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Things Mike Pence Heard at Hamilton

- “Immigrants: we get the job done!”

- “There is no more status quo. But the sun comes up and the world still spins.”

- “We are engaged in a battle for our nation’s very soul”

- “I’ve been reading ‘Common Sense’ by Thomas Payne. Some men say that I’m intense, or I’m insane. You want a revolution? I want a revelation! So listen to my declaration: 'We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal,’ and when I meet Thomas Jefferson (work!) I'mma compel him to include WOMEN in the sequel!”

- “History has its eyes on you”

- “A civics lesson from a slaver. Hey neighbor: your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor. 'We plant seeds in the South. We create.’ Yeah. Keep ranting. We know who’s really doing the planting.”

- “But when all is said and all is done, Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none.”

- “Winning was easy, young man. Governing’s harder.”

A civics lesson from a slaver? Hey Malfoy, your debts are paid ‘cuz you don’t pay for labor. ‘We plant seeds at the Manor. We create.’ Yeah keep ranting. We know who’s really doing the planting.

Hermione Granger, founder of S.P. E.W., to Draco Malfoy

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US temporarily suspends Trump travel ban as president derides 'so-called' judge
In a series of tweets, president says ruling by federal judge in Seattle is ‘ridiculous’ and promises it will be overturned
By Alan Yuhas

And now, today’s actual news

The federal government said on Saturday it will comply with a federal judge’s temporary halt on Donald Trump’s travel ban, restoring travel for refugees and for people from seven Muslim-majority countries, even as the president berated the judge personally on Twitter.

In a series of tweets early in the morning after Friday’s ruling by the Seattle judge James Robart, the president wrote: “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

Trump also wrote: “When a country is no longer able to say who can, and who cannot , come in & out, especially for reasons of safety &.security – big trouble!”

He added: “Interesting that certain Middle-Eastern countries agree with the ban. They know if certain people are allowed in it’s death & destruction!”

My “Trump needs a Civics 101 lesson before he starts trying to actually lead” card filled up a long time ago (BINGO!), but it’s temporarily reassuring that an attempted autocracy is getting tripped up by the American system’s checks and balances working exactly as advertised.

(February 5th edit: DAMN MY HUBRIS! This isn’t over yet.)

(March 6th update: Travel ban 2.0 was just signed. So yeah, maybe we should start panicking again.)

The Husband’s Adversary
  • John Laurens x Reader
  • Hamiltime
  • Part 3 of The Boss’s Daughter

A/N: So, sorry about the excess of John Laurens right now. There will be one more part of this series and then it will be done. I had a draft of this sitting on my computer for a while so I hope you enjoy part three of the Boss’s Daughter!

Word Count: 3,369


[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

It was Alexander’s fault honestly. He couldn’t keep from boasting. You and John were currently at the Hamilton estate so your two little boys could have a play date. They weren’t old enough to do much playing or interacting but you wanted the boys to be associated with each other. John had your little boy propped up on his lap. You had named him Henry Laurens Jr. You knew John had a tense relationship with his father and you knew that gesture of honor would not go unnoticed.

“So Y/N, did you hear the news?” Alexander asked.

“Possibly.” You answered cautiously. You never knew what Alexander would ever say.

“Washington asked me to be part of his new cabinet.” He said proudly.

“Really? We haven’t been back to my parents home in weeks.” You said happily for him.

“He did?” John asked.


So, you were unsurprised when John spoke up at dinner with your parents. Martha was feeding Henry some food he could actually eat, though he ended up wearing most of it. “So,” John nervously began. “Alexander mentioned that you made him a part of your cabinet.”

“I did.” You father responded evenly. Though you knew that tone. He seemed to be withholding some tidbit of information.

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Europe is “underestimating” the scale and severity of the migration crisis and “millions of Africans” will flood the continent in the next five years unless urgent action is taken, a senior European official has warned.

The dire prediction from Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, came as Paris evacuated almost 3,000 migrants sleeping rough from a makeshift camp near the city centre - the 34th such evacuation in two years.

In an interview with Il Messagero newspaper, Mr Tajani said there would be an exodus “of biblical proportions that would be impossible to stop if we don’t confront the problem now”.

“Population growth, climate change, desertification, wars, famine in Somalia and Sudan. These are the factors that are forcing people to leave.

