Hi everyone! I haven’t used Tumblr in a while, so here’s why.


Just recently my mother took my brother and I up to Virginia to see some of our family up here, but after a couple days of staying I found out that we are going to be moving in with the family we have up here. It’s actually somewhat saddening, but I’m really excited as well because my family up here loves me a lot and I know that they’ll be here for me and my mother and brother during our moving times!!

My Aunt, who I like to call ‘Dindy’ or 'Dindella’ (After a character of hers she made quite a while back), has a program called FireAlpaca on her computer. The reason I’m saying this is because I’ll FINALLY get to draw awesome pictures again!! WITH LAYERS!!

I can’t really use my tablet to get on Skype or anything like that because we only have a certain amount of internet for this month and I don’t want to waste it all and be greedy. I want everyone to be able to use the internet, too, so I have kind of discarded using my tablet for a while. During this time, I picked up a mouse, turned the computer on, pulled up YouTube, and drew to my heart’s content.

These are just a few of the drawings I did.

You should totally click on them too, some of them aren’t full version pictures! Also, I added awesome captions! Hooray!

Anyways, to my friends: Thanks for being patient with me! If I don’t get in touch soon, just don’t freak out; I’m not dead.

(Sariah, I’m talking to you.)

If you guys have any requests for drawings, please keep it clean and send me the request through my ask box! I’ll be adding more pictures on your dashes as the day rolls by.


I drew a couple more photos today and last night! I never really had the time to upload yesterday because my aunt Dindy was using the computer for quite a while. She’s helping me learn how to shade pictures properly! I’m really grateful!

Anyways, there are more captions on these pictures. The one on the bottom of Berlin in the scarf… I kinda sorta cheated. I drew some parts and colored the background and everything, however I did use a screenshot from the music video “Crier” by Hatsune Miku to make the picture. I will give links below to both the song and the screenshot.

The one that took me the longest to make was probably the one of Berlin… I was practicing shading with a lasso tool and, because the drawing’s lineart was done with a 1px pen tool, it took me FOREVER to color and shade. (Probably about an hour? Two hours? I loose track of time easily o,o"))

Anyways, some of these pictures, again, aren’t in their full view modes! You can click on them for captions.

o v o; Hope they look okay!!


Hatsune Miku- Crier [VIDEO]:

Image I used [Its a Tumblr GIF whoops]

It’s Nyo!Adalia!!

Berlin’s name was changed over the weekend, as well as her overall bio. Her new name is Adalia Freundenberger, so she might be put under that tag from now on instead of Adali Freutmann. It was due to some events that had happened while I was having a discussion with a mod in a chatroom my friend invited me to!!

I’ve been practicing on drawing boys for a while!! I hope this turned out alright. 

Look at the sass on Dominik’s face, that precious child!

I will be posting more later today!! Thank you to everyone who stayed with me during my unexpected hiatus!!!