civil war gang


Dead Man’s Hole, Texas

Dead Man’s Hole was discovered in Texas in 1821. The sinkhole earned its reputation during the American Civil War, when Confederate gangs used the hole as a dumping ground for those with Unionist sympathies. The bones of at least 17 people have been found piled at the bottom of the sinkhole.


Exclusive interview with Autopsy of Civil War Gang/Master of the Universe. One of the most slept on MCs on the planet. Look out for his new album “21 Bodies” + a video for his first single “Seppuku” droppin REAL SOON!!!

Their Halloween Costumes;
  • Larry: DracuLarry. Couldn't be more basic.
  • Ahkmenrah: AhkmenRAWR (he's a dinosaur)Larry just put him in a onsie (with feet, a hood, and a tail) and called it a costume...
  • Jed + Oct: Thing 1 & Thing 2. Basically...
  • Teddy + Wea: Beast and Belle. Adorable.
  • Neanderthals: They're Flintstones characters. That's all.
  • Civil War Guys: Gang of Slendermen. He's relatable to them...
  • Huns: no one really knows what they're supposed to be. Perhaps the Scooby Doo Gang?
  • Lancelot: Wolverine. Because why not?
  • Nick: "this IS my costume dad, im dressing up as myself" "Nick youre lame"
  • AHK'S Parents: Superman and Wonderwoman. They liked the names.
  • Dexter: He's dressed like a little devil. It was Larry's choice. (He regretted it when Dexter stabbed at his shins with the plastic pitchfork)

Odessa Kane- “Through a Golden Frame”