"When people lose hope, they risk crossing the Sahara and the Mediterranean because it is worse to stay at home, where they run enormous risks. If we don’t confront this soon, we will find ourselves with millions of people on our doorstep within five years.

"Today we are trying to solve a problem of a few thousand people, but we need to have a strategy for millions of people.”

The only solution is massive investment in Africa to dissuade people from leaving in the first place, he said.

Mr Tajani’s sombre forecast came a day after EU interior ministers pledged to back an urgent European Commission plan to help Italy, which has accepted around 85,000 of the 100,000 migrants who have arrived by sea from North Africa this year.

Last month it threatened to close its ports to NGO boats carrying rescued migrants and called on some of the vessels to be sent to ports in France and Spain - a proposal these countries dismissed.

The effects of the migrant influx have been felt in Paris, where a makeshift camp of almost 3,000 people was dismantled yesterday morning, with migrants bussed to temporary accommodation in and around the French capital.

The migrants, whose numbers have swollen since the notorious Calais “jungle” was shut last October, had been living around an aid centre in the Porte de la Chapelle area. Set up last November to accommodate 400 people, it soon became swamped by the 200-odd weekly newcomers forced to sleep rough.

Their ballooning numbers raised security and hygiene concerns and caused tensions with locals.

President Emmanuel Macron’s government is expected to announce new measures to cope with the migrant crisis next week.

Jumping the gun, Anne Hidalgo, Paris’ Socialist mayor, issued her own proposals yesterday. These included an “organised spread” of migrants around the country to avoid bottlenecks, increasing the capacity of welcome centres from 50,000 to 75,000 by 2022, and pumping more funds into language and “civic” lessons.

Most migrants landing in Italy are sub-Saharan Africans who have crossed the Mediterranean from Libya, a journey that has so far claimed more than 2,200 lives this year, according to UN figures.

Their influx has exacerbated tensions with neighbouring Austria, which this week deployed armoured vehicles close to its border with Italy and threatened to send up to 750 soldiers to block any migrants trying to head north.

EU ministers agreed to an “action plan” to provide up €35 million in aid for Rome and beef up the Libyan coastguard, which NGOs accuse of serious rights abuses and even collusion with people traffickers.

Amnesty said it was “deeply problematic” to unconditionally fund and train Libya, which has been teetering on lawlessness since former dictator Mummer Gaddafi was ousted and killed after a Nato-led operation in 2011.

At a separate conference in Rome on Thursday, Italy’s foreign minister Angelino Alfano stressed with a string of African and EU ministers the importance of bolstering Libya’s southern borders to end what he called “the biggest criminal travel agency in history”.

Chaos Walking Characters As Hamilton Lyrics
  • <p> <b>Todd:</b> I'm notcha son!<p/><b>Mayor Prentiss:</b> I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love<p/><b>Mistress Coyle:</b> BOOM!<p/><b>Ivan:</b> I changed parties to seize the oportunity I saw.<p/><b>1017:</b> A civic lesson from a slaver. Hey neighbor, your debts are payed cuz you don't pay for labor<p/><b>Davy:</b> daddy, daddy, look!<p/><b>Ben:</b> so what'd i miss?<p/><b>Corrine:</b> or you could DIE<p/><b>Maddy:</b> You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind<p/></p>

