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M&M JeffMads Chapter 1: Reuniting

Hey guys, this is my first time writing a real fan fiction, so my apologies in advance for any errors. I would love some feedback and I do plan on writing a chapter two, hopefully people like this enough to want a second part. Anyway, this is a part of the Hamitlon M&M AU, I have started.

Word Count: 2301 (I wrote all this in my journal first so bear with me)

Warnings: none, fluff maybe

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James Madison Jr., normally called “James” by his friends, “Mr. Madison” by his co-workers and associates, and “Jemmy” by Thomas Jefferson, was born on March 16. James lived a rather normal life with his mother and father in Virginia. Though he was born in Port Conway, Virginia, his family had moved to Monticello, Virginia around the age of three since the new home was close to a better hospital there.

Madison may have been calm, reasonable, and lived more so on the average side—had high honor roll throughout all of school, stayed mostly to himself, except for a small group of friends that he would have here and there, and went to college to become a lawyer like his father—but he was always sick. It was usually the case of the sniffles or a minor cold. Every once in a while, he may catch a fever or the flu or a stomach bug that causes him to wear a face mask every so often. When his mask was on, most people knew that James wouldn’t speak as much, so it was best to give him his space. It was also best to know to not mess with his suitcase or bookbag. He cared immensely about his work as he would like to have it done quickly, without error, before his shift ended. He did not like taking work home because he enjoyed getting comfortable in his own sanctuary. Comfortable meaning: wearing an overly large knitted sweater, a classic horror novel in hand, and some kind of chocolate based junk food to sooth his sweet tooth. James enjoyed this past time as a child, so messing with his literature and snacks during his much-needed break would not have been wise. James rarely got upset with anybody though. He was rather neutral towards most people except his small group of friends, like Aaron Burr. Both seemed neutral and intelligent to each other, so they may have a chat every once in a while.

Burr was the one who introduced Madison to some of his friends like Lafayette, a sweet, broken English, French man, with an interesting and bright sense of fashion. They got along well, though James would prefer to wear his simple suits, sweaters, and pastel colors. James also met Hercules, who weirdly looked a lot like him, but acted nothing like him. Hercules was loud, athletic, courageous, healthy. Even though they were opposites, they found a middle ground as they enjoyed the same literature preferences. James wasn’t completely found of Alexander though since their politic views clashed, but James respected his determination and passion he put into all his work. Everything sort of changed with his routine once he reunited with his old childhood friend, Thomas Jefferson.  

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