civil engineering dreams

Well… It finally happened. I hit 100,000 subscribers on youtube. Thank you guys so much for following my channel and all the streamer’s youtube channels. The past 4 years have been a really weird, amazing and emotional ride for me. For every loss I experienced in my personal life, I gained even more. I made so many friends, interviewed some amazing people and shared laughs with you all in some form or another. Special thanks to the other streamers on for all the support and love they’ve given me throughout the years. But, thanks most of all to you….tube for making me a household name in a few houses. Mostly, though, you guys are to blame for this. I love and thank you all.

I have decided, however, to quit streaming and making videos and instead become a civil engineer. My dream has always been build bridges, some would say, to be the very best at doing so; like no one ever was. Expect some examples of my glorious bridge designs soon.

PS: Apparently youtube gives a silver plaque to those that hit 100,000 subs and a gold one for 1,000,000. If I get one, I’ll be sure to unbox it on stream and post pics. Maybe it’ll come in a crate of some sort? Use promo code VINESAUCE to get 5% extra subscriptions!