time for my “favorite little things from hamilton in no particular order” list

  • “why do you write like you’re running out of time” 
  • the way Hamilton always says his name in his own theme even though it interrupts other people’s themes
  • Hamilton’s “just you wait” juxtaposed with Burr’s “wait for it”
  • “aaron burr, sir”
  • the person in the Cabinet Battle who goes “not my alcohol” in the background
  • “civics lesson from a slaver, hey neighbor / your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor”
  • the way the use of the same actor for Lafayette/Jefferson and Hercules/Madison gives both meanings to “I fought with him”
  • and how laurens/phillip saying “i died for him” makes me CRY
  • “you walked in and my heart went BOOM”
  • “handsome, boy does he know it”
  • how drunk they all are during the Story of Tonight reprise, these giant fucking revolutionary nerds
  • “Martha Washington named her feral tomcat after him-” “THAT’S TRUE!” because he is a giant fucking nerd who needs you to know about this historical fun fact.
  • “You’ll understand the reference to another scottish tragedy without me having to name the play” and then he names the play. and all the characters. and the setting. DO YOU GET IT ANGELICA IT’S MACBETH.
  • the way the play never lets you forget that Hamilton was an immigrant
  • the way the play makes it clear that no one else ever forgot that Hamilton was an immigrant
  • “ya best g’wan back where ya come from!” in a clear mockery of a caribbean accent
  • “sir, i don’t know what you heard, but whatever it is- Jefferson started it.”
  • the way Eliza sings “helpless” during Satisfied
  • “Let me be part of the narrative” / “I’m removing myself from the narrative” / “I put myself back in the narrative”
  • Eliza beatboxing for phillip during take a break
  • comma sexting
  • “Here’s an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements.” / “Sweet jesus.”
  • “I’ve been in Paris meeting lots of different ladies / i guess i basically missed the late eighties”
  • Literally anytime Jefferson goes “Waaaaaaaaaaat”
  • “Pick up a pen, start writing.”
  • the way that the cabinet battles are probably almost exactly how it went down
  • “how do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive / how do you write like to need it to survive / how do you write every second you’re alive / every second you’re alive”

When Americans meddled in Russia’s elections, it was by securing victory for Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s very own Donald Trump, a man who had sent in tanks to shell his own parliament. Leaked cables suggest that Hillary Clinton’s own State Department interfered with the political process in Haiti by suppressing a rise in the minimum wage. And American involvement in the politics of Chile, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Iran was mostly through military coups, sponsored by none other than the CIA. There was no question of these countries repeating their elections; anyone the generals didn’t like was tortured to death. Next to the mountain of corpses produced by America’s history of fixing foreign elections, a few hacked emails are entirely insignificant.

Whatever Russia did or didn’t do, the idea that its interference is what cost Hillary Clinton the election is utterly ludicrous and absolutely false. What cost Hillary Clinton the election can be summed up by a single line from Sen. Chuck Schumer, soon to be the country’s highest-ranking Democrat: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.” As it turned out, he was fatally wrong. It wasn’t the Russians who told the Democratic Party to abandon the working-class people of all races who used to form its electoral base. It wasn’t the Russians who decided to run a presidential campaign that offered people nothing but blackmail—“vote for us or Dangerous Donald wins.” The Russians didn’t come up with awful tin-eared catchphrases like “I’m with her” or “America is already great.” The Russians never ordered the DNC to run one of the most widely despised people in the country, simply because she thought it was her turn. The Democrats did that all by themselves.

What the Russia obsession represents is a massive ethical failure on the part of American liberals. People really will suffer under President Trump—women, queer people, Muslims, poor people of every stripe. But so many in the centrist establishment don’t seem to care. They’re far too busy weaving themselves into intricate geopolitical power plays that don’t really exist, searching for a narrative that exonerates them from having let this happen, to do anything like real political work. They won’t accept that Trumpism is America, in all its blood-splattered horror—that the dry civics lesson of a democracy they love so much is capable of creating a monster.

Barani Korrapati is.. Bat-Girl!


Right-Hook’s grip on my collar is like a vice, the leather of his glove and the leather of my coat squeaking in tandem. He’s got me pinned against a wall on a Robbinsville rooftop in sight of the Kane Bridge. Big but stupid, Right-Hook is everything a gal hopes for in a sparring partner: dimwitted, clumsy on his feet, and with only one weapon in his arsenal: his right hook, obviously.

Over his shoulder I see Southpaw, the brains of the pair. Not genuinely smart, but smarter. They work for the mobster Janus, doing errands like washing his new Packard, collecting extortion money, and getting rid of pesky crime-fighters. Like me.

“Hate to break it to you, sweetheart,” smirks Right-Hook, “but your caped crusading ends here.”

“I have friends,” I boast. “You won’t get away with this.”

“That’s what you think,” says Right-Hook. “Those bumbling flatties can’t touch us. Last time they pinched me, it was for murder.. and I walked. No one’s puttin’ me under glass, sister.”

“How’d did you swing that?”

“Pursuant,” he says, struggling with the word. “Pursuant, to.. uh..”

“Pursuant,” says Southpaw, shooting me a smug look, “to Silverthorne Lumber vee United States. Our boss says the shotgun in the trunk of my partner’s car was tossed on account of the fact that his keys were found in a bum search of that dump he calls an apartment. It’s all thanks to some goose named Sherlock Holmes.”

