I serve because my students are the change. I serve because my students are strength. I serve because there is no greater joy than hearing, “I did it, Miss Jada. Thank You.” I serve because they never give up on me. I wish you all had this opportunity. I wish you could meet them. My students, they are the real MVPs. #CityYear #CityYearPhilly #30DaysOfPurpose #Day1

10th Period

I was sitting on a teacher’s 10th period class, which she said is her toughest class. It’s a reading improvement class. There was one student who was on his phone, I asked him to put it away. He got super upset and said he didn’t like me because I threatened to take his phone. I told him, “I’m not here to have you like me. I’m here to help you succeed.” The other students were egging him on.

I honestly see full potential in this student. I think he has gotten a lot of negative attention and that attention has been well received. So I think that what the teacher and I have to work on together is to not react to this student when he is acting out so he knows that the behavior that he is displaying is not appropriate for the classroom setting.

I’m really hopeful for this student!

Some photos from this past weeks community service project. Our students painted & planted flower pots & a mural to beautify their school. They also created Easter cards and tie-dyed t-shirts for the elderly! Had a wonderful time giving back with my students #communityservice #springbreakservice #cityyearphilly #cygp #makebetterhappen #ubuntu #workingtogether #teamwork #dyedfingers


During the last couple weeks that the students have been back in school, we’ve been doing classroom observations. It’s been really interesting and kind of difficult to watch because some of the teachers that I was observing, couldn’t really maintain their classrooms. There is this one teacher who just couldn’t handle his class. The students were rowdy, loud, and disruptive. He was timid, or quiet, so it wasn’t like he couldn’t be loud and try to keep his class in order, it’s just that when he attempted to get his class’ attention, they wouldn’t listen.

He gave them a review quiz that they were allowed to work on with a partner. The quiz wasn’t going to be graded, he just wanted to see what the students knew. So another corps member and I were walking around, seeing if the students were on task. There was a group of students in a corner who were just not having it. I sat with a group of 4 young scholars and watched them work. They asked me for help, I explained to them that I couldn’t give them the answers, but I did help them by using what they already knew about what was on the quiz. When I sat down with them, they were excellent!

Just seeing them work hard and use the process of elimination to get their answers was awesome for me. They would get somewhat bummed if they got an answer wrong, but I reminded them that this was just a review, and their answers weren’t getting graded.

Some teachers really had the respect for their teachers. It is interesting to see how different students act in different classes, depending if they have friends in the class or not.

Either way, observations were a lot of fun!


A few months ago my team was voluntold to create a creative piece for our corps’ Community Meeting on May 10th. Partially due to procrastination & partially due to us being so busy with other projects we put this off until the Monday before the Friday of the Mtg. The theme of the mtg we were told, would be MLK’s ‘Beloved Community’ concept. We had no idea what are creative piece would be. The week before, I had a light bulb go off. As you know, I’ve spent this year watching Kid President videos non-stop. So I suggested to my team, “Hey, why don’t we make the corps a pep talk? Kid President style.” They loved the idea. And so we were off. I wrote up a script, then the team collaborated to make it better. John put the video together & did all the edits/music. And we were sure to include a photo slideshow of the entire corps, as they are infact a part of our beloved community & played a major role in all of the projects we accomplished this year.

If you arn’t familiar with the beloved community; it’s a concept that MLK spoke of in one of his speeches. It is a never-ending journey of service and compassion. It is a world of equality and empathy and opportunity. Even though things get better and better with time, we’ll never actually ever be there. So it’s a continuous climb to be better as a people. Together.

I’ve been watching this video non-stop since I saw it for the 1st time w/the corps at our Community Mtg on May 10th. It was fun to make and makes me reflect on 1 of my favorite aspects of my service year; my small but strong team (John, Lauren and Catie). I hope you enjoy it

XoXo Dev