you know it was a good pun if someone tries to kill you for making it

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What even is civ pro? It’s literally the one class I have NO IDEA what’s going on in...

Civ pro is this fucked up thing because in law school you’re like OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK THESE RULES ARE SO STUPID 

and then you become a lawyer and you look at the book every day and you’re like “shit how am I supposed to do this fucking thing again let me check the big book of everything” 

So basically civ pro sucks in law school because you have no context within which to place these rules, until you’re in practice and need to use them daily and then it’s like flailing incoherently when you properly learn them because nothing in law school stuck because you learned it in a vacuum 

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Bucky, have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever fought a ghost?

does steve count? he was dead. he has a tendency to–well, not walk, but run through walls. 

although by the same standard im a ghost too. 

which would make every fight steve and i have a ghost battle. thats kinda awesome

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So I'm in the silent area of the library reading CivPro for the next class. We're about to start Pleadings, and I'm just here reading along (or trying to) and I get to the subsection on Legal Sufficiency.... and I about lost my shit when I (finally) got the Rule 12(b)(6). I had to remind myself I'm in the silent section. I'm gonna have the BIGGEST grin on my face when we get to it in class on Monday and my prof (Freer... help...) is probably gonna call on me bc of it but I will be READY.

12(b)(1) through (5) and (7), fuck all of those

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“For centuries this was called a ‘Directed Verdict’ until about 20 years ago, when the writers decided that ‘Directed Verdict’ was too easy to say and thought, ‘Hey, lets give it a cumbersome dumb-ass name instead.‘” -explanation for the JMOL

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I think this is why 90% of all lawyers, Judges, and Law Professors I’ve encountered never use the term “Judgment as a Matter of Law”

I survived my first week of law school

So I came into this whole situation after a week long orientation and I was way too confident I think. I thought, “wow, how hard can reading be?” Well. It fucking sucks. Like the amount of work I already have is incredible.

Also my backpack is going to give me scoliosis so that’s a good time.

Everyone I’ve talked to have been so nice though and I have a good group of friends started about a couple of people in my class are starting a study group together which is good.

Also, all law students do besides study is drink. I have seen every person at my school shit faced drunk at some point in the past week. It’s my fav. 

But my classes…..

ok so I hate civil procedure. I can’t even pretend to convince myself that it’s interesting. Torts is cool, property is cool, my legal writing and legal research classes are also cool. Civ pro? shit. 

I feel like I’m about 30 years older now after finishing this first week of class and I’m terrified about the class curve but you know, I guess that’s normal.