“Oliver Wendell,” I say, rolling my eyes. “Oliver Wendell Holmes.”

“I think you mean Oliver Twist”, interjects Right-Hook, pleased to re-join the conversation.

I sigh. I’d love to give these goons a lesson in American jurisprudence, but first I have to teach them in lesson in something else.

“Okay, fellas, enough of this.”

I swing my right arm over Right-Hook’s left, weakening his grip on my collar. He’s already winding up for a punch, so I drop to a crouch as I wrench myself free; his beefy right hand sails over my head. I spin and roll to his side, and ready a kick to his kidneys..


Right-Hook coughs up an ooff! and staggers back. He’ll recover in a matter of seconds, so I waste no time. Southpaw looks like he’s reaching into his jacket - he’s partial to the blackjack - but I can move faster than he can. I somersault forward, rolling twice, and come up close enough to punch him in the gut. That makes him double over, which makes connecting my knee to his jaw a cinch..


It’s lights out for Southpaw; he crumples in a heap. Turning around I’m face-to-chest with Right-Hook, who’s bobbing and weaving like a washed-up boxer. He telegraphs his intent: a right-hook to my head, which I dodge like it’s nothing. Stepping to his outside, I stamp on his foot and follow it up with a left cross to his jaw..


Right-Hook falls forward with a satisfying thud. Producing two pairs of ‘cuffs from a pouch on my belt, I secure both men to a sturdy stand-pipe near the door to the stairs. Splashing some dirty rainwater on Right-Hook’s face, he comes to. Time for that civics lesson.

“Okay, you big oaf, listen up. That shotgun might have been excluded as evidence, but it established a pattern. The police know you like to carry a gun. So when they get here, they’ll search you - fair and square - and find the .38 in your jacket pocket. It’s called probable cause. They detectives will turn your life upside-down, which is bad for you.. and bad for your boss. Gotham PD hasn’t forgotten that you slipped through their fingers; they’ll dot their I’s and cross their T’s this time.”

Right-Hook looks like a sullen school-boy, scolded by his teacher.

“I’ll get you,” he growls, “someday. Soon.”

“Good luck with that.”

Checking my watch, I see I have plenty of time to change into my street clothes, stop at the automat for a bite to eat and catch a cross-town bus back to campus.. Mid-terms are coming up, and Pamela and I have a late-night cram-session for bio-chem. Oh, and I should call dad - he worries about me out here on the mean streets of Gotham. If he only knew.

Story © 2015 Dieselpunk Flim-Flam. Batgirl © DC Comics. Illustration babsdraws

Every year, a friend of ours hosts a Burns Night: a celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns at which we drink scotch, read poetry, and sing songs. As Alexander Hamilton was the (bastard, orphan) son of a (whore and a) Scotsman, my husband and I figured it would be appropriate to adapt a song from Hamilton to use for the Loyal Toast.

Traditionally, the Loyal Toast is short (literally just the words “The Queen” or “The President of the United States”), but we thought it would be more fun to do a version of Cabinet Battle #1 written as Trump v. Obama. The backing track for the recording was created by The Slob and Divine Purpose.

Obviously, @linmanuel is the genius behind the original. It doesn’t really need saying, but he and Daveed Diggs are obviously much (much, much) better at rapping than we are. We’re kind of terrible, but we had fun anyway.

Here are the lyrics:

Ladies and gentlemen, you coulda been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with us in the District of Columbia. Are you ready for a Loyal Toast Rap Battle?

The issue on the table: President Obama’s efforts to get our country on the right track. Donald Trump, you have the floor, sir.

We’re losing liberties and our country is winning less
We fought for our ideals but we’re settling for less
These are true facts and you better believe ‘em
We must stop Barack’s attacks on our freedom


And our President is wrong
His border let Mexican rapists in in throngs
Once we were strong, but now we’re losing to Hong Kong
Our president is failing and our country’s getting schlonged

Not true!

