like the dad, and bucky acting like the mom, turning around and glaring at clint or scott when they misbehave, reminding sam to share his food, telling wanda to "please stop sending projections to sharon. it's really nice and all but we can't have her distracted on the field."


imagine the Avengers on a roadtrip though

like Natasha’s driving, and of course Clint’s in the passenger seat beside her, and Steve and Tony are in the back with Thor between them, and Bucky’s just sitting on the roof enjoying the breeze but still looking really grumpy. Sam and Bruce were smart enough to be like “nah we’ll take the other car.” They decide to make it a race to see which car will make it to their destination first.

Steve and Tony are constantly antagonizing each other for the stupidest reasons and eventually Tony just blasts Steve out the fuckin car without warning, door and all and Nat gets really annoyed, and she’s like “great, thanks Stark, you’re really making this easy, thanks, this is great, now we gotta go back and get him,” and they find Steve on the side of the road like 5 minutes later with his arms crossed and frowning and he gets in the car, using his shield as a makeshift door, and just snaps at Tony like “Wow, real mature Tony,” but Tony doesn’t care cause he’s laughing his ass off. Meanwhile Thor’s just sitting there like a giant ball of sunshine and grinning with his hands folded between his knees, like he genuinely believes this is all in good fun.

Eventually Tony starts a game of punch buggy, and Thor really wants to play so Tony explains it to him, and to test it out, Thor punches him next and this time it’s Tony who goes flying out the car, so now neither side of the back seat has a door, and Steve is just cracking up and fist bumps Thor like “Yes Thor, that is exactly how you play,” cause they’re bros but Nat’s just cursing under her breath in Russian and Clint is the only one who can hear so he kinda just freezes and stares at her with wide eyes, trying not to make any sudden movements. Bucky’s still on the roof, hearing everything that’s going on through the open sunroof, and just rolling his eyes and shaking his head. The only time it’s peaceful is when a One Direction or Taylor Swift song comes on on the radio, and then everyone is just signing along kinda quietly and even Bucky is kinda moving along to the song.

Once the song is over though, it’s war, and Clint gets dragged into too, and says something to Nat and she just kicks him out of the car without even taking her hands off the steering wheel or swerving, and she just keeps driving for a while, which shuts everyone up real fast (she eventually goes back for him)

In the other car, Sam and Bruce are just like “Thank fucking God we did not get in that car,” and every once in a while, Sam will radio the other car (cause Tony insisted on what were basically pretentious walkie talkies), and casually remind Steve of something Tony did or said to him, which sets the two of them off again (they’re smacking each other over Thor while Nat’s groaning to Clint “Would you take care of that,” but Clint’s like “They’re not my fuckin kids”). So basically while Nat has to drive back and pick up whichever one got kicked out of the car this time, Sam and Bruce stop for snacks because “we’re totally gonna win this, it’s in the bag”.

Back in Nat’s car though, when everyone is finally tired enough to stop baiting each other, suddenly there’s thumping and muffled shouting coming from the trunk, and everyone kind of looks at each other with confusion, except for Natasha who looks entirely unconcerned, and they’re able to pick up something about “being a god” and Clint and Thor look to her, and Clint just warily starts to ask “Did you put Loki-?” and Natasha’s just like “Don’t worry about it Clint.”

Sam and Bruce end up winning the competition, because Natasha had to keep doubling back for her dumbass teammates

Also her car is a mess with no more doors left on it, along with a giant hand impression from Bucky hanging on.

I learned that Bucky, Sam, and Steve spent almost 18 hours (correct me of I’m wrong) in that tiny ass car, plus all the stops. I WANT EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THAT ROAD TRIP. I mean, we only got that “Can you move your seat up?” “ No.” scene and that was just a glimpse. Imagine how good everything else is!

Four conversations that probably took place in a blue Volkswagon

Bucky: Hey, I’m sorry about that time I broke your wings.

Sam: I’m sorry about your face.

Bucky: Stop touching me.

Sam: Not touching. Not touching.

Bucky: Steve, tell Sam to hand me one of those granola bars.

Sam: Steve, tell Bucky that when he buys granola bars with his own money he made from working a real job, he can have one.

Bucky: You blinked. You lose.

Sam: It wasn’t a contest.