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My oc Amy ran away from home at 15 and, being a 15 year old, decided to rebrand herself as Destiny Rose. She fell in with a crowd and became known as part of the group that started a rebellion/civil rights movement and now she's 25 and is (in)famous as Destiny. Her group of rebels could easily end up in history books and they would call her Amy "Destiny Rose" Mitchell. Her Wikipedia says "Destiny Rose, born Amy Mitchell." Her soul is being crushed by the embarrassment.

fuck i know the feeling of being branded under a shitty nickname you made up for yourself so much

my oc cherry bordeaux’s name literally just came to be because i like cherry wine, i decided this oc is based on cherry wine, and i built her whole aesthetic around her name. as a result she’s one of my most aesthetically-rich characters, but she’s lacking in actual character-development


James Baldwin on “Incremental Progress”

Know What’s Abso-fucking-lutely Hilarious?

White People Get More Offended When Being Called A Racist Than They Do About Actual Acts Of Racism… How Embarrassing


Black Panther Party posters, by Emory Douglas.

Emory Douglas joined the BPP in 1967 and served as Minister of Culture, designing artwork that became potent symbols of the movement. Douglas originally helped with the layout of the Black Panthers’ newspaper, and realised that art could enhance their campaigns and reach the masses.

“the Civil Rights Movement was peaceful”

Bitch where?

Because I remember learning about Freedom Riders being killed, endless lynchings, dogs and hoses being set on children, and four little girls who died in a church bombing.

Oh, but I guess all that matters when you’re trying to use MLK to silence people talking about resistance now is to talk about this idealized image of how shit got done in the past.

The Civil Rights Movement wasn’t peaceful. It wasn’t nonviolent. Not for the people trying to fight for a right to be recognized as humans worthy of empathy and freedom.

The people fighting for their rights were subject to violence all the time and threatened.

When you talk about how peaceful that movement was as a way to silence or shame people now for anger at current injustice, you’re saying that your grasp of history probably begins and ends at “I have a dream”.


“To me, we have a culture that is surpassed by no other civilization, but we don’t know anything about it…My job is to somehow make [the black youth] curious enough or persuade them by hook or crook to get more aware of themselves and where they came from and what they are into and what is already there and just to bring it out. This is what compels me to compel them, and I will do it by any means necessary.”
-Nina Simone, c. 1969