Ooh, if the shoe fits, wear it
If the country’s in debt—
Why should the rich bear it? Uh! Our debts are paid, I’m afraid
Don’t tax the rich cuz we got it made in the shade
In a business we build things up from the ground, We create
Dems just wanna move our money around
A progressive tax plan is an outrageous demand
and it’s too many damn pages for any man to understand
Stand with me in the land of the free
And pray to God we never see Hillary’s presidency
Look, when you pushed Obamacare, we tea partied
Imagine what gon’ happen if you nominate Bill’s harpy

Thank you, Donald Trump. President Obama, your response

Donald, that was a real nice bit of nonsense
But in the real world, you need a conscience
Would you like to join us, or stay orange
Let the poor get so poor they can only eat porridge?

If we decrease school debt the people get
A new line of credit, a financial diuretic
How do you not get it? If we’re progressive and competitive
The economy gets a boost, you’d rather give it a sedative?

A civics lesson from a fascist. Hey classist
Your debts are paid cuz you bankrupt the masses
“We build things in business, we create.”
Yeah, keep canting
We find your racist rants enchanting

And another thing, Mr. Age of Endumbening
Don’t lecture me about security, we’ve been hustling
You think I’m frightened of you, man?
We sunk Osama like Venice
All while you were getting off on The Apprentice

Mr. Donald T so you wanna be US Prez like me
You’ll never be – you would need some major psychotherapy
Morally you’re broke as a joke so file bankruptcy
Your hair’s in worse shape than the GOP strategy 

Sittin’ there useless as two shits
Hey, turn around, bend over, I’ll show you
Where my shoe fits

We ended with an actual toast: “Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away. We’re just like our country – we’re young-ish, scrappy, and, well, not really hungry anymore, but we’re not throwing away our shot.”

(Image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson.)

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anonymous asked:

why do you support a play that romanticizes slave owners by imagining them as black people? (aka hamilton)

because i like the musical.

and you’re right, it does romanticize the slave owning founding fathers. I’m not denying that,

did those people do shitty things by being slave owners? yes, absolutely. it was horrible and I’m not excusing it, but the musical focuses on the events of Alexander Hamilton’s life, and he did not own slaves.

Lin-Manuel Miranda criticized slavery/made the slave owners the antagonists within the show

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down):    

                Hamilton: “Laurens is in South Carolina, redefining bravery

                Laurens: “We’ll never be free until we end slavery!”)

Cabinet Battle #1

                Hamilton: “A civics lesson from a slaver. Hey neighbor
                               Your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor
                               “We plant seeds in the South. We create.”
                               Yeah, keep ranting
                               We know who’s really doing the planting”

(context, he’s talking to Thomas Jefferson, who owned slaves)

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story:

               Eliza: “I speak out against slavery.”

(context, Hamilton has been killed by Burr, and Eliza states in this song how she’s telling Hamilton’s story, as Hamilton was opposed to slavery.)

Though it is not mentioned, Washington was (gradually) against slavery (he wasn’t as vocal, and he even owned slaves. He freed them in his will, because Virginia didn’t allow him to during his life [what the fuck Virginia]. Washington is very flaky on this matter)

Looked it up, Burr was also against slavery. He even tried to get it abolished after the Revolutionary War! source

I don’t know about Hercules Mulligan, nor Laffayette.

James Madison was slave owner. (antagonist)

Jefferson was definitely a slave owner. (antagonist)

the show isn’t perfect, but it definitely is groundbreaking in representation, but it falls flat on pointing out the anti-Native racism of the Founding Fathers (which they were all guilty of). this could have been subverted by maybe casting Native actors?? but I’m not the person to address questions about the Founding Fathers and anti-Native racism to, I’d go to @mamapluto for those.

so, to answer your question, I like it because the music is great, the story is told in a wonderful way and its overall a wonderfully written and performed show. I do recognize that it romanticizes racist people, and I’m not going to ignore it or say that it’s not important cause it’s not what the musical is about or anything like that.

(if any of this seems problematic and racist, please tell me!!)

Art is the place to consider the most radical, perhaps unpalatable ideas. But schools aren’t the place where officials will get away with teaching the radical and the unpalatable. Rather, movies will get instrumentalized into the sort of civic and moral lessons that are the exact opposite of the cultivation of taste and passion for art.
—  Richard Brody on why educational programs won’t bring young people to the movies:
Ferguson Teachers Use Day Off As Opportunity For A Civics Lesson

So this morning, instead of being in the classroom, 150 area teachers took part in some unusual professional development: picking up broken glass, water bottles and tear gas canisters from the street.