civil war quotes

Clint Barton could probably perch on top of a flagpole and nail a perfect shot if he needed to but he has definitely fallen off of his own kitchen counter when trying to reach something high up.

Steve: Look, did you know about this? Mortals being dropped from twenty feet. It’s unbelievable. 

Bucky: I know, right? Twenty feet? Walk it off. 

Steve: Buck, you do know that normal people don’t just “walk off” a twenty-foot fall, right? 

Bucky: So… all those times I pushed Barton off a building and he was all “Ahhh!”, he wasn’t just being funny? 

Clint: No. 

Tony: I thought it was funny, Bucky.

Steve: “Buck, stop! You’re going to kill someone!”

Bucky: “Bucky never meant to kill. Bucky only meant to maim or seriously injure.”

Just because it has a star on it doesn’t mean it belongs on the top of the Christmas tree. Bucky GET YOUR ARM DOWN FROM THERE!
—  Steve Rogers (probably in the future)

Tony: [On phone] No, no, no, it’s not you, it’s just… well, you know, these things run their course and… well, you, you have to accept that…

Bucky: Personal call, Stark?

Tony: Yes. Go away.

Bucky: Somebody being dumped?

 Tony: [Covers mouthpiece] How do you tell someone you don’t want to see them?

Bucky: Easy.

[Takes phone]

Bucky: Listen, Dirtbag, this is Tony’s husband. I have your phone number now. I can find your address. If you ever try to contact him again, I will reach down your throat, grab your intestines, rip them out and drive over your head. Lose this number or lose your life.

[Hangs up]

Bucky: You’re welcome.

Tony: That was my aunt, Angie Martinelli. Aunt Peggy’s best friend. She was trying to end her relationship with her boyfriend at her retirement center.

Bucky: Why didn’t you stop me?

Tony: Too stunned.

Bucky: Where do I send flowers?

Tony: If you ever try to talk to her again, she will fly up here and kill you.