24 hours to go...

I’m required to blog once a week (although I thought it was supposed to be every day) but I had already promised my family and friends I’d blog every day, so here it is! My blog is titled “One a day, the South African way!” because a friend of mine, Mason, came up with it and I thought it was quite humorous and fitting. These next 5 weeks are going to be life-changing and I absolutely look forward to this experience.
Dad and I spent the day traveling to Atlanta, making sure my bags were packed, and just simply spending time together. Saying good bye to my mother earlier was tough because I know she’s going to be a mess while I’m gone. (Love you, Mom) :) I fly out tomorrow in the evening so please send up some prayers that everything will go smoothly.

So, you may ask, why exactly are you going to South Africa?

Well, I was an Air Force brat growing up and we lived all over the western part of the world. I’ve learned more about European countries and the US than I could ever dream of. I decided that when choosing my study abroad destination, why would I go somewhere I’ve already been? Why wouldn’t I choose to go somewhere that most people have only ever seen on the National Geographic channel? Of course with living in East Tennessee comes great controversy from family friends. “Why would you want to go to Africa?”, “You’re going to get eaten by a lion!”, or “Are you going to have to live in a grass hut?” were just a few of the statements/questions I received. No, I won’t get eaten by a lion. No, I’m not living in a grass hut. And my favorite question, “why would you want to go to Africa?” Well, through this study abroad program I signed up for, I get to work with a school for underprivileged children, an orphanage, and visit quite a few historical sites throughout Cape Town. HOW COOL IS THAT?? This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I feel extremely blessed to be participating in it.

Stay tuned!