civics quiz

Rights vs. Religion

First of all, let me tell you the story behind this.

Today at school, my grade all took a quiz in Civics to find out what presidential candidate was closest to our way of thinking. I was talking to a girl, and she asked what candidate I got. I said, “Hillary.” She got a look of disgust on her face, so I asked her what was wrong with Hillary.
The girl said “Well, she supports gay marriage and abortion. That’s wrong. The Bible said it’s wrong.” So I (tried) to state my case as politely as possible. Talking of rape victims and how people would be happier if they could just be together, no matter who it was with. I even quoted a Merthur fanfic I was reading at the time. “People fall in love with people, not genders.” Still, she said that I was wrong and it was weird and that no one should get abortions (blah blah blah.) She said that she followed the bible and not her parents views. (Sam thing but whatever.) So, later I told my friends what happened and we were discussing it, and I said something that sounded like a poem line. I decided to finish the poem. I’m not the biggest religious buff, so excuse me if some of this is inaccurate about Christianity beliefs.

Honestly, you should
be giving in
it’s the 21st century
what world are you living in
This is just ridiculous
Stop using your old scrolls
You’re acting like salty
12 year old internet trolls
Take a leaf from Apollo
He knows what’s fun
After all he let the son of Hades
Hook up with his son
The point is gay marriage
Is not the worst thing
Think of all the happiness
This could bring
God is supposed to
Represent love
I don’t think he’s too happy
With you all up above
You religion nazis
Think you know all
Then don’t hate on others
It’s not your call
If y'all hate the truth
And are still blind to see
All I have to say is
Why don’t you just forgive me?