civil war build up

It’s Quiet Uptown

Part Two

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: language, anxiety

Summary: Post Civil War AU, Steve and Bucky decide to have a child, and experience things they never expected to face. 

Author’s Note: This story is going to be a series, and it’s written by the number of months/years as things happen in the story line. I would add a better description but to add anything more would give away the biggest plot twist of all :)

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Civil War
  • Comic -
  • Tony: we should sign this thing
  • Steve: nah
  • Movie -
  • Tony: we gotta calm down a bit even though I'm the least calm one here
  • Steve: nah
  • Avengers academy -

That woman who blamed Tony for the death of her son though. 

Tony’s face just dropped and you could see all the guilt crash down on him, his eyes turning slightly red, his body tense. 

I was ready to attack that woman, I swear to god.

Hayley Atwell has never said a word against Sharon or Emily...

she’s spoken against Straon!

Comparatively speaking, I don’t think Hayley’s gotten a lot of hate for this, but I’ve seen enough posts about it that I think we need a come to Jesus moment. 

When asked about Steve and Sharon’s “relationship” (I think that’s a generous term for it, but we’ll go with it) at various cons, Hayley has expressed that she doesn’t think Peggy would approve. By her own admission, Hayley’s expressed her concern about the relationship being “too close” in a “tongue and check” funny manner. 

Essentially, saying what 99.999% of the people who have seen Civil War thought - that the kiss was weird, had no build up, was disrespectful to Peggy and was vaguely incestuous.

Hayley, like most people (and quoting Chris Evans directly here) found Staron to be “icky.”

But she’s never said a word against Sharon. In fact, what she has said about Sharon was very positive. That she felt “protective of her” that she didn’t think Hydra Steve was good enough for Sharon. And that she would not want Sharon to be a replacement of Peggy for Steve. 

She’s also never said a word against Emily VanCamp. In fact, when she was still on twitter, she said how much she liked Emily, even doing some dubsmash videos with her. 

If Marvel actually cared about Sharon or Emily, they would have had Hayley at all of the CW premieres so the two Carter women could be photographed side-by-side. It could have helped quell a lot of the hate. And helped limit, if not prevent the two women, and the characters they play, essentially being pit against each other. 

Because if you actually listen to what both Emily and Hayley have said, neither of them have spoken against each other or their characters. And if Marvel actually cared about either woman, they would have made a point of having them be seen together as much as possible, so this was clearer. 

all this dramatic build-up and in reality civil war is just gonna be a two hour thumb war championship 

clint’s gonna be the ring girl 

nat let him borrow a bikini 

Beware: Captain America: Civil War Spoilers be here!

Ok, I was disappointed. The Stucky build up for this movie was so huge but it apparently was just to get Stucky fans to clamour to watch. Which was so unnecessary because we would have watched even if there were only 5 minutes of Steve and Bucky even being in the same room.

I feel like the first half was more Stucky than the next. I mean Crossbones mentioning Bucky and Steve going tragic eyes. Later Steve admitting that when he hears Bucky’s name he becomes a 16 year old boy again. Then Steve calling Bucky on his lie when he says what he remembers about Steve is from the exhibit. Then the epic helicopter pulling ‘never let you go’ moment. But it was all downhill after that. It was like as if some Disney exec saw the movie until that point and than called for a very important ‘too gay, need to no-homo this up’ meeting.

What was so un-Stucky thereafter?

1. In the trailers, when Bucky talks about Steve’s mom and the shoes, Steve’s eyes just show so much love. In the movie, not so much.

2. Bucky makes at least two emotive statements about how he feels guilt and how he blames himself. Steve’s reaction however is rather bland. Could have used some tragic eyes here!

3. The Steve/Sharon moments and kiss were kind of ‘where the fuck did that come from?’ Dear Heteronormativity, shouldn’t there be some kind of grieving period of at least one week before you put the moves on your just deceased ex-girlfriend’s niece/your just deceased aunt’s ex-boyfriend? Seriously, if they really needed to insert some emergency straightness into the good Captain, they should have just had Steve kiss Widow. More believable.

4. In the end, Bucky decides to go back into cryo and Steve is basically like, “Are you sure? Ok, have a good sleep, dude.” Couldn’t they spare like even 10 seconds of Steve showing some intense emotions about that?

Sigh. I just hope that some time in the far future, someone decides to remake this movie and decides to make it truly Stucky. We deserve it.

i am so mad though that whedon ignored that tony and steve were actually friends because in none of the avenger movies was that a thing, they were just at each other’s throats the whole time besides when fighting loki/ultron

like actually making them friends would have been such a better build up to civil war, where they actually have a HUGE falling out because of the superhero registration act and it would have been a million times more devastating