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Escape Velocity | A Keith&Allura Fanmix

I. 10,000 Emerald Pools - BØRNS || 2. Play Hurt (Piano) - The American Analog Set || 3. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell || 4. Letters From the Sky - Civil Twilight || 5. Be Still - The Fray || 6. First Time - Lifehouse || 7. Save My Soul - Rivvrs || 8. Madness - Muse || 9. Flippen - Väsen || 10. Everyone is Everyone - AU4

Created for @kalluraweek Day 3: Escape. A collection of songs I’ve been curating which remind me of Kallura. Some of these songs have already inspired my art pieces (like Both Sides Now and 10,000 Emerald Pools), and some are likely to inspire future pieces. Hope you enjoy it!


Karamel is  one of the cutiest ships on tv right now, they just belong together!!!

The campus of Western State Hospital, early on a foggy morning.  I was in town to shoot a pilot for a television show which would basically be the antidote to ghost-hunting shows; we’d go into historic abandoned buildings and discuss their actual histories instead of pretending to be scared by pipes shifting.  Sadly, the pilot was never picked up.  But I had a great time shooting this 1828 asylum campus!


Christmas at The Williams House, Amelia Island, Florida by Dawna Moore
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