#RIP Dr. #HomerEFavor founder of the Urban Studies Institute at #MorganStateUniversity. His commitment to teaching the complex cultural context from which urban planning must evolve, solving urban problems by plan, design and adaptability to change and providing access to minorities and women to the planning and urban design professions was groundbreaking and unwavering. A tireless warrior to the end. He was phenomenal on my #CivicFrame program about 1960s social rebellions in the US. My gratitude for his love and light, endless. xoxo, AYG

Today is the 60th birthday of my intellectual papa, my heart and soul, Dr. #CornelWest! Doing the math, I now understand why he was the greatest dancer at #Harvard during my time there. Last year, I wrote the following about him after watching a tribute video produced by #Princeton, celebrating his contributions there and blessing his journey forward to #UnionTheologicalSeminary:”The universe this man opened up in me. The love he showers on me, STILL (rockin’ a #CivicFrame scarf around his neck every day). I was starving, he feed me. I was thirsty, he gave me cool, clear water, in his own hands, right from the stream. I was frustrated, disappointed, angry; he gave me a shoulder to lean on, a safe space to vent, love to counter pain and even a check. The patience, the intensity, the imagination, the attentiveness, the courage, the tenacity, the bravery, the joy, the HUMOR, the kindness, the PROTECTION. Ever present to all of the perfection and imperfection and loving every ounce of it because that is what it means to be fully human. There will never be enough words in any language to express my gratitude for his limitless light. Only wonder. Only magic. Thank you Dr. Cornel West. With a #lovesupreme, Miss AYG”. My love for Dr. West remains and will always be, a love supreme, set distinctly apart from all others. Not a thing can ever touch it. Not a thing can ever take it away. xoxo